Copa Conmebol

A club cup tournament introduced as a pendant to the UEFA Cup (except that teams qualified for the Libertadores could also participate in this tournament). The "bigger" countries, like Argentina and Brazil, have more entries. Currently not taken very seriously yet; matches are often played between virtual "reserve teams", especially in the earlier rounds. Will be discontinued in 2000, after the Copa Libertadores was extended to 32 teams.

all-time points table|seasonwise topscorers

peruvian clubs in copa conmebol


1992 Atlético Mineiro
1993 Botafogo
1994 São Paulo
1995 Rosario Central
1996 Lanús
1997 Atlético Mineiro
1998 Santos
1999 Talleres

Clubwise list of winners

Atlético Mineiro          2

Botafogo                  1
Lanús                     1
Rosario Central           1
Santos                    1
São Paulo                 1
Talleres                  1

Countrywise list of winners

Brazil                    5

Argentina                 3


1992 Atlético Mineiro    2-0 Olimpia Asunción
     Olimpia Asunción    1-0 Atlético Mineiro
1993 Peñarol             1-1 Botafogo
     Botafogo            2-2 Peñarol                       3-1 pen
1994 São Paulo           6-1 Peñarol
     Peñarol             3-0 São Paulo
1995 Atlético Mineiro    4-0 Rosario Central
     Rosario Central     4-0 Atlético Mineiro              4-3 pen
1996 Lanús               2-0 Independiente Santa Fe
     Indep. Sante Fe     1-0 Lanús
1997 Lanús               1-4 Atlético Mineiro 
     Atlético Mineiro    1-1 Lanús
1998 Santos              1-0 Rosario Central  
     Rosario Central     0-0 Santos
1999 CSA                 4-2 Talleres
     Talleres            3-0 CSA

            win   fin
Brazil       5      7
Argentina    3      5
Uruguay             2
Colombia            1
Paraguay            1
             8     16

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