African Club Competitions 1974

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    Champions' Cup 1974

    First Round
    Al-Ahly (Tripoli)        Lby  Al-Hilal                 Sud   2-2  0-3  2-5
    Bendel Insurance         Nga  Secteur 7                Nig   7-0  0-1  7-1
    CARA Brazzaville         CoB  Zalang                   Gab   3-1  4-0  7-1
    Green Buffaloes          Zam  Antalaha                 Mad   4-1  2-1  6-2
    Linare FC                Les  SC Simba                 Tan   1-3  1-2  2-5
    Mighty Barolle           Lbr  ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC   0-0  0-2  0-2
    Modèle Lomé              Tog  AS Porto Novo            Dah   3-0  0-1  3-1x
    Olympique Real           CAf  Simba FC                 Uga   4-0  0-1  4-1
    Ports Authority          SLe  ASC Jeanne d'Arc         Sen   3-2  1-3  4-5
    Asmara                   Eth  FC Horsed                Som      w/o       x
    Abaluhya                 Ken  bye
    Djoliba AC               Mli  bye
    Hafia FC (Conakry)       Gui  bye
    Hearts of Oak            Gha  bye
    Mehalla Al-Kubra         Egy  bye
    AS Vita Club             Zai  bye
    x Modèle Lomé were dissolved 1974, but later refounded
    x FC Horsed withdrew before 1st leg
    Second Round
    ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC  Modèle Lomé              Tog   3-0  w/o     x
    Abaluhya                 Ken  Asmara                   Eth   2-0  awd  4-0y
    CARA Brazzaville         CoB  AS Vita Club             Zai   4-0  0-3  4-3
    Djoliba AC               Mli  Bendel Insurance         Nga   2-0  0-1  2-1
    Green Buffaloes          Zam  SC Simba                 Tan   1-2  0-1  1-3
    Hearts of Oak            Gha  Olympique Real           CAf   6-1  3-3  9-4
    ASC Jeanne d'Arc         Sen  Hafia FC (Conakry)       Gui      w/o       z
    Mehalla Al-Kubra         Egy  Al-Hilal                 Sud   4-1  1-4  5-5  4-2p
    x Modèle Lomé withdrew after 1st leg
    y 2nd leg abandoned at 1-0 in 87' due to spectators throwing stones and
      bottles and awarded 0-2; Abaluhya were later renamed AFC Leopards
    z Hafia FC withdrew before 1st leg due to political tensions between Guinea
      and Senegal
    ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC  ASC Jeanne d'Arc         Sen   2-1  0-1  2-2*
    Djoliba AC               Mli  CARA Brazzaville         CoB   0-0  0-3  0-3
    Hearts of Oak            Gha  SC Simba                 Tan   1-2  0-0  1-2
    Mehalla Al-Kubra         Egy  Abaluhya                 Ken   3-0  1-1  4-1
    CARA Brazzaville         CoB  ASC Jeanne d'Arc         Sen   2-0  4-1  6-1
    SC Simba                 Tan  Mehalla Al-Kubra         Egy   1-0  0-1  1-1  0-3p
    Final (Nov 29 and Dec 13)
    Stade de la Revolution, Brazzaville and Mehalla Stadium, Mehalla
    CARA Brazzaville         CoB  Mehalla Al-Kubra         Egy   4-2  2-1  6-3

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    Thanks to Neil Morrison for information on abandoned match between Asmara and Abaluhya

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