From: Michael Ehli( 
Date: Thu Nov 4 17:03:55 1993
Subject: Re: A sensible split of r.s.s. (LONG) 

  I agree that the bandwidth in is rather cumbersome,
  but I think that most proposals are off the mark.  Here's one r.s.s.
  reader's idea for a more sensible split, which will either satisfy
  everyone or offend everyone.  In some cases, I have utilized sample
  articles instead of actual descriptions for many newsgroups.
  The standard newsgroup.
  A moderated newgroup for postings of tables and results.
  "Would somebody please post the weekend's {WC, EC, league, cup} results
  as soon as possible?  I mean, even though there's thousands of readers
  who will get the results by other means, and several people who post the
  standings I'm asking for on a regular basis, I'm still afraid nobody in
  the entire world is going to post that Arsenal-Man Utd score."
  "I NEED to have the latest results NOW!  The matches have been over
  for almost a _whole_hour_, and I still haven't seen the scores on the
  net yet!  It's _your_ responsibilty to _me_ to RUN right home from the
  match and IMMEDIATELY post the results, which of course will instantly
  appear on my system, since news propagation is instantaneous for all
  sites world-wide..."
  "What is wrong with you people?  It's been a week and I _still_ haven't
  seen last weekend's league results and tables!  It _must_ be your fault,
  since I _never_ have problems with my newsfeed.  And of _course_ the
  ones who normally post these things never have computer problems and don't
  have things that take priority over football and/or the Net.  (sacrilege!)"
  For those folks who simply _must_ post the scores in the subject lines
  of their reports, in spite of repeated admonitions not to.
  For results of matches in progress at the time of the posting, so that
  the majority of readers who aren't on the net at the time of the game
  don't have to wade through the halftime score, the 50th minute update,
  the 52nd minute update, the 54th minute update, etc.  Games that are
  "almost over" also belong here, as witnessed by the recent Japan-Iraq
  results debacle.  (I feel sorry for the Japanese fans who were let down...)
  [full 200-300 line WC'94 qualifying results and tables quoted in their
   entirety, except that inserted in the middle or at the very end is:]
  "The 'goals against' figure for the Faroe Islands should be 58, not 57."
  "Hi.  I'm a HUGE football fan, so I NEED tickets for the World Cup
  games in my area.  I know this question may have been asked a million
  times already, but that's no reason for it to be in the FAQ, isn't it?
  Besides, who needs the FAQ anyway?  Please e-mail, as I don't read this
  [Distribution: world]
  "I NEED to watch the Malta-Andorra match next week.  Is there a way
  I can see the match via cable or satellite here in East Sheepshagger,
  "England should be banned from all international football forever,
  because all of their fans are hooligans.  Just look at when England
  played a match in my country...when our police started beating them, they
  started a riot just like we knew they would.  Well, we do have some
  violent people that come to football matches, but they're not really
  'fans' like the British hooligans are.  Besides, they can't be nearly
  as bad, simply because they're not British!  Don't argue with me;
  Heysel and Hillsborough are all the proof I need for my assertions,
  thus eliminating the need for me to make rational arguments."!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  For general cheering/flaming of the named teams and their supporters
  for no real reason.  These newsgroup names are negotiable, as there
  may be a preference for, say, r.s.s.celtic.are.a.bunch.of.wankers
  or r.s.s.celtic.rules.huns.molest.young.boys.  This can be resolved
  in the discussion process.  Other groups along these lines can be
  created, of course, as the need arises, i.e.
  "National" newsgroups corresponding to all of the WC94 finalists
  will be created along these lines shortly, in addition to groups
  to flame certain exceptional personages like Graham Taylor.
  These newsgroups will be moderated to ensure that all posts are
  kept free of real content or intelligence.  Articles rejected in
  this manner will be forwarded to the main newsgroup instead.
  For debating whether there should be one UK team, or whether they actually
  have the right to organize their football however they bloody well want to.
  "Americans are so stupid for not liking _real_ football.  If only they'd
  take the time to learn what soccer was really all about instead of spending
  all of their time on baseball, gridiron football, and basketball...
  _then_ they wouldn't think that 'soccer is boring'.  After all, all of
  _their_ sports are sooo boring themselves that it's not worth _my_ time
  to learn more about them..."
  "My country is better than your country in every way because our team
  defeated yours in a football match."'
  For discussion by the people who think that what the game is called
  is as important as the game itself.
  This split should be sufficient to reduce the traffic in r.s.s. to a
  far more manageable level.  This structure should also withstand the
  increased traffic that the WC finals will bring, as the majority of the
  extra traffic will fall under the jurisdiction of the new newsgroups,
  thereby leaving r.s.s. itself busier than normal, but not swamped.
  If there's any good new groups that I missed, please *E-MAIL* them;
  I'll try and summarize.
  I'll end this article now, before I slip up and post anything that's
  actually constructive.  :-)
  --Michael Ehli, r.s.s. (mostly) lurker since 1990.