Asian Women U-16/U-17 Championship

The first edition in 2005 was U-17; since 2007, it is an U-16 tournament.


Year Winners          Runners-Up               Venue   
2005 Japan            China                    South Korea
2007 North Korea      Japan                    Malaysia
2009 South Korea      North Korea              Thailand
2011 Japan            North Korea              China
2013 Japan            North Korea              China
2015 North Korea      Japan                    China
2017 North Korea      South Korea              Thailand
2019 Japan            North Korea              Thailand
2022   cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

Countrywise list of winners

Japan                 4

North Korea           3

South Korea           1 


2005 Japan           1-1 China           [3-1 pen]
2007 North Korea     3-0 Japan
2009 South Korea     4-0 North Korea
2011 Japan               North Korea     [round robin]
2013 Japan           1-1 North Korea     [6-5 pen]
2015 North Korea     1-0 Japan         
2017 North Korea     2-0 South Korea 
2019 Japan           2-1 North Korea  

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