Argentina - Copa Argentina - 1970

1st Round:

1st leg:
[Mar 4]
All Boys (RSA)          3-1 Gimnasia y Esgrima LPG   
Argentinos del Norte    1-0 Vélez Sarsfield          [at San Martín (TUC)]
Bartolomé Mitre         1-2 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) 
Central Norte           0-3 Chacarita Juniors        [at Gimnasia y Tiro]
Central Norte Argentino 0-1 Racing Club              [at Chaco For Ever]
Colón                   3-2 Atenas   
Colón Juniors           2-3 Lanús                   
Juventud Unida          0-0 Atlanta                  [at Sportivo Estudiantes]
Palmira                 3-1 Independiente (Ave)       
Quilmes (MDQ)           0-2 Argentinos Juniors       [at General San Martín]       
Rosario Central         4-2 Huracán (BUE)            
Rosario Puerto Belgrano 3-2 Platense (VLo)           [at Bella Vista]
[Mar 5]
Instituto               0-0 Quilmes (Qui)            
Mitre                   0-0 Banfield               
Newell's Old Boys       0-0 Los Andes (LdZ)       
Unión (SFN)             2-2 San Lorenzo de Almagro

2nd leg:
[Mar 6]
Argentinos del Norte    1-2 Vélez Sarsfield          [3-4 pen.]
[Mar 7]
All Boys (RSA)          1-2 Gimnasia y Esgrima LPG
Bartolomé Mitre         1-1 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE)   
Central Norte Argentino 3-3 Racing Club              [at Chaco For Ever]
Colón                   3-0 Atenas
Colón Juniors           2-4 Lanús                   
Huracán (BUE)           1-1 Rosario Central
Juventud Unida          0-2 Atlanta                 
Mitre                   2-1 Banfield                
Palmira                 2-2 Independiente (Ave)      [at Godoy Cruz]
Quilmes (MDQ)           1-2 Argentinos Juniors       [at General San Martín]      
Rosario Puerto Belgrano 0-2 Platense (VLo)           
[Mar 8]
Central Norte           1-4 Chacarita Juniors        [at Gimnasia y Tiro]
Instituto               4-1 Quilmes (Qui)             
Los Andes (LdZ)         0-0 Newell's Old Boys        [2-4 pen., at Banfield]
San Lorenzo de Almagro  1-0 Unión (SFN)

2nd Round:

1st leg: 
[Mar 11]
All Boys (RSA)          0-1 Atlanta                  [at General Belgrano]
Argentinos Juniors      1-1 Platense (VLo)           [at General San Martín]
Colón                   0-0 San Lorenzo de Almagro
Instituto               0-0 Vélez Sarsfield         
Palmira                 2-1 Lanús                    [at Godoy Cruz]
Racing Club             2-1 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) [at Chaco For Ever]
Rosario Central         1-0 Newell's Old Boys  
[Mar 13] 
Mitre                   0-4 Chacarita Juniors

2nd leg:
[Mar 14]
All Boys (RSA)          1-0 Atlanta                  [4-2 pen.]
Instituto               0-2 Vélez Sarsfield         
Newell's Old Boys       0-0 Rosario Central
Palmira                 1-2 Lanús                    [3-4 pen., at Godoy Cruz]
Racing Club             3-1 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) [at Guaraní Antonio Franco]
San Lorenzo de Almagro  4-1 Colón
[Mar 15]
Chacarita Juniors       0-1 Mitre                    [in Salta]
Platense (VLo)          5-1 Argentinos Juniors       [at Atlanta]


1st leg: 
[Sep 9]
Rosario Central         2-1 San Lorenzo de Almagro
[Sep 10]
Chacarita Juniors       0-1 Vélez Sarsfield
Lanús                   0-1 Racing Club
[Sep 16]
All Boys (RSA)          2-0 Platense (VLo)

2nd leg:
[Sep 23]
Racing Club             3-0 Lanús
San Lorenzo de Almagro  3-0 Rosario Central
Vélez Sarsfield         2-1 Chacarita Juniors
[Sep 27]
All Boys (RSA)          0-0 Platense (VLo)          [at General Belgrano]

1st leg:
[Feb 13, 1971]
All Boys (RSA)          1-1 San Lorenzo de Almagro  [at Belgrano (RSA)]
[Feb 16, 1971]
Vélez Sarsfield         3-2 Racing Club             [at Atlanta]

2nd leg [Feb 18, 1971]:
Racing Club             2-3 Vélez Sarsfield         [aet, at Atlanta]
San Lorenzo de Almagro  3-1 All Boys (RSA)          [aet, at Atlanta]


1st leg [Mar 3, 1971]:
San Lorenzo de Almagro  2-2 Vélez Sarsfield         [at Atlanta]

2nd leg:
The second match was never played.
This cup was disputed to qualify one team to the Recopa Sudamericana 1971.
It was played by the First Division teams not qualified to the Copa 
Libertadores 1970 and the best upcountry teams. 

Participating teams: 

All Boys (RSA)              Santa Rosa
Argentinos del Norte        San Miguel de Tucumán
Argentinos Juniors          Buenos Aires
Atenas                      Santo Tomé
Atlanta                     Buenos Aires
Banfield                    Banfield
Bartolomé Mitre             Posadas
Central Norte               Salta
Central Norte Argentino     Resistencia
Chacarita Juniors           San Martín
Colón                       Santa Fe
Colón Juniors               San Juan
Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE)    Buenos Aires
Gimnasia y Esgrima LPG      La Plata
Huracán (BUE)               Buenos Aires
Independiente (Ave)         Avellaneda
Instituto                   Córdoba
Juventud Unida              San Luis
Lanús                       Lanús
Los Andes (LdZ)             Lomas de Zamora
Mitre                       Santiago del Estero
Newell's Old Boys           Rosario
Palmira                     Mendoza
Platense (VLo)              Buenos Aires
Quilmes (MDQ)               Mar del Plata
Quilmes (Qui)               Quilmes
Racing Club                 Avellaneda
Rosario Central             Rosario
Rosario Puerto Belgrano     Punta Alta  
San Lorenzo de Almagro      Buenos Aires
Unión (SFN)                 Santa Fe
Vélez Sarsfield             Buenos Aires

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