Asian U-16/U-17 Championships


Year Winners               Runners-Up            Third                 Fourth                  Venue
1985 Saudi Arabia 0-0 4-3p Qatar                 Iraq              1-0 Thailand                Doha
1986 South Korea  0-0 5-4p Qatar                 Saudi Arabia      2-0 North Korea             Doha
1988 Saudi Arabia      2-0 Bahrain               China        1-1 4-3p Iraq                    Bangkok
1990 Qatar             2-0 UAE                   China             5-0 Indonesia               UAE
1992 China        2-2 8-7p Qatar                 Saudi Arabia      2-1 North Korea             Riyadh
1994 Japan         1-0 aet Qatar                 Oman              3-2 Bahrain                 Doha
1996 Oman              1-0 Thailand              Bahrain      0-0 4-1p Japan                   Bangkok
1998 Thailand     1-1 3-2p Qatar                 Bahrain           5-1 South Korea             Doha
2000 Oman              1-0 Iran                  Japan             4-2 Vietnam                 Danang 
2002 South Korea  1-1 5-3p Yemen                 China             1-0 Uzbekistan              UAE
2004 China             1-0 North Korea           Qatar             2-1 Iran                    Japan
2006 Japan         4-2 aet North Korea           Tajikistan   3-3 5-4p Syria                   Singapore
2008 Iran              2-1 South Korea                       Japan and UAE                     Uzbekistan
2010 North Korea       2-0 Uzbekistan                    Australia and Japan                   Uzbekistan
2012 Uzbekistan   1-1 3-1p Japan                              Iran and Iraq                    Iran
2014 North Korea       2-1 South Korea                   Australia and Syria                   Thailand
2016 Iraq         0-0 4-3p Iran                              Japan and North Korea             India
2018 Japan             1-0 Tajikistan                    Australia and South Korea             Malaysia
2020    cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic
2023                                                                                           Bahrain

NB: although both finalists were caught cheating with players ages at the 2000
    championships (Iran had 5, Oman 6 players suspended for 2 years in May 2001
    following X-ray tests), the final rankings were apparently not changed.

Number of Titles 

 3 Japan 

 2 China 
   North Korea 
   Saudi Arabia
   South Korea 

 1 Iran

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