B 1913 (Odense) tour of Asia 1965

Games played in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

NB: one month before, another Odense club, B 1909, also toured Asia.
    This was due to a misunderstanding as to which club had been invited, so both went.


21-Feb-65 Bombay        Maharashtra        1-8 B 1913
               [Ole Madsen x 3, Erik Dyrholm, Kjeld Petersen, Eigil Misser x 2, Søren Rasmussen].

23-Feb-65 Hyderabad     Andra Pradesh      2-3 B 1913
               [Jørgen Rasmussen x 2, Ole Madsen. Att.5000].

24-Feb-65 Hyderabad     Andra Pradesh      1-1 B 1913
               [Ole Madsen].

26-Feb-65 Singapore     Singapore          0-3 B 1913
               [Niels Christian Nielsen, John Ejlertsen, Kurt Grønning penalty. Att.5000].

28-Feb-65 Kuala Lumpur  Selangor           0-4 B 1913
               [Kurt Hansen, Niels Christian Nielsen, Jørgen Rasmussen penalty, Kurt Hansen. Att: 7000].

 2-Mar-65 Ipoh          Perak              0-9 B 1913
               [Kurt Hansen, Ole Madsen x 2, Erik Dyrholm, Kurt Grønning, Kjeld Petersen x 4. Att.4000].

 4-Mar-65 Penang        Penang            1-13 B 1913
               [Jørgen Rasmussen x 4, Arne Dyrholm x 3, Kurt Hansen x 2, Ole Madsen x 2, Erik Dyrholm, Kjeld Petersen].

 6-Mar-65 Bangkok       Thailand XI        1-4 B 1913
               [Kurt Grønning x 2, (1 penalty), Kurt Hansen, Jørgen Rasmussen. Att.10000].

13-Mar-65 Saigon        South Vietnam XI   1-5 B 1913
               [Kjeld Petersen x 2, Kurt Hansen, Ejgil Misser, Kurt Grønning].

14-Mar-65 Saigon        Saigon XI          1-2 B 1913
               [Mong-Kurt Hansen, Ole Madsen].

[B 1913 Odense: Leif Nielsen, Knud Engedal; Eigil Misser, Tom Helveg, Knud Næshave,
                Kurt Grønning, Jørgen Rasmussen, Arne Dyrholm, Kurt Hansen, Ole Madsen, 
                Erik Dyrholm, Kjeld Petersen, Ole Madsen, Kaj Hansen, Ole Steffensen, 
                Niels Christian Nielsen, John Ejlertsen. 
         Coach: Jack Johnson. Assistant: Vagner Bro]
Players on loan: Birger Larsen (Frem), Ole Madsen (HIK), Leif Nielsen (Frem) and
                 Kaj Hansen (Frem).
Team leader: Henry Møller.
Chairman: Holger Nielsen.

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