Albania 1911 (hoax)

The tournament below was reported in Sport Ekspres and reprinted in Pehsku pa ujë and wikipedia; however, it is a hoax as reported by

Note that at the time, Albania was part of the Ottoman empire and its football federation was not founded until 1930; the tournament supposedly was played in Fier from April 7 to 14 between town selections.

NB: the below matches are a journalistic hoax.

Quarterfinals [Apr 7-10]   
Tirana                  9-4 Elbasani
Kavaja                  8-2 Berati
Peqini                 11-3 Vlora
Fieri                   6-2 Lushnja
Semifinals [Apr 11,12]  
Tirana                  4-0 Kavaja 
Fieri                  2-16 Peqini
Final [Apr 14]
Tirana                  6-1 Peqini   


list of champions.

list of cup winners.

list of super cup winners.

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Thanks to Peter Walker for pointing out the fake status of the above matches

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