Argentina - Copa San Martín de Tours, Patrono de Buenos Aires [Saint Martin of Tours Cup - Patron of Buenos Aires

The matches of this cup belonged to the league or National championship.
It was played on November 11th. or the round closer to this day.
1963-1985: It was played between the head of the championship and its rival.
1986-1996: It was played in the most important match between two Buenosaireans teams.

10.11.1963 Independiente (Ave)      2:1 River Plate
08.11.1964 Boca Juniors             1:1 Newell's Old Boys        [at Newell's Old Boys, by lot]
11.11.1965 River Plate              1:0 Vélez Sarsfield 
13.11.1966 Racing Club              3-2 Boca Juniors
12.11.1967 Rosario Central          1-1 Independiente (Ave)      [by lot]
10.11.1968 Racing Club              0-0 Belgrano (COR)           [by lot]
09.11.1969 Boca Juniors             3-0 Quilmes 
10.11.1970 Vélez Sarsfield          3-2 Independiente (Ave)      [at Racing Club]
14.11.1971 River Plate              1-0 Huracán (CDR)            [in Comodoro Rivadavia]
12.11.1972 River Plate              5-2 Gimnasia y Esgrima LPG 
11.11.1973 Gimnasia y Esgrima SSJ   1-0 Rosario Central 
10.11.1974 Boca Juniors             1-0 Estudiantes LPG
09.11.1975 Rosario Central          1-0 Independiente (Ave)      [at Independiente (Ave)]
14.11.1976 Boca Juniors             2-0 River Plate              [at River Plate]
13.11.1977 River Plate              4-2 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) [at Huracán (BUE)]
12.11.1978 River Plate              2-0 Atlanta                  [at Atlanta]
11.11.1979 Unión (SFN)              1-1 Vélez Sarsfield          [by lot]
09.11.1980 Argentinos Juniors       5-3 Boca Juniors             [at Vélez Sarsfield]
08.11.1981 Atlético Racing          2-1 Independiente (Ave)      [at Instituto]
10.11.1982 Platense                 0-0 Estudiantes LPG          [by lot] 
13.11.1983 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) 2-1 Temperley                [at Temperley] 
11.11.1984 Vélez Sarsfield          2-1 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) 
09.11.1985 River Plate              3-1 Platense 
09.11.1986 Vélez Sarsfield          0-0 River Plate              [at River Plate, by lot]
11.11.1987 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) 1-1 Deportivo Español        [by lot]
13.11.1988 River Plate              3-1 Deportivo Armenio
05.11.1989 River Plate              1-0 Vélez Sarsfield
11.11.1990 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) 0-0 Argentinos Juniors       [at Atlanta, by lot]
10.11.1991 Boca Juniors             0-0 River Plate              [by lot]
08.11.1992 Argentinos Juniors       2-0 Deportivo Español        [at Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE)]
14.11.1993 River Plate              2-0 Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE) [at Ferro Carril Oeste (BUE)]
13.11.1994 San Lorenzo de Almagro   3-1 Deportivo Español        [at Deportivo Español]
12.11.1995 Argentinos Juniors       2-0 San Lorenzo de Almagro   [at San Lorenzo de Almagro]
17.11.1996 River Plate              4-0 San Lorenzo de Almagro   [at River Plate]

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