Argentina - Provincia de Santa Fe - Rosario

Liga Rosarina de Football (Amateurs)

Year League Champion                    
Second level - Copa Intendente Santiago Pinasco

Atlético Argentino, Atlético Rosario, Newell's Old Boys and Rosario Central
founded the league on March 30, 1905.
The cup was donated by Mr. Santiago Pinasco, major of Rosario city.
As member of the Argentine Football Association, the league organized a second 
division tournament as top tournament during two seasons in Rosario city.

1905 Newell's Old Boys 
1906 Newell's Old Boys

First level - Copa Intendente Nicasio Vila

The cup was donated by Mr. Nicasio Vila, major of Rosario, to be played for
the teams of first level in Rosario city.

1907 Newell's Old Boys 
1908 Rosario Central
1909 Newell's Old Boy 
1910 Newell's Old Boys
1911 Newell's Old Boys  

Rosario Central and Tiro Federal Argentino founded the dissident Federación 
Rosarina de Football and were eliminated from the LRF in 1912. 
Both leagues merged in 1914.
1912  (declared void when Atlético Argentino was headed the cup)
      [Atlético Argentino was later renamed Gimnasia y Esgrima]
1913 Newell's Old Boys 
1914 Rosario Central                    
1915 Rosario Central                    
1916 Rosario Central                    
1917 Rosario Central                    
1918 Newell's Old Boys                  
1919 Rosario Central                    
1920 Tiro Federal Argentino

Rosario Central, Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario and Nacional founded the 
dissident Asociación Amateurs Rosarina de Football in 1920. 
Sparta and FC Santa Fe joined AARF in 1921. 
Both leagues merged in 1922.

1921 Newell's Old Boys
1922 Newell's Old Boys            
1923 Rosario Central               
1924 Belgrano (Rosario)               
1925 Tiro Federal Argentino                   
1926 Tiro Federal Argentino          
1927 Rosario Central          
1928 Rosario Central               
1929 Newell's Old Boys         
1930 Rosario Central          

Alberdi New Boys, Ascot, Atlantic Sportsmen, Belgrano Old Boys, Calzada,
Estudiantes (Rosario), Fisherton, Intercambio, Rosario Puerto Belgrano and 
Zavalla continued in the amateur LRF. 
Both leagues merged in 1934.

1931 Zavalla Atlético
1932 Zavalla Atlético
1933 Intecambio
1934 Zavalla Atlético?

Asociación Rosarina de Football (Professional).

Belgrano (Rosario), Central Córdoba, Nacional, Newell's Old Boys, Provincial, Rosario Central, Sparta, Tiro Federal Argentino and Washington founded this association. [Nacional was renamed Argentino in 1934]. Professional - Copa Gobernador Luciano Molinas 1931 Newell's Old Boys 1932 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1933 Newell's Old Boys 1934 Newell's Old Boys 1935 Newell's Old Boys 1936 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1937 Rosario Central 1938 Rosario Central Rosario Central and Newell's Old Boys joined the National league in the first level in 1939. 1939 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1940 Rosario Central 1941 Newell's Old Boys 1942 Rosario Central Central Córdoba (Rosario) joined the National league in the second level in 1943. 1943 Rosario Central Argentino (Rosario) and Tiro Federal joined the National league in the second level in 1944. 1944 Argentino 1945 Newell's Old Boys 1946 Newell's Old Boys 1947 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1948 Argentino (Rosario) 1949 Rosario Central 1950 Newell's Old Boys 1951 Rosario Central 1952 Talleres - Rosario Puerto Belgrano 1953 Talleres - Rosario Puerto Belgrano 1954 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1955 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1956 Talleres - Rosario Puerto Belgrano 1957 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1958 Newell's Old Boys 1959 Rosario Central 1960 Sportivo de Álvarez 1961 Rosario Central 1962 Rosario Central 1963 Rosario Central 1964 Talleres - Rosario Puerto Belgrano 1965 Newell's Old Boys 1966 Newell's Old Boys 1967 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1968 Rosario Central 1969 Rosario Central 1970 Newell's Old Boys 1971 Rosario Central 1972 Newell's Old Boys 1973 Rosario Central 1974 Rosario Central 1975 Rosario Central 1976 Newell's Old Boys 1977 Newell's Old Boys 1978 Renato Cesarini 1979 Rosario Central 1980 Newell's Old Boys 1981 Newell's Old Boys 1982 Rosario Central 1983 Newell's Old Boys 1984 Newell's Old Boys 1985 Newell's Old Boys 1986 Newell's Old Boys 1987 Rosario Central 1988 Rosario Central 1989 Central Córdoba (Rosario) 1990 Rosario Central 1991 Newell's Old Boys 1992 Newell's Old Boys 1993 Newell's Old Boys 1994 Frigorífico Paladini (Villa Gobernador Gálvez) 1995 Renato Cesarini 1996 Newell's Old Boys 1997 Rosario Central 1998 Tiro Federal Argentino 1999 Tiro Federal Argentino 2000 Tiro Federal Argentino 2001 Tiro Federal Argentino 2002 San José 2003 Rosario Central 2004 Renato Cesarini 2005 Rosario Central 2006 Coronel Aguirre 2007 Pablo VI

Dissident Leagues

Federación Rosarina de Football 1913 Rosario Central Asociación Amateurs Rosarina de Football 1920 Rosario Central 1921 Rosario Central

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