Triangular Tournament (Cayenne) 1935/36

Tournament organised as part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the incorporation of Cayenne (French Guyana) into France.
The Pará state selection, whose players presumably all came from clubs based in Belém, was also referred to as "Brazil". The S.V.B. selection from Surinam consisted of players from Paramaribo clubs.
29-12-1935 Cayenne  French Guyana    1-3 Surinam      [HT: 0-0]
                      [Naloop 0-1, N.N. 1-1, Belgrave 1-2, Naloop 1-3]
                      [Surinam: Casper; Holband, Rier; Ravales, Monkou, Tjon Joek Tjien;
                                Brakke, Landkoer, Belgrave, Naloop, Wijsman]
30-12-1935 Cayenne  French Guyana    0-4 Pará
 1- 1-1936 Cayenne  Surinam          0-3 Pará         [HT: 0-1]

Final Table:

 1.Pará            2  2  0  0  7- 0  4
 2.Surinam         2  1  0  1  3- 4  2
 3.French Guyana   2  0  0  2  1- 7  0

Surinam selection: E.Monkou jr. (cap), M.Brakke, H.Landkoer, A.Landkoer, Holband, 
                   Ch.Naloop, B.Bromet, G.Wijsman, L.Casper, Ravales, Neemelk, 
                   Dorder, Belgrave, Tjon Joek Tjien, Rier, Straal;
                   manager: J.H.Wijngaarde 
Pará selection: Carmo, E.Almeida, J.Souza, L.Vasconcelles, R.Barrados, A.Leão,
                R.Pinto, A.G.Gonçalves, A.Rodrigues, W.Silva, Carvalho,
                J.Saboya, R.Andrade, A.Vieira, M.Santos, R.Baptiste

NB: on their return trip, the S.V.B. team played two matches in eastern Surinam:

 4- 1-1936 Albina   Albina           0-5 Paramaribo
 5- 1-1936 Moengo   Moengo           0-2 Paramaribo   [HT: 0-0]
                      [Brakke, Naloop; for the Lewis Cup]

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