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Football was first introduced in the Bahamas just after World War I by returning veterans. In the 1920s and 1930s, clubs in New Providence included St. Georges, St. Michael's and the Scouts, who played each other in occasional matches and challenged crews of visiting ships in Nassau. Most matches were played on Eastern Parade. In the 1940s, the Boxing Day Soccer Classic evolved, featuring St. Georges and the Vikings, two of the best teams at the time.

In 1954 the first attempt to organize teams into a league was accomplished The number of teams varied between six and ten during the early years, and matches were played on Sundays at Clifford Park. Soon, another league was formed where players participated for the recreational benefits of the sport and these matches were played on Saturdays. Therefore, during the late fifties and mid-sixties, two leagues, the New Providence Sunday League and the New Providence Saturday League, under the umbrella of the Bahamas Amateur Football Association, promoted and developed the sport in New Providence. In 1967 the two leagues amalgamated to form the Bahamas Football Association. In the 1970s and 1980s, Tropigas (later renamed Bears) and Nick's Body Shop (later renamed United) dominated New Providence football.

1991/92    JS Johnson United
1992/93    JS Johnson United
1993/94    Britam United
1994/95    Britam United 
1995/96    Freeport RFC  [*]          3-0 JS Johnson     
1996/97    Cavalier FC 
1997/98    Cavalier FC 
1998/99    Cavalier FC 
1999/00    Abacom United FC (Marsh Harbour)  
2000/01    Cavalier FC                2-1 Abacom United 
2001/02      final not played [NPFL: Bears FC] 
2002/03    Bears FC                   2-1 Abacom United     [asdet]
2003/04      final not played [NPFL: Bears FC] 
2005         final not played [NPFL: Caledonia Celtic]
2005/06      final not played [NPFL: Caledonia Celtic]
2007         final not played [NPFL: Bears FC] 
2008         final not played [NPFL: not held] 
BFA Senior League
2008/09    Bears FC  
2009/10    IM Bears FC       
2011       IM Bears FC   
2011/12    IM Bears FC       
2013       IM Bears FC     
2013/14    Lyford Cay FC
2014/15    Western Warriors SC
2015/16    IM Bears FC       
2016/17    Western Warriors SC
2017/18    University of the Bahamas FC
2018/19    Dynamos FC 
2020         abandoned
2021         not held
2022/23    Western Warriors SC

NPFL = New Providence Football League champions

[*] played as Pub on the Mall Red Dogs; in other seasons the club was called
      Cambridge, Campari, Paint Fair Corona and Stella Athletic until becoming
      Freeport Rugby FC; they are the only club from Grand Bahama to have ever
      won the national title; in addition they won 5 Grand Bahama league titles
      and 3 Grand Bahama cups (in 1995/96 they won the corresponding treble).

NB: Britam United now apparently known as United FC; they were earlier known
      as Nick's Body Shop.
    Bears FC apparently won the New Providence in 8 out of 10 seasons starting
      from 1976 (when their original name of Tropigas, under which they were
      founded in the mid-1960s, was changed to Beck's Bears).

NB: before 2008, the champion of the Grand Bahama Football League would compete
    with the champion of the New Providence Football League to determine the
    national title. In 2008, the two leagues merged to form the BFA Senior League.

Number of Titles (12, only BFA Senior League since 2008)

 6 IM Bears FC

 3 Western Warriors SC

 1 Dynamos FC 
   Lyford Cay FC (now Westside SC-Renegades FC)
   University of the Bahamas FC

Grand Bahama Football League

1991/92    Foto Factory Snappers
1992-95      not known
1996       Pub on the Mall Red Dogs (Freeport)  [aka Freeport RFC]   
1997-99      not known
2000       Abacom United FC (Marsh Harbour)          
2001       Abacom United FC (Marsh Harbour)
2002       Abacom United FC (Marsh Harbour)
2003       Abacom United FC (Marsh Harbour)
2004       Quality Superstars (Freeport ?)
2005         not known
2006       Brita Red Bulls (Freeport)
2007         not played
2008         not played
2009-16      not known
2017       Dwayne Whylly FC

NB: Abacom United FC is from Abaco Island;
    Freeport RFC won this league on 5 occasions

New Providence Football League

1969/70    Paradise 
1970/71      not known (Paradise were runners-up)
1972/73    Tropigas
1973/74    Red Lion
1974-91      not known
1991/92    JS Johnson United
1992/93    JS Johnson United (5th consecutive title)

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