From: Lleo
Subject: C.R.Vasco da Gama
Date: 21/08/2001

Today is a great day for supporters of the greatest club in Rio de
Janeiro. Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama is completing 103 years. From
that Sunday, August 21st 1898, till now cruising through history. The
black and white colors that changed Rio de Janeiro football as early
as the 20s are alive and well.

I won't bore anyone with an endless list of titles, that aren't really
anything more than numbers to those who don't care about Brasilian
football. And anyway, Vasco's greatness is not based in its trophy
room, but in its history, that dates from that valiant little club who
was cast aside for winning the league with the "wrong" players in the
20s (and whose answer was to build Latin America's biggest stadium at
the time), which went on to become one of Brasil's greatest clubs. I
can't do justice to a list of all-time greats, as I actually couldn't
get to see many of them, but the ones I saw were impressive enough:
Roberto Dinamite, Romario, Bebeto, Edmundo, Juninho Pernambucano,
Carlos Germano, among many others.

Currently, Vasco is under the rule of one of the main reasons of
Brasil's football decadence, Eurico Miranda, who brought us a sad spot
up there in the "Brasil's most hated clubs" list. The current team is
not good, I doubt we'll make the 2nd round of this edition of the
Brazilian league (if we don't end up fighting relegation).
Notwithstanding these drawbacks, the downward curve that follows such
a successful period as 1997-2000, Vasco always fought its way through
difficulties. We may not have the deepest trophy room (that is São
Paulo's honour), or the highest # of supporters (I must hand it to you
know who), but who can give it a flying fuck? At the end of the day,
it all comes down to within the 4 lines, which is where Vasco built
its greatness. Shines high the Cruz de Malta...

Ok, enough chest-thumping for today.

"Vamos todos cantar de coração
 A cruz de malta é o meu pendão..."