Antigua - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1952   Empire FC (Gray's Farm)                        [founded as Realto SC]
1965   Sea View Farm FC
1967   Old Road FC
1968   Aston Villa FC (Saint John's)
1969   Greenbay Hoppers FC (Saint John's)
1971   Five Islands FC
1972   English Harbour FC
1974   Liberta FC  
       Parham FC
       Tryum FC (Cashew Hill)                         [founded as Expo] 
1977   Potters Tigers FC
1978   Lion Hill Spliff FC (Saint John's)
1979   Spirited, Attitude and Performance FC (Bolans) [aka SAP FC]
1980   Glanvilles FC
       Pigotts Bullets FC  
1983   Villa Lions FC (Saint John's)
1990   Grenades FC (Saint John's)
       Young Warriors FC (All Saints)
       Attackers FC (Saint John's)
       Jennings Grenades FC
1991   Liberta Blackhawks SC                          [on Jan 29]
1992   Swamp FC (Old Road)
1993   Jennings United FC
1994   Police FC (Saint John's)
       Bendals FC
1995   Freemansville FC
       West Ham FC (Saint John's)
       West End Pressers (Saint John's)
1996   All Saints United FC                           [merger of West End Rovers (All Saints) 
       Urlings FC                                      and Attackers (All Saints)]   
       Defense Force FC (Coolidge)
       Ovals FC (Saint John's)
1997   Golden Grove FC
       Future Stars FC
1998   Willikies FC
       Garden Stars FC 
1999   Bassa FC (All Saints)
       Goldsmitty FC (Saint John's)
       Swetes FC 
       Guydadli FC
       Johnson's Shotguns FC (Saint John's)
       John Hughes FC
2000   Fort Road FC 
       Ottos New Town Rangers
       Bethesda FC
       Pares FC
       Huf Harron Stars FC (Saint John's)
2001   Wadadli's 5Ps (Saint John's)
2009   Black Panthers FC (Saint John's)
2010   Antigua Barracuda FC (Saint John's)    
2014   Saint John's United                    

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