Campeonato Rioplatense - Copa Dr. Ricardo C. Aldao (1913 - 1957)

Match Details
 The cup was donated by Dr. Ricardo Camilo Aldao, president of Federación 
Argentina de Football (1912-1914) and Asociación Argentina de Football 
(1918-1919) to be disputed between the Argentine and Uruguayan champions.
 Regarding the season 1923, another trophy, Copa Campeonato Río de la Plata, was 
disputed because both champions belonged to dissident associations.

List of champions

1913  not finished                                  [1]
1916 Nacional (Montevideo)                   Uru
1917 Racing Club (Avellaneda)                Arg
1918 Racing Club (Avellaneda)                Arg
1919 Nacional (Montevideo)                   Uru
1920 Nacional (Montevideo)                   Uru
1923 San Lorenzo de Almagro (Buenos Aires)   Arg    [2]
1927 San Lorenzo de Almagro (Buenos Aires)   Arg 
1928 Peñarol (Montevideo)                    Uru
1936 River Plate (Buenos Aires)              Arg
1937 River Plate (Buenos Aires)              Arg
1938 Independiente (Avellaneda)              Arg
1939 Independiente (Avellaneda)              Arg
1940  not defined                                   [3]
1941 River Plate (Buenos Aires)              Arg
1942  not finished                                  [4]
1945 River Plate (Buenos Aires)              Arg
1946  friendly                                      [5]
1947 River Plate (Buenos Aires)              Arg
1957  not finished                                  [6]

[1] 1913. Some sources reports River Plate FC (Montevideo) 1:4 Estudiantes (La 
    Plata), but the match was postponed by rain and never played. 
    Estudiantes de La Plata was the champion of the dissident Federación 
    Argentina de Football. 
[2] 1923. The cup Aldao was not disputed in this season because the match was 
    played between the champions of the dissident Asociación Amateurs de 
    Football and Federación Uruguaya de Football.
[3] 1940. As Boca Juniors left the field and not played the extra time the cup 
    was awarded to Nacional in first instance. Later, both associations did not 
    define the title.
[4] 1942. As the title would be shared if the teams get the same points and 
    Nacional won the first match, it was the virtual champion. But, the second 
    leg was not played and the title was not officially proclaimed.    
[5] 1946. The cup was not officially played because Nacional and San Lorenzo de 
    Almagro played two friendly matches.
[6] 1957. River Plate was the virtual champion because won the first leg and 
    Nacional did not play the second one, but the title was not officially 


1913 [May 17, 1914]
Argentine and Uruguayan champions had to play one match to defines the title.
They used to play altenatively in Uruguay and Argentina.
Furthermore, two additional clubes between the 2nd and 4th position in each 
country were chosen by lot to play a promotional match.

River Plate FC         n/p Estudiantes (La Plata) [in Montevideo]
Kimberley              abd Central                [in Buenos Aires,
                                                   abandoned at 0:0 in 30]
Kimberley (Buenos Aires) and Central (Montevideo) had the 4th position in each league.
Both matches were suspended because the rain.

1916 [Dec 3] Rules: The promotional match was eliminated. Racing Club 1:2 Nacional [in Buenos Aires]
1917 [Apr 19, 1918] Nacional 2:2 Racing Club [in Montevideo] [Jul 9, 1918] Racing Club 2:1 Nacional [in Buenos Aires]
1918 [Jan 5, 1919] Racing Club 2:1 Peñarol [in Buenos Aires]
1919[May 16, 1920] Nacional 3:0 Boca Juniors [in Montevideo]
1920 [Nov 20, 1921] Boca Juniors 1:2 Nacional [in Buenos Aires]
1923 [Jun 22, 1924] San Lorenzo de Almagro 1:0 Atlético Wanderers [in Buenos Aires] The cup Aldao was not disputed in this match. Both teams belonged to dissident associations. They played by the cup Campeonato del Río de la Plata.
1927 [Dec 30, 1928] Rampla Juniors 0:1 San Lorenzo de Almagro [in Montevideo]
1928 [Oct 26, 1929] Huracán (Buenos Aires) 0:3 Peñarol [in Buenos Aires]
1936 [Mar 20, 1937] Peñarol 1:5 River Plate [in Montevideo]
1937 [Jan 15, 1938] River Plate 5:2 Peñarol [in Buenos Aires]
1938 [Dec 29, 1938] Peñarol 1:3 Independiente [in Montevideo]
1939 [Jul 9, 1940] Independiente 5:0 Nacional [in Buenos Aires]
1940 [Dec 28] Nacional abd Boca Juniors [in Montevideo, abandonded at 2:2 in 90] Boca Juniors left the field, then the cup was awarded to Nacional. But, AUF asked to AFA to study the situation on Jan 22, 1941 and no decision was taken.
1941 Rules: The title to be defined in two legs. If the teams tied in points: . Both clubs would be the champions. . The cup would be holded by the association whose team had done more goals. 1st leg [Mar 29, 1942]: River Plate 6:1 Nacional [in Buenos Aires] 2nd leg [Dec 5, 1942]: Nacional 1:1 River Plate [in Montevideo]
1942 [Dec 8]: Nacional 4:0 River Plate [in Montevideo] The second leg was not played and the title was not officially proclaimed.
1945 1st leg [Dec 6]: Peñarol 1:2 River Plate [at Centenario, Montevideo] 2nd leg [Dec 12]: River Plate 3:2 Peñarol [at San Lorenzo de Almagro]
1946 not official 1st leg [Mar 26, 1948]: San Lorenzo de Almagro 3:2 Nacional [in Buenos Aires, friendly] 2nd leg [Apr 28, 1948]: Nacional 7:2 San Lorenzo de Almagro [in Montevideo, friendly] Both matches were not official, but the media presented them as virtual Copa Aldao matches.
1947 1st leg [Nov 19]: Nacional 3:4 River Plate [in Montevideo] 2nd leg [Nov 23]: River Plate 3:1 Nacional [in Buenos Aires]
1957 1st leg [Apr 11, 1959]: Nacional 1:2 River Plate [in Montevideo] 2nd leg: Nacional did not play the second leg in Buenos Aires. The title was not officially proclaimed.

Match Details

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