International Swiss U-16 Cup (Switzerland)

Played at Sportplatz Ri-Au in Bad Ragaz (Kanton St.Gallen, Switzerland)


Ed. Year Winners
 1  2001 Manchester City	
 2  2002 Newcastle United
 3  2004 VfB Stuttgart
 4  2006 RSC Anderlecht


[Aug 3-5]

Manchester City		1-0 Borussia Dortmund
Manchester City		3-0 Grasshopper-Club
Manchester City		2-0 FC Luzern
Manchester City		2-0 Team Liechtenstein
Borussia Dortmund	0-1 Grasshopper-Club
Borussia Dortmund	2-0 FC Luzern
Borussia Dortmund	4-0 Team Liechtenstein
Grasshopper-Club	1-2 FC Luzern
Grasshopper-Club	0-0 Team Liechtenstein
FC Luzern		1-1 Team Liechtenstein

VfB Stuttgart		2-1 CZ Beograd
VfB Stuttgart		2-0 Feyenoord Rotterdam
VfB Stuttgart		4-0 FC St.Gallen
VfB Stuttgart		5-0 Oberland Sel.
CZ Beograd		0-0 Feyenoord Rotterdam
CZ Beograd		1-0 FC St.Gallen
CZ Beograd		5-0 Oberland Sel.
Feyenoord Rotterdam	1-1 FC St.Gallen
Feyenoord Rotterdam	3-0 Oberland Sel.
FC St.Gallen		1-0 Oberland Sel.

Manchester City		1-0 CZ Beograd
Borussia Dortmund	drw VfB Stuttgart		[6-5 pen]

Manchester City		drw Borussia Dortmund		[4-3 pen]
VfB Stuttgart		2-0 CZ Beograd
FC Luzern		drw Feyenoord Rotterdam		[4-3 pen]
Grasshopper-Club	1-0 FC St.Gallen
Team Liechtenstein	drw St.Gallen Oberland Sel.	[4-3 pen]


[Aug 2-4]

Grasshopper-Club	2-0 Newcastle United
Grasshopper-Club	0-0 FC Luzern
Grasshopper-Club	1-1 Oberland Sel.
Grasshopper-Club	4-1 Hertha BSC Berlin
Newcastle United	4-2 FC Luzern
Newcastle United	2-0 Oberland Sel.
Newcastle United	2-2 Hertha BSC Berlin
FC Luzern		1-1 Oberland Sel.
FC Luzern		5-0 Hertha BSC Berlin
Oberland Sel.		2-0 Hertha BSC Berlin

Manchester City		1-1 VfB Stuttgart
Manchester City		0-0 Ajax Amsterdam
Manchester City		2-0 FC St.Gallen
Manchester City		3-0 Team Liechtenstein
VfB Stuttgart		0-0 Ajax Amsterdam
VfB Stuttgart		1-0 FC St.Gallen
VfB Stuttgart		3-0 Team Liechtenstein
Ajax Amsterdam		2-1 FC St.Gallen
Ajax Amsterdam		1-0 Team Liechtenstein
FC St.Gallen		1-1 Team Liechtenstein

Newcastle United	3-1 Manchester City
Grasshopper-Club	drw VfB Stuttgart		[4-1 pen]

Newcastle United	1-0 Grasshopper-Club
Manchester City		drw VfB Stuttgart		[6-5 pen]
Ajax Amsterdam		3-2 FC Luzern
FC St.Gallen		1-0 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.
Team Liechtenstein	2-1 Hertha BSC Berlin


[July 30- Aug 1st]

VfB Stuttgart		2-0 Newcastle United
VfB Stuttgart		4-0 Prishtina
VfB Stuttgart		2-0 Grasshopper-Club
VfB Stuttgart		5-0 Team Liechtenstein
Newcastle United	1-0 Prishtina
Newcastle United	1-1 Grasshopper-Club
Newcastle United	2-0 Team Liechtenstein
Prishtina		1-0 Grasshopper-Club
Prishtina		1-0 Team Liechtenstein
Grasshopper-Club	2-2 Team Liechtenstein

Borussia Dortmund	0-0 Manchester City
Borussia Dortmund	1-0 FC Basel
Borussia Dortmund	0-2 RSC Anderlecht
Borussia Dortmund	1-0 Oberland Sel.
Manchester City		0-0 FC Basel
Manchester City		1-1 RSC Anderlecht
Manchester City		2-0 Oberland Sel.
FC Basel		0-0 RSC Anderlecht
FC Basel		5-0 Oberland Sel.
RSC Anderlecht		1-2 Oberland Sel.

VfB Stuttgart		1-1 Manchester City		[5-3 pen]
Newcastle United	3-1 Borussia Dortmund

VfB Stuttgart		1-0 Newcastle United
Manchester City		2-0 Borussia Dortmund
Prishtina		2-2 FC Basel			[3-1 pen]
RSC Anderlecht		4-0 Grasshopper-Club
Team Liechtenstein	2-0 St.Gallen 


[Aug 3-6]

RSC Anderlecht		2-0 FC Basel
RSC Anderlecht		3-1 VfB Stuttgart
RSC Anderlecht		2-0 Chelsea FC
RSC Anderlecht		4-0 Peace team (Israel/Palestine)
RSC Anderlecht		3-0 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.
FC Basel		2-0 VfB Stuttgart
FC Basel		2-1 Chelsea FC
FC Basel		0-1 Peace team 
FC Basel		7-0 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.
VfB Stuttgart 		2-0 Chelsea FC
VfB Stuttgart 		1-0 Peace team 
VfB Stuttgart 		3-0 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.
Chelsea FC 		1-0 Peace team 
Chelsea FC 		1-1 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.
Peace team 		1-1 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.

Manchester City		2-1 Borussia Dortmund
Manchester City		1-0 Super Y-League USA
Manchester City		3-0 FC St. Gallen
Manchester City		1-1 Vorarlberg
Manchester City		2-0 Team Liechtenstein
Borussia Dortmund	0-0 Super Y-League USA
Borussia Dortmund	4-0 FC St. Gallen
Borussia Dortmund	4-0 Vorarlberg
Borussia Dortmund	6-2 Team Liechtenstein	
Super Y-League USA	2-0 FC St. Gallen
Super Y-League USA	0-0 Vorarlberg
Super Y-League USA	1-0 Team Liechtenstein
FC St. Gallen		1-0 Vorarlberg
FC St. Gallen		2-0 Team Liechtenstein
Vorarlberg 		1-0 Team Liechtenstein

RSC Anderlecht		3-0 Borussia Dortmund
Manchester City		1-0 FC Basel 

RSC Anderlecht		2-0 Manchester City
FC Basel 		2-0 Borussia Dortmund
VfB Stuttgart 		2-2 Super Y-League USA Sel.	[4-2 pen]
Chelsea FC 		4-0 FC St. Gallen		
Peace team  		0-0 Vorarlberg			[6-5 pen]
Team Liechtenstein 	0-0 St.Gallen Oberland Sel.	[4-3 pen]

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