Argentina - Copa de Competencia "Jockey Club" - 1921

1st Round: 
[Jul 24]
Alvear                  5-0  Wilde            
Boca Alumni             0-2  El Aeroplano
Boca Juniors            1-0  Argentino de Banfield          [at Villa Urquiza]
Central Argentino       1-0  Germinal
Del Plata               1-0  Liniers
General San Martín      0-4  Villa Urquiza
Huracán (BA)            2-0  San Fernando
Nueva Chicago           5-0  Estudiantes LP
Porteño                 0-1  Argentinos Juniors
Progresista             0-0  Adrogué
Sportivo Barracas       3-1  Compañía General Buenos Aires
Sportivo Coghlan        5-1  Temperley
Sportivo del Norte      1-0  All Boys
Sportivo Dock Sud       1-0  San Telmo
Sportivo Palermo        1-0  Argentino de Quilmes
[Aug 8]
Platense (BA)           2-4  El Porvenir

Playoff [Aug 8]:

Progresista             5-2  Adrogué

2nd Round [Aug 21]:

Argentinos Juniors      1-0  Sportivo Dock Sud
Boca Juniors            1-0  Sportivo Coghlan
Del Plata               0-2  Progresista
Huracán (BA)            1-0  Alvear
El Porvernir            1-2  Villa Urquiza
Nueva Chicago           3-0  Sportivo Palermo
Sportivo Barracas       2-1  El Aeroplano
Sportivo del Norte     lp-wp Central Argentino 

3rd Round:
[Nov 13]
Boca Juniors            anu  Huracán (BA)                   [1-3, anulled]      
[Nov 21]
Nueva Chicago           1-0  Argentinos Juniors
Sportivo Barracas       4-0  Central Argentino
Villa Urquiza           0-2  Progresista
[Jan 16, 1922]
Boca Juniors            1-2  Huracán (BA)                   [replayed]

Semifinals [May 25, 1922]:

Huracán (BA)            1-2  Nueva Chicago
Progresista             0-1  Sportivo Barracas

Final [Dec 3, 1922]:

Sportivo Barracas       2-1  Nueva Chicago                  [at Del Plata] 

.It is not clear if the match:
Central Córdoba (R)     1-3  Nueva Chicago                  [at Newell's Old Boys]
belonged to this cup or it was friendly.

.The teams belonged to first and second level.

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