Armenia - Name Changes

NB: only for teams ever to appear at 1st level; periods only indicate
    seasons in which clubs were part of the 1st level.

current (or last) name   period         name

Akhtamar Sevan           1992           Akhtamar Sevan 

Alashkert Martuni        1992           Alashkert Martuni 

Arabkir Yerevan          1992-1994      KanAZ
                         1996           Arabkir Yerevan

Araks Armavir            1992           Araks Armavir 

Ararat Yerevan           since 1992     Ararat Yerevan

Aznavour Noyemberian     1992           Aznavour Noyemberian 
                         1994-1996      Aznavour Noyemberian 

Banants Yerevan          1992-1994      Banants Abovian
                         since 2001     Banants Yerevan

BKMA Yerevan             1996           BKMA Yerevan 

BMA-Arayi Ejmiatsin      1992-1993      Zvartnots Ejmiatsin 
                         1994           BMA-Arayi Ejmiatsin 

Debed Alaverdi           1992           Debed Alaverdi 

Dinamo-2000 Yerevan      2000           Dinamo Yerevan 
                         since 2001     Dinamo-2000 Yerevan 

Dvin Artashat            1997-1999      Dvin Artashat 

Erebuni-HMM Yerevan  [1] 1992-1994      HMM-Fima Yerevan
                         1995-1997      HMM Yerevan
                         1997-1999      Erebuni-HMM Yerevan   

FA Armavir           [3] since 2003     FA Armavir

FA Giumri            [3] 1995-1996      Ararats Giumri
                         1998           Shirak-2 Giumri
                         1999           FA Giumri

FA Yerevan           [3] 1995           Kotaik-2 Abovian
                         1995-1999      FA Yerevan

Impuls Dilijan           1992-1993      Impuls Dilijan 

Kilikia Yerevan      [4] 1999-2000      Kilikia Yerevan 

Kilikia-1992 Yerevan     1992           Kilikia-1992 Yerevan 

Kotaik Abovian           1992-1997      Kotaik Abovyan
                         since 2001     Kotaik Abovyan             

Lernagorts Kapan         1992           Siunik Kapan
                         since 2000     Lernagorts Kapan

Lernayin Artsakh Yerevan 1993-1995      Yerezanq Yerevan
                         1995-2001      Gharabagh Yerevan
                         since 2002     Lernayin Artsakh Yerevan

Lori Vanadzor            1992           Lori Vanadzor 
                         1994           Lori Vanadzor 
                         1997           Lori Vanadzor 
                         2001-2002      Lori Vanadzor 

Malatia-Kilikia Yerevan  1992           Malatia Yerevan 
                         1993           Malatia-Kilikia Yerevan 

Mika Ashtarak 	         1992-1993      Kasakh Ashtarak
                         since 2000     Mika Ashtarak

Nairit Yerevan           1992           Nairi Yerevan 
                         1993-1994      Nairit Yerevan 

Nig Aparan               1992           Nig Aparan 

Pyunik Yerevan       [2] 1992-1995      Homenetmen Yerevan
                         1995-1998      Pyunik Yerevan
                         2001-2002      Pyunik Yerevan

Shengavit Yerevan        1992           Shengavit Yerevan 

Shirak Giumri            since 1992     Shirak Giumri

Spartak Yerevan          1993-1999      Tsement Yerevan
                         2000           Araks Ararat
                         start 2001     Araks Yerevan
                         since mid-2001 Spartak Yerevan

Van Yerevan              1992-1997      Van Yerevan

Zangezur Goris           1994-1997      Zangezur Goris 

Zoravan Yeghvard         1992           Zoravan Yeghvard 

Zvartnots Yerevan        since 1999     Zvartnots Yerevan 

[1] HMM alternatively rendered as Homenmen.
[2] Pyunik Yerevan were renamed Kilikia for 1999 and reappeared after
    Armenikum Yerevan, promoted in the 2000 season, had their place
    taken or bought by Pyunik for 2001.  The connection between the
    two versions of Pyunik is strenous but the FA insists they are 
    one and the same club.
[3] FA abbreviates Futbolayin Akumb (meaning Football Club) and is
    sometimes rendered FC or FK.
[4] Kilikia supposedly were the new name for Pyunik but did not
    participate in the 2000 season after failing to pay the registration
    fee and disappeared, Pyunik taking the guise of Armenikum Yerevan.

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