South East Asia Trip of Anglo-Indian XI 1927

Although the visitors were usually described as Calcutta in the papers, the squad contained players from all over the British Indies, including Lahore, Bombay and Rangoon. They were the first tourists to remain unbeaten in Batavia, which nagged the local football community all the more because the results of the guests had been far from impressive elsewhere, losing in Soerabaja, Malang, Semarang, Bandoeng and even Tegal. Quite a dent to the Batavian conviction that the best football in the colony was played in its capital.

Matches in Singapore

17- 8 Singapore         Singapore Malays 4-2 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 3-1]
18- 8 Singapore         Singapore        3-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 2-1]

Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Java

NB: match date in italics not confirmed; may be 14- 9. 

27- 8 Soerabaja         T.H.O.R.         1-3 Anglo-Indians      
28- 8 Soerabaja         S.V.B. XI        3-2 Anglo-Indians      
30- 8 Malang            M.V.B. XI        2-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 1-0]
31- 8 Soerabaja         Excelsior        0-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-1]
 3- 9 Semarang          V.S.O. XI        1-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-1]
 4- 9 Semarang          Go Ahead         3-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 2-0]
 5- 9 Tegal             T.O.A.           0-2 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-1]
 6- 9 Tegal             T.V.B. XI        1-0 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 1-0]
 8- 9 Cheribon          C.V.V./Y.N.H. XI 0-2 Anglo-Indians      
10- 9 Bandoeng          B.V.B. XI        2-0 Anglo-Indians      
11- 9 Bandoeng          Bdg. Military XI 3-0 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 2-0]
13- 9 Bandoeng          Sidolig          3-2 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 1-1]
17- 9 Batavia           W.J.V.B. XI      1-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 1-1]
18- 9 Batavia           S.V.B.B.         1-3 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-2]
21- 9 Batavia           Oliveo           1-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-0]
23- 9 Batavia           Hercules         1-1 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 1-1]

NB: the tourists also played 3 hockey matches; for one the result is known:
12- 9 Bandoeng          Preanger M.H.C.  0-3 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-1]

Matches in Singapore

27- 9 Singapore         S.C.C.           0-0 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 0-0]
28- 9 Singapore         R.A.             4-4 Anglo-Indians      [HT: 3-1]

NB: the tourists were to play one more match in Rangoon after leaving Singapore but
    no information on opponents, date or result is available.

Total Record A.-Indians:  20   5  6  9  28-34  16  [without hockey match]

Squad Anglo Indians

GK: H.S. Lynn                         [Bombay Customs]
    J. Church                         [Christ Church School, Jubbulpore]
    H. Wilson                         [Telegraph Club, Cawnpore]
    B. Smart                          [Rangoon Customs]
    T.R.H. Thaddeus              [*1] [North Western Railway, Lahore]
    A.B. Wilson                       [Telegraph Club, Agra]
    J.C. Carvelly                     [Eastern Bengal Railway, Calcutta]
    W. Webber                         [Calcutta Police]
    R. Neil                           [Calcutta Customs]
    G. Ross                           [North Western Railway, Lahore]
    J.S. Galbraith                    [Eastern Bengal Railway, Calcutta]
    A. Kitchen                        [Jubbulpore]
    A. Wooldridge                     [Jubbulpore]
    A. Gabriel                        [Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway, Bombay]
    D. King                           [Calcutta Customs]
    N. Murray                    [*2] [Calcutta Customs]
manager: A.B. Rosser       

[*1] name also spelled Thaddews
[*2] name also spelled Munnay

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