Oceanian Nations Cup 1973 - Goal Scorers


 3 - Segin  WAYEWOL (New Caledonia), Alan MARLEY (New Zealand), 
     Erroll BENNETT (Tahiti)
 2  Jean HMAE (New Caledonia), Jean XOWIE (New Caledonia), 
     Malcolm BLAND (New Zealand), David TAYLOR (New Zealand), 
     Alan VEST (New Zealand)
 1  Josateki KURIVITU (Fiji), Terio VAKATAWA (Fiji),
      Gerald DELMAS (New Caledonia), Roger MANDIN (New Caledonia), 
     Pierre WACAPO (New Caledonia), Michael DUPUY (New Hebrides), 
     Charles GALINIE (New Hebrides), Alick SAUREI (New Hebrides), 
     Jacky VALETTE (New Hebrides), Raymond VALETTE (New Hebrides), 
     Geoff BRAND (New Zealand), Brian HARDMAN (New Zealand), 
     Colin LATIMOUR (New Zealand), Brian TURNER (New Zealand), 
     Claude CARRARA (Tahiti), Harold Ng FOK (Tahiti), Gilles MALINOWSKI (Tahiti), 
     Roland de MARIGNY (Tahiti), Alexis TUMAHAI (Tahiti),    

13  New Zealand
12  New Caledonia
 8  Tahiti
 5  New Hebrides
 2 - Fiji  

total  40 goals 

1973 overview file

Oceanian Nations Cup Overview File

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