Unione Sportiva Alessandria 1912 - Short Historical Overview 1896-1961

Unione Sportiva Alessandria 1912
City: Italy
Colours: Grey with white edges/black/grey
Stadium: Giuseppe Moccagatta, 8182 seats.

Current position: Amateurs Italian Championship Eccellenza Piemonte Group B
                  2003-2004 as Nuova Alessandria. US Alessandria declared 
                  bankruptcy in 2003.

Supporters don't recognize new Club Nuova Alessandria 2003 (white grey
shirt/black/white) as own team, aloud requesting old colours and historical
name. All remember nice old time when played the Whites (Vercelli) against
the Blackstars (Casale) and the Greys (Alessandria).

1912 doesn't mean the foundation year but probably the date of enrolling
into the FIF Tournaments.

1896 In Alessandria was formed the Gymnastics Club UPS (Unione Pro Sport)
     Alessandria. This Club will be followed by other two Gymnastics teams: 
     Forza e Concordia (strength and concord with dark-grey shirt and the 
     social writing on chest) and the Forza e Coraggio (strength and courage
     with a pearl-grey shirt and the social writing on chest). Unione and 
     Concordia withdrew from competitions after 1900.

1897 In Genua Tournament of Gymnastic Section Liguria with C&AC Genoa, an
     Unione FBC Torinese and with the Gymnastic's team Unione Pro Sport
     Alessandria. This was the first soccer's club in the town.

1898 In Torino a preliminary friendly Tournament:  Unione Pro Sport
     Alessandria challenger with Genoa, International Torino and FBC Torinese.
     Alessandria's Managers refused to join the Commitee created to organize
     future FIF (Federation Italienne du Football). The Club remained in the
     rank of Federal Gymnastics.

1912 October. Birth of the Soccer Section of Forza e Coraggio called FBC
     Alessandria. It left the Gymnastic main Club a year later. The shirt is
     white and light blue (large white central strip with two lateral sky-blue 
     stripes, City's badge in center - red cross over white field - black pants
     and black socks). After the first matches the shirt became grey with white
     edges like the Forza & Coraggio's shirt.

1912-13 II Categoria Piemonte winner with 8 pts. After winning also a playoff
        with Vigor Torino the FBC Alessandria was promoted to I Categoria.

1913-14 I Categoria FIF Group Liguria-Piemonte 5th with 19 pts.

1914-15 I Categoria FIF Group A second with 14 pts. Northern Italy
        Semifinals Group B, second with 7 pts. Birth of the second team US
        Alessandrina (white shirt with a large horizontal red band/black/black).

1915-19 War stop.

1919-20 I Categoria FIF Piemonte Group A: US Alessandrina 5th with 4 pts.
        Relegated to II Categoria.
        I Categoria FIF Piemonte Group B: FBC Alessandria winner with 19 pts.
        Northern Italy Semifinals Group A third with 11 pts. In Summer the 
        two teams merged into new Unione Sportiva Alessandria. In order to 
        remember the Alessandria the grey shirt had red collars. Some years 
        later the collar became white, as the first one, and the City's badge 
        was on chest, at left side. In 1920, on June 13th, the Grey Adolfo 
        Baloncieri played the first match in National Team.

1920-21 I Categoria FIF Piemonte Group B winner with 19 pts. Northern Italy
        Semifinals Group B, winner with 10 pts. and admitted to the final
        after playoff with FBC Modena, won by 4-0.
        Final in Torino 10/7/1921: SG Pro Vercelli - US Alessandria 4-0.

1921-22 I Categoria North League Group B CCI: second with 28 pts.

1922-23 I Division North League Group C: winner with 32 pts as Padova. Lost
        the playoff by 2-1.

1923-24 I Division North League Group A: 5th with 26 pts.

1924-25 I Division North League Group B: 5th with 25 pts.

1925-26 Divisione Nazionale Group B: 10th with 16 pts. It was necessary to
        perform some playoff to avoid relegation.
        29/8/1926 in Genua: US Alessandria - SC Pisa 6-1; 
        5/9/1926 in Vercelli US Alessandria - AC Legnano 4-1; 
        12/9/1926 in Casale Monferrato US Alessandria - FC Novara 2-2 aet;
        23/9/1926 decisive match in Torino US Alessandria - FC Novara 3-1. 
        Qualified for Divisione Nazionale.

1926-27 Divisione Nazionale Group B: 4th with 21 pts.

1927-28 Divisione Nazionale Group A: third with 28 pts. admitted to the
        Finals. Final Round: third with 16 pts.
1928-29 Divisione Nazionale Group A third with 40 pts. admitted to Serie A

1929-30 Serie A 6th with 36 pts.

1930-31 Serie A 13th with 26 pts.

1931-32 Serie A 6th with 38 pts.

1932-33 Serie A 15th with 28 pts.

1933-34 Serie A 12th with 29 pts.

1934-35 Serie A 7th with 29 pts.

1935-36 Serie A 8th with 28 pts.

1936-37 Serie A 16th with 18 pts. Relegated to Serie B.

1937-38 Serie B winner with 43 pts. as AC Novara and AC Modena. Playoffs: in
        Milano Modena - Alessandria 3-0; in Torino Novara - Alessandria 3-2.
1938-39 Serie B 8th with 35 pts.

1939-40 Serie B 7th with 38 pts.

1940-41 Serie B 7th with 35 pts.

1941-42 Serie B 10th with 34 pts.

1942-43 Serie B 12th with 28 pts.

1943-44 (mixed Serie A and B) Tournament Alta-Italia War Championship:
        Northern Italy Preliminary Liguria Piemonte: 8th with 10 pts.

1944-45 No matches. Wartime stop.

1945-46 (mixed Serie B-C)  Tournament Alta-Italia Northern Italy Group A:
        winner with 30 pts. together with AC Vigevano. Admitted to the 
        Final Playoffs Round ABC: winner with 15 pts. Promoted to Serie A.

1946-47 Serie A 14th with 35 pts.

1947-48 Serie A 19th with 31 pts. relegated

1948-49 Serie B 11th with 40 pts.

1949-50 Serie B 18th with 36 pts. Relegated to Serie C.

1950-51 Serie C Group A, 4th with 48 pts.

1951-52 Serie C Group A, 4th with 45 pts. Admitted to the new Serie C.

1952-53 Serie C second with 46 pts. Promoted to Serie B

1953-54 Serie B 13th with 29 pts

1954-55 Serie B 15th with 28 pts.

1955-56 Serie B 9th with 32 pts.

1956-57 Serie B second with 43 pts. like Brescia. Playoff in Milano
        Alessandria - Brescia 2-1.

1957-58 Serie A 12th with 30 pts.

1958-59 Serie A 14th with 28 pts. June 2nd: Gianni Rivera, famous Milan's
        Player, played with the Greys his first Serie A's match against
        Internazionale Milano.

1959-60 Serie A 17th with 25 pts. Relegated

1960-61 Serie B 7th with 39 pts.

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