Argentina - Copa de Competencia - 1933

This cup was organized by the "Liga Argentina de Football".
. Participating teams:
Argentinos Juniors      Buenos Aires
Atlanta                 Buenos Aires
Boca Juniors            Buenos Aires
Chacarita Juniors       Buenos Aires
Estudiantes LP          La Plata
Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) Buenos Aires
Gimnasia y Esgrima LP   La Plata
Huracán (BA)            Buenos Aires
Independiente (A)       Avellaneda
Lanús                   Lanús
Platense (VL)           Buenos Aires
Quilmes                 Quilmes
Racing Club             Avellaneda
River Plate             Buenos Aires
San Lorenzo de Almagro  Buenos Aires
Talleres (RdE)          Remedios de Escalada
Tigre                   Victoria
Vélez Sarsfield         Buenos Aires

. Rules:
. . Until round 4: double knock-out format.
. . Since quarter finals: single knock-out format.

. Round 1
[13 Apr]                                       
Boca Juniors              7:1    Chacarita Juniors       at River Plate
Gimnasia y Esgrima LP     2:3    San Lorenzo de Almagro  at Independiente
Huracán (BA)              2:0    Argentinos Juniors      at Ferro Carril Oeste
Independiente (A)         0:2    Estudiantes LP          at Boca Juniors           
Platense (VL)             1:4    Atlanta                 at Argentinos Juniors
Quilmes                 1:1 aet  Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) at Huracán
Racing Club               1:0    River Plate             at San Lorenzo de Almagro
Tigre                     1:3    Talleres (RdE)          at Platense
Vélez Sarsfield           3:1    Lanús                   at Chacarita Juniors      
. . Playoff                                       
[20 Apr]                                        
Quilmes                   1:0    Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) at San Lorenzo de Almagro

. Round 2
[15 Jun]                                        

. . Group winners                                 
Boca Juniors           1:1 wp-lp Vélez Sarsfield         at River Plate 
(Vélez Sarsfield did not play the extra time. On 21 Jun Boca Juniors won points).
Estudiantes LP            1:2    Racing Club             at Independiente
Huracán (BA)            1:1 aet  Quilmes                 at Boca Juniors           
Talleres (RdE)            2:1    Atlanta                 at Huracán
San Lorenzo de Almagro    bye                             
. . Group losers                                   
Argentinos Juniors        0:3    Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) at Chacarita Juniors      
Gimnasia y Esgrima LP     0:6    Lanús                   at Talleres
Independiente (A)       3:1 aet  River Plate             at San Lorenzo de Almagro
Platense (VL)             1:2    Chacarita Juniors       at Ferro Carril Oeste   
Tigre                     bye                                     
. . Playoff                                               
[21 Jun]                                                
Huracán (BA)              2:0    Quilmes                 at San Lorenzo de Almagro       
. Round 3:  Losers + winner bye in round 2.
[29 Jun]                                                
Chacarita Juniors         1:2    Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) at San Lorenzo de Almagro       
Estudiantes LP            6:1    Atlanta                 at Gimnasia y Esgrima   
Lanús                     1:2    Tigre                   at River Plate  
Quilmes                 1:2 aet  Independiente (A)       at Racing Club  
Vélez Sarsfield           4:1    San Lorenzo de Almagro  at Boca Juniors                 
. Round 4: Losers.
[15 Aug]                                        
Estudiantes LP            2:1    Tigre                   at River Plate
Independiente (A)         1:4    Ferro Carril Oeste (BA) at San Lorenzo de Almagro
San Lorenzo de Almagro    bye                             
Vélez Sarsfield           bye                             
. Quarter final
[30 Aug]                                        
Boca Juniors              1:4    Racing Club             at Independiente
Estudiantes LP            1:3    Vélez Sarsfield         at Chacarita Juniors      
Ferro Carril Oeste (BA)   0:1    San Lorenzo de Almagro  at Argentinos Juniors
Huracán (BA)              2:3    Talleres (RdE)          at Platense
. Semifinal
[12 Oct]                                        
Racing Club               1:0    Vélez Sarsfield         at Chacarita Juniors      
San Lorenzo de Almagro    3:1    Talleres (RdE)          at Independiente
. Final
[26 Nov]                                        
Racing Club               4:0    San Lorenzo de Almagro  at Chacarita Juniors      

Racing Club won the Copa de Competencia with the following line-ups:                                    

Racing Club               De Nicola;                            
                          González, Scarcella;                          
                          Bonelli, Serramía, Garrafa;                          
                          Conidares, Zito, Fassora, Leoncio, Bugueyro.                            

San Lorenzo de Almagro    Lema;                         
                          Pacheco, Fossa;                               
                          Chividini, Scavone, Achinelli;                                
                          Magán, Villalba, Petronilo do Britos, Canteli, Arrieta.

Field                     Chacarita Juniors.

Att.                      30.000.-

1-0  8' Fassora.        
2-0 36' Pacheco (o.g.). 
3-0 52' Conidares.      
4-0 66' Fassora.        

Champion: Racing Club.

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