Chinese Universities Tour of New Zealand 1924

Chinese Universities played under the flag of the Chinese Republic. According to newspaper reports, of the fifteen players selected to tour New Zealand, eleven were from Eastern China and four from South China. Publicity in New Zealand presented the 1924 tour as "the first time in the history of the game in China that a thoroughly representative team has been brought together". (A Chinese team that toured Australia in 1923 consisted of 13 players from South China and 3 from East China. However, it appears that the South China Athletic Association of Hong Kong attempted to claim sole ownership of the tour.)

According to newspaper reports the team consisted of 11 players from East China and 4 from South 
China. However, according to the squad list given in the newspaper reports, only 3 players appear 
to be from South China (marked with an *). Two of the team, Chang Hsi-En and Wang Chen-Sheng, had 
toured Australia in 1923 (marked with **). The names are as they appeared in the reports and are a 
mixture of Cantonese and Wade-Giles transliterations.  

NAME                           UNIVERSITY       
Reported                       Reported                 Present name                Location 
Pao Ching-Ti                   Fuhtan                   Fudan University            Shanghai
Lung Kuen-Ting (Alexander)     Nanyang                  Jiaotong University         Shanghai      [possibly Ting Lung-Kuen]
Loh Mei-Lung                   Nanyang                  Jiaotong University         Shanghai
Chen Po                        Nanyang                  Jiaotong University         Shanghai
Liang Kwan-Sung                Soochow                  Soochow University          Suzhou
*Lok Lun-Naam                  Canton Christian College Lingnan University          Guangzhou
*Hung Hwai-Chang               Hong Kong                The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Tsai Tsa-Ying                  South Eastern            Southeast University        Nanjing
**Wang Chen-Sheng              Fuhtan                   Fudan University            Shanghai
**Chang Hsi-En                 Fuhtan                   Fudan University            Shanghai
Wu Yen-Chang                   Fuhtan                   Fudan University            Shanghai
Lowe Po-Tah                    Fuhtan                   Fudan University            Shanghai
*Jap Boon-Boey                 Hong Kong                The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 
Wong Fuh-Tan                   South Eastern            Southeast University        Nanjing
Lung Kwai-Ting (Alfred) [C]    Nanyang                  Jiaotong University         Shanghai      [possibly Ting Lung-Kwai]
Wong Tin-Sik                   May Hill University, Hong Kong                     
A.E. Dome                      Director of Physical Education at the Hong Kong YMCA 


DATE        LOCATION       RESULT                                                VENUE
17- 7-1924  Masterton      Wairarapa               1-1  Chinese Universities                             
19- 7-1924  Wellington     Wellington              4-0  Chinese Universities     Basin Reserve           
23- 7-1924  Napier         Hawkes Bay              0-2  Chinese Universities     McLean Park             
25- 7-1924  Gisborne       Poverty Bay             0-0  Chinese Universities     Childers Reserve        
30- 7-1924  Palmerston Nth Manawatu                1-0  Chinese Universities     Showgrounds             
 2- 8-1924  Wanganui       Wanganui                2-4  Chinese Universities                             
 6- 8-1924  Hawera         Taranaki                1-1  Chinese Universities     Show Grounds            
 9- 8-1924  Auckland       Auckland                5-1  Chinese Universities     Auckland Domain        
13- 8-1924  Rotorua        Rotorua & Sth Auckland  1-2  Chinese Universities     Arawa Park             
16- 8-1924  Auckland       New Zealand             2-1  Chinese Universities     Auckland Domain        
20- 8-1924  Hamilton       South Auckland          3-0  Chinese Universities     Show Grounds       
23- 8-1924  Wellington     New Zealand             2-2  Chinese Universities     Basin Rederve       
27- 8-1924  Timaru         South Canterbury        3-1  Chinese Universities     Athletic Ground     
30- 8-1924  Christchurch   Canterbury              3-2  Chinese Universities     Lancaster Park      
 3- 9-1924  Dunedin        Otago                   1-1  Chinese Universities     Carisbrook          
 6- 9-1924  Dunedin        New Zealand             5-3  Chinese Universities     Carisbrook          
10- 9-1924  Invercargill   Southland               5-1  Chinese Universities     Rugby Park          
13- 9-1924  Christchurch   New Zealand             4-2  Chinese Universities     Lancaster Park      
17- 9-1924  Greymouth      West Coast              1-1  Chinese Universities                         
20- 9-1924  Westport       Buller                  4-1  Chinese Universities     Victoria Square     
24- 9-1924  Nelson         Nelson                  4-3  Chinese Universities     Trafalgar Park          
27- 9-1924  Blenheim       Marlborough             0-1  Chinese Universities                            
Played:22 W:4 D:6 L:12

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