Azerbaijan 2002/03

Following the continuing conflict between almost all clubs and
the president of the Azerbaijan FA, no league championship has
started so far.

In the beginning of December, a "Neftci-65" tournament was organized devoted to the 65th
anniversary of FC Neftci, the first tournament since the last championship. All matches
were played at Ismet Gaibov Stadium, Baki. 

Group A

Round 1 [Nov 29]
Sahdag  1-5 Dinamo  [Valeh Kerimov 6 - Ramazan Abbasov 3, Ziya Nurmamedov 38,
                     Dmitriy Yeremeyev 60, Yasar Abuzarov 60, 79]
Neftci  3-1 Ulduz   [Vadim Vasilyev 20 pen, 38, Ismail Mamedov 88 - Elsad Kerimov 41]

Round 2 [Dec 3]
Neftci  5-0 Sahdag  [Igor Getman, Emin Guliyev, Agil Mamedov, Fuad Aliyev, Ismail Mamedov]
Dinamo  1-0 Ulduz   [Tarlan Mahmudov]

Round 3 [Dec 6]
Neftci  2-2 Dinamo  [Agil Mamedov 40, ? - Dmitriy Yeremeyev 30, Rasad Sadigov(N) 50 og]
Ulduz   5-4 Sahdag

Final Table:

1.Neftci Baki         2  1  0  10- 3  7
2.Dinamo-Bakili Baki  2  1  0   8- 3  7
3.Ulduz Mingacevir    1  0  2   6- 8  3
4.Sahdag Qusar        0  0  3   5-15  0

Group B

Round 1 [Dec 1]
MOIK    1-0 Xazar   [Zaur Ramazanov-pen]
Qarabag 2-0 Turan   [Pasa Aliyev, Tarlan Ahmedov]

Round 2 [Dec 4]
MOIK    0-1 Qarabag [Dmitriy Kudinov 56 pen]
Turan   2-2 Xazar   [Kamal Alekperov 11, 70 - Rasad Muradov 33, Sahmar Abdullayev 46]

Round 3 [Dec 7]
Qarabag 1-0 Xazar   [Dmitriy Kudinov 22]
MOIK    0-0 Turan

1.Qarabag-Azersun Agdam  3  0  0  4-0  9
2.MOIK Baki              1  1  1  1-1  4
3.Turan Tovuz            0  2  1  2-4  2
4.Xazar Sumgayit         0  1  2  2-4  1

Third Place Match [Dec 13]
Dinamo  3-1 MOIK 

Final [Dec 13]
Neftci  1-1 Qarabag [pen 4-5]
  [Vadim Vasilyev 47 - Arif Asadov 46]

Chronology of conflict clubs versus AFFA

On Dec 17, FIFA banned Azeri clubs from taking part in international 
competitions due to the unstable situation in Azeri football. The AFFA 
was entitled to decide the term of the ban. In fact it means that now 
only Fuad Musayev, AFFA President, who is the deadly enemy of most 
Azeri clubs, has the right to decide when the situation is stable and 
when the ban can be lifted.

On Dec 19, 9 clubs - namely Neftci, Samkir, Qarabag, MOIK, Dinamo, 
Xazar Uni, Xazar Sumgayit, Kapaz, and Turan - decided to take out a 
process against AFFA. The clubs insist on liquidation of the AFFA as 
an illegal organisation that has been preventing Azeri football from 
developing for several years. The clubs also announced that they will
withdraw their action if the AFFA members vote non-confidence in 
President Musayev.

On Dec 24, Fuad Musayev said that now that his authorities are prolonged 
by FIFA, no AFFA presidential elections are possible until the championship 
is recommenced.

And finally, on Dec 25, the AFFA Executive Committee decided to begin the 
12th Azeri championship on March 1st, 2003.

Jan 13: 6 regional football federations and 11 clubs bring an action against 
AFFA. They demand the dissolution of AFFA and creation of a new football 

Jan 22: Another action against AFFA is brought by Zaur Tagiyev who illegally 
tried to establish a Professional Footbal League in 1994 to run the 
championship under PFL. He claims that the AFFA is unconstitutional because 
it does not consist of regional federations as is stated in its charter. He 
also claims the reinstatement of the PFL.

Feb 5: Qarabag-Azersun, Neftci and Dinamo doesn't let their players go to 
the Azeri national team before the match vs. Serbia-Montenegro. The AFFA 
disqualifies the 7 players for 5 matches and bans them from the national 
team. The 3 clubs are fined.

Feb 24: The Ministry of Taxes initiates proceedings against AFFA claiming 
grand tax evasion (~$500,000), while AFFA is only agrees to pay $100,000. 
AFFA's property and Safa stadium are arrested, the apartment of the Director 
General of AFFA Oktay Zeynalov is searched. President Musayev announces that 
the AFFA functioning is paralysed, and the national team won't be able to 
travel to Wales because the documents are confiscated. The Ministry states 
that all the necessary documents will be provided.

Mar 4: Representatives of 11 clubs (Samkir, Neftci, Qarabag, Kapaz, Turan,
Xazar Uni, MOIK, Sahdag, Umid, Dinamo, Xazar) decide to resume competitions 
under AFFA. Their only requirement is giving their Organizing Committee a 
possibility to control. The assembly announces the championship may start 
as soon as March 22, if not objected by AFFA.

Mar 19: The Ministry of Justice initiates proceedings against AFFA claiming 
AFFA violates the law of the state and charters of the international football
federations and insisting that AFFA has been invalid since May 2002 when the 
elections of a new president had to be held. AFFA's reaction is that the 
Ministry apparently oversteps its authority.

Mar 24: The AFFA opponents' assembly arrives at a decision to send a letter 
to AFFA, UEFA and FIFA explaining that it was decided to resume the 
championship on March 4, but AFFA debarred it. AFFA issued a list of 14 
requirements for resuming championship, many of which were impossible to 
fulfil (for example, the participation fee was ~$7,340 which was too high). 
The clubs propose their own four requirements: a) AFFA and clubs should meet 
to agree on the championship, b) AFFA should cancel its strict requirements,
c) AFFA should reduce the participation fee, and d) the terms of championship
should be set.

Apr 1: Oktay Zeynalov, who is also the paymaster-general of AFFA, is 
arrested. He admits that Fuad Musayev and Asef Cavadli (chairman of the 
AFFA Auditing and Control Committee) are accessorial to the abusive financial
practices within AFFA. Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov says that Mr. 
Zeynalov can only avoid imprisonment if the AFFA compensates the tax 
delinquency of ~$265,000.

Apr 4: Mr. Blatter and Mr. Johansson announce their intention to visit 
Azerbaijan on May 6 and meet the President of Azerbaijan to make the last 
attempt to settle the situation.

Apr 7: Members of the Executive Committee of AFFA hold Fuad Musayev to convene an
extraordinary meeting of EC immediately. Apparently, they are going to exercise their
powers at long last and demand Musayev's resignation. The president must resign if 14 out
of 21 members vote for it.
The members are forced to hold their meeting outside AFFA as Mr. Musayev orders to turn
them away. The assembly adopts another 'historical' resolution - to start the championship
on April 20 and hold an election conference on April 30.

Apr 8: Fuad Musayev declares the EC resolution to be null and void as the quorum was not
reached (11 members instead of minimum 14) and the president was not present. He also
states that all the AFFA's attempts to start the championship were blocked by the clubs,
so AFFA cannot do anything about it now.

Apr 9: According to the EC resolution, representatives of Neftci, Sahdag, Dinamo, and Umid
come to AFFA to demonstarte their wish to start the championship, but they are not let it.
Later this day, Musayev dismisses Fatulla Guseynov and Togrul Gaciyev (EC meeting
organizers) from their posts of vice-presidents, thus overriding AFFA's own Charter
(according to it, vice-presidents can only be dismissed by the Conference of AFFA).

Apr 14: The club representatives and AFFA reaches a long-awaited consensus and make the
following mutual decisions: a) the championship is to start on April 25; b) it will be a
4-leg round-robin if 8 or less teams participate, and a 2-leg tournament if more than 8
teams participate; c) matches of Azeri Cup will be 2-legged except for the final; d) team
rosters will include at least 22 players; e) each club will pay a participation fee of
~$5,000 plus ~$200 for each player; f) all the previous fines are cancelled.

Apr 15: A shock for Azerbaijan - AFFA is disqualified by FIFA. Apparently, Musayev didn't
like the mutual decision and sent another letter to FIFA where he described the situation
as emergency, and the sanctions has followed without investigating the newly reached
agreement. A very strange decision, especially in the light of their intention to visit
Azerbaijan (see Apr 4).

Apr 16: UEFA disqualifies AFFA.

Apr 18: Members of the EC publish a letter to Fuad Musayev, in which they kindly ask
Musayev to forget all personal offences, call a meeting, initiate dialogue and make every
effort to find the way out of the crisis.

Apr 21: 13 members of the EC appeal to FIFA President Blatter, UEFA President Johansson,
and Russian FU President Koloskov to say that an unfair information has been submitted to
their organizations. The whole situation is described, and correspondence attached that
shows, among other things, all the refusals and go-bys of Mr. Musayev.

Apr 22: Five clubs (Samkir, Neftci, Qarabag, Turan, MOIK) report they are ready to start.
Three more clubs (Dinamo, Xazar S, Kapaz) announce their rosters to be filled up in a few
days. The roster submission deadline is cancelled.
F.Musayev answers that he is going to call the EC meeting in the nearest future.
Supposedly, Musayev is going to set the following conditions of his voluntary retirement:
1) Oktay Zeynalov must be released, 2) Safa must be made his own property, 3) He must be
awarded an order, 4) He must be declared a honorary president of AFFA.

Apr 26: Tired of waiting for Musayev's answer, the Executive Committee fixes the meeting
for April 29, at the AFFA headquarters. The EC members ask Cingiz Ismayilov, General
Secretary of AFFA, not to close doors on that day, and ask Fuad Musayev to preside at the

May 11 or 12: A meeting at AFFA’s headquarters with participation of clubs’ representatives 
was held with General Secretary Chingiz Ismaylov being chairman. Some crucial decisions 
concerning the implementation of Zurich agreement were taken during the meeting. The main 
one is that the league will finally resume at May 17. The league’s draw procedure was scheduled 
for May 14 (but postponed to May 15). Clubs will have to pay only 5 million manats at first. 
The remaining 17 millions should be paid until the end of the first half of the season. 
On Shafa football club it was agreed that the Shafa stadium should be separated from the club 
and Shafa has to pay an entrance fee as an independent club. 
AFFA Executive Committee’s next meeting set to be held May 13 and Musayev finally agreed to 
chair the meeting. 

Round 1 [May 17]
Xazar Sum - Dinamo
Neftci    - Samkir
Turan     - Umid
Qarabag   - Sahdag
MOIK      - Adliye
Xazar Uni - Lokomotiv
Safa      - Kapaz

In addition to 2001/02 participants, the two best clubs from the First 
League (Lokomotiv Imisli and Xazar Sumqayit) will take part.

Just before the championship draw, Adliye Baki were surprisingly added 
by AFFA. The club was only 5th in First League 01/02.
Later, Xazar Universiteti refused to participate in the long-awaited 
championship in protest against the sudden admittance of Adliye.
The final decision regarding Adliye's participation is to be made next 
week. Apparently, they will stay in. Xazar Uni's berth may be given 
to Bakili Baki.

See 2003 season for further developments.

Hemreylik Kuboku (Unity Cup)

Played on Sport Academy Stadium, Baki.

Group A

Round 1
[Feb 4]
Neftci 4-0 Turan  [Agil Mammadov 38, Ismayil Mammadov 70,
                   Elnur Abdullayev 86, Zaur Ismayilov 90 pen]
[Feb 5]
Umid   0-0 Sahdag

Round 2
[Feb 9]
Neftci 1-0 Sahdag [Ismayil Mammadov 57]
[Feb 10]
Umid   1-1 Ulduz  [Yasar Abuzarov 85 - Samir Mammadov 45]

1.Neftci Baki
2.Turan Tovuz
Sahdag Qusar
Ulduz Mingacevir
Umid Baki

Group B

Round 1
[Feb 7]
Qarabag 3-1 Kapaz   [Azer Cabbarov 12, Namig Hasanov 26, Samir Musayev 75 -
                     Fazil Parvarov 16]

1.Qarabag-Azersun Agdam
2.Adliye Baki
Kapaz Ganca
Xazar Sumgayit

Other results unknown.

Semifinals [Mar 13]

Qarabag-Azersun 3-0 Turan
  [Elmir Xankisiyev 25, 90, Namig Hasanov 53]
Neftci          2-0 Adliye
  [Igor Getman 22, Agil Mammadov 48]

Third place match [Mar 14]

Adliye beat Turan on penalties

Final [Mar 15]

Neftci 2-1 Qarabag-Azersun
  [Rasad Sadihov 8, Sabuhi Sadihov 68 - Samir Musayev 65]



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list of cup winners.

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