1st Arab Club Champions Cup 1981/82

NB: three participants, invited sometime in 1980;
    Al-Nejmeh (Beirut) could not host any matches due to the ongoing civil war in
    Lebanon; that civil war also was the reason that the final (supposed to be
    held over home and away legs in 1981) was postponed until early 1982, as the
    UAFA had hoped the safety situation in Lebanon would improve; eventually it
    was decided to have both matches played in Baghdad

Semifinal (both matches in Amman)

First Leg (May or Jun 17, 1981)
Al-Ahli (Amman)         1-2 Al-Nejmeh (Beirut)
  [Shaker Salamah; Jamal Al-Khatib, Hassan Chatila]

Second Leg (1981)
Al-Ahli (Amman)         0-0 Al-Nejmeh (Beirut)

NB: Al-Shorta (Baghdad) had a bye to the final

Final (both matches at Al-Shaab Stadium, Baghdad)

First Leg (Feb 5, 1982)
Al-Shorta (Baghdad)     2-0 Al-Nejmeh (Beirut)
  [Ali Hussein Mahmoud (2)]

Second Leg (Feb 7, 1982)
Al-Shorta (Baghdad)     2-2 Al-Nejmeh (Beirut)
  [Salih Radhi, Riyadh Nouri; Nejmeh scorers not known]

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