Adam Shield 1935-1967

The Adam Shield was contested by the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands.

The shield itself, which was initially referred to as the Lerwick Trophy, was donated by Mr Alan Adam of Messrs John Adam & Co. Ltd, Glasgow.

The conditions of the contest were that the shield would be kept outright by the side winning it the most times out of ten contests. This honour went to the Faroes when they won for the sixth time in 1961.

After the sequence of ten matches was completed in 1967, the Faroes presented a new trophy to replace the Adam Shield. This time the contest also included the Orkney Islands, and the event became known as the North Atlantic Cup.

In addition to the Adam Shield, from 1948 a parallel trophy was also contested by teams representing Tˇrshavn and Lerwick. This trophy was presented by a Faroese businessman, and it was referred to as the Tˇrshavn Trophy, or informally as the Flagstand. Matches were typically played one or two days after or before the Adam Shield matches.

Football matches between the Faroes and Shetland were played prior to the Adam Shield. The first contact on the field was in 1929, when a Shetland representative team visited the Faroes and played five matches, but it did not play against an all-Faroes team. The first fully representative matches between Shetland and the Faroes were played on the return visit in 1930. These initial visits were instigated mainly by the determined efforts of Mr Poul Niclasen, editor of the "DimmalŠtting" newspaper, who had tried repeatedly to arrange representative football matches between Shetland and the Faroes since 1919.

Palmares - Adam Shield

Year    Winners
1935    Shetland Islands
1948    Faroe Islands
1951    Faroe Islands
1953    Faroe Islands
1955    Shetland Islands
1957    Faroe Islands
1959    Faroe Islands
1961    Faroe Islands
1963    Faroe Islands
1967    Faroe Islands

Palmares - Tˇrshavn Trophy (Flagstand)

Year    Winners
1948    Lerwick
1951    Tˇrshavn
1953    Tˇrshavn
1955    Tˇrshavn
1957    Lerwick
1959    Tˇrshavn
1961    Tˇrshavn
1963    Tˇrshavn
1967    Tˇrshavn
1969 *  Lerwick
1972 *  Tˇrshavn

 * unconfirmed whether these matches were for the trophy, or just tour matches.

Matches - Adam Shield

Year Date  Venue   Result

1935 10- 6 Sh.I.   Shetland Islands 5-2 Faroe Islands
                     [William Rhind, Robert Watt x2, Alexander Sandison, William Hall / SÝmun Poulsen, OG]

1948 29- 7 Fa.I.   Faroe Islands    4-1 Shetland Islands
                     [Jˇgvan Johansen x2, Venna Mortensen, Alli Hansen / Bertie Burgess]

1951  9- 7 Sh.I.   Shetland Islands 2-7 Faroe Islands
                     [Tommy Williamson, Willie Hutchison / Zakaris Lydersen x3, Mourits Jacobsen x2, Jˇgvan Johansen x2 (1 pen)]

1953 14- 7 Fa.I.   Faroe Islands    5-0 Shetland Islands
                     [Arni Nols°e x3, Zakaris Lydersen, Jˇgvan Johansen]

1955  9- 7 Sh.I.   Shetland Islands 1-0 Faroe Islands
                     [George Jamieson]

1957 21- 7 Fa.I.   Faroe Islands    4-1 Shetland Islands
                     [Arni Nols°e x2, Bergur Eliasen x2 / Arthur Hughson]

1959 18- 8 Sh.I.   Shetland Islands 1-4 Faroe Islands
                     [Tom Jamieson / Bergur Eliasen, Marius Johan Jensen, Pauli Nols°e x2]

1961 20- 8 Fa.I.   Faroe Islands    6-1 Shetland Islands
                     [Eivin Dam x5, Steinbj°rn Jacobsen / Stan Readings]

1963 29- 6 Sh.I.   Shetland Islands 2-3 Faroe Islands
                     [Bert Sinclair x2 (1 pen) / Kaj Kallsberg, Tˇrstein Magnussen pen, Marius Pauli Thomasen]

1967  2- 7 Fa.I.   Faroe Islands    1-0 Shetland Islands
                     [Baldvin Baldvinsson]

Matches - Tˇrshavn Trophy (Flagstand)

Year Date  Venue   Result

1948 28- 7 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         1-4 Lerwick

1951 11- 7 Sh.I.   Lerwick          1-2 Tˇrshavn

1953 17- 7 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         4-2 Lerwick

1955 11- 7 Sh.I.   Lerwick          1-2 Tˇrshavn

1957 22- 7 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         1-2 Lerwick

1959 19- 8 Sh.I.   Lerwick          2-4 Tˇrshavn

1961 22- 8 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         5-0 Lerwick

1963 28- 6 Sh.I.   Lerwick          1-6 Tˇrshavn

1967  4- 7 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         4-1 Lerwick

1969   - 7 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         1-3 Lerwick *

1972   - 6 Fa.I.   Tˇrshavn         2-1 Lerwick *

 * unconfirmed whether these matches were for the trophy, or just tour matches

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