International Tournaments in Algeria 1966-1975

Note that it is not certain whether any of the tournaments listed below were related or part of a series.
Year  Name                      Final                 			 Venue(s)
1966 Tournoi Ais el Kebir       Real Madrid 		1-0 FC Nantes    Oran
1967 Tournoi International      Hungary                 		 Alger
1972 Tournoi International      Ararat Yerevan          		 Oran
1974 Tournoi International      Poland                  		 Alger
1975 Tournoi International      Partizan Beograd        		 Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbès, Oran

Tournoi Ais el Kebir 1966

Friendly tournament played in Oran (Algeria), in March 1966.

CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Algeria XI
FC Nantes (France)

Semifinals [Mar 30]
Real Madrid CF          1-0 CR Vasco da Gama  
  [1-0 Félix Ruiz 5´].
Real Madrid:   Araquistáin; Miera (Chufi 45´), Santamaría, Pachín (Blanco 85´); R. Tejada, 
               González, Serena, Félix Ruiz, Goyvaerts (Agüero 45´), Puskas, Bueno.
Vasco de Gama: Leves; Ari, Andrade, Ze; Carlos, Sergio; Sila, 
               Lorico, Alcir, Lima, Zesinho. 
FC Nantes               2-0 Algeria XI     

Third Place Match [Mar 31]
CR Vasco da Gama        1-0 Algeria XI    

Final [Mar 31] 
Real Madrid CF          1-0 FC Nantes    
  [1-0 Félix Ruiz 23´].  
FC Nantes:    Eon; Graboski, Demicheli, Robin, Budzinski; Suodio, 
              Planchard, Muller, Gonder, Simon, Giorgin. 
Real Madrid:  Araquistáin; Pachín, Santamaría, Chufi; Tejada, González; Serena, Félix Ruiz, 
              Agüero (Goywaerts 45´), Puskas, Bueno (García Ramos 86´).

Tournoi International 1967

Algeria National Team
Hungary National Team
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Vojvodina Novi Sad (Serbia)

Hungary			1-0 Algeria
Atlético de Madrid	2-1 Vojvodina Novi Sad

Third Place Match
Vojvodina Novi Sad	6-1 Algeria

Final [Mar]
Hungary			4-2 Atlético de Madrid

Tournoi International 1972

Oran, Algeria, Februar 1972

FC Ararat Yerevan (Armenia)
Sonatrach (Algeria)
FCM UTA Arad (Romania)

Ararat Yerevan          3-3 Sonatrac (Algeria?)  [8-7 (5-4?) pen]
UTA (Arad)              2-0 Algeria U-21

Third Place Match
Sonatrac                unk Algeria U-21        

Ararat Yerevan          2-0 UTA (Arad)
  [Bondarenko, Kazaryan]                  

Tournoi International 1974

Played Feb 26 to 28, sponsored by Sonatrach (Algerian national oil

Algeria Army
Yugoslavia (Amateurs)

Semifinals [Feb 26]
Yugoslavia (Amateurs)	1-0 Algeria
Poland   		3-0 Algeria Army

NB: Algeria played East Germany on Feb 28 (East Germany won 3-1)
    but it is not clear whether that match was part of the

Final [Feb 28]
Poland			5-0 Yugoslavia (Amateurs)

Tournoi International 1975

Played in Alger, Sidi Bel Abbès and Oran

Genève Servette (Switzerland)
Partizan Beograd (Serbia)
Werder Bremen (Germany)

Partizan Beograd	3-1 Genève Servette	
Algeria  		4-0 Werder Bremen

Third Place Match
Werder Bremen		0-0 Genève Servette	[4-2 pen]

Final [Dec 21]
Partizan Beograd	5-1 Algeria

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