African Qualifying for U-17 World Cup 1991

First Round 

Togo          w/o Benin [withdrew]

Second Round

Congo         4-0 Togo
Togo          1-1 Congo

Algeria       0-0 Mauritania
Mauritania    1-0 Algeria

Egypt         0-0 Tunisia
Tunisia       1-1 Egypt

Zimbabwe      0-2 Zambia
Zambia        2-0 Zimbabwe

Uganda        0-1 Sudan
Sudan         1-0 Uganda

Guinea        1-0 Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso  0-0 Guinea

Ghana         2-0 Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone  3-1 Ghana

Mali          0-1 Senegal
Senegal       0-0 Mali

Ivory Coast   w/o Liberia [withdrew]
Cameroon      w/o Central African Republic [withdrew]
Gabon         w/o Zaire [withdrew]
Morocco       w/o Gambia [withdrew]

Third Round

Cameroon      0-0 Gabon
Gabon         1-0 Cameroon      

Zambia        1-0 Sudan
Sudan         3-0 Zambia

Guinea        0-0 Ghana
Ghana         3-0 Guinea

Congo         w/o Ivory Coast [withdrew]
Egypt         w/o Mauritania [withdrew]
Morocco       w/o Senegal [withdrew]

Fourth Round

Congo         5-0 Gabon
Gabon         1-0 Congo

Egypt         0-0 Sudan           [Egypt disqualified]

Ghana         2-0 Morocco         [Morocco disqualified]

Congo, Sudan and Ghana qualified for U-17 World Championship 1991.

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