Bahamas - List of Cup Winners

In the 40's the Boxing Day Soccer Classic evolved which featured two of the top teams of the period, St. Georges and the Vikings.
FA Cup

New Providence

1982/83 Cavalier FC          3-0 Bears FC  
1983/84   not known
1984/85 Nick's United FC
1985/86 Nick's United FC
1986-99   not known
1999/00 Cavalier FC          6-4 Grasshoppers                [aet]
2000/01 Cavalier FC          4-3 Coca Cola
2001/02 Khaki Superstars     bt  JJ Johnson United 
2002/03 Bears FC  
2003/04 Bears FC             1-1 Caledonia FC                [Bears on pen]
2004/05   not known             
2005/06 Bears FC             9-3 Sharks FC
2006/07 Bears FC             2-1 United FC
2007/08 FC Nassau
2008/09 Caledonia FC                2-1 Bears FC
2010    Bears FC             4-0 Lyford Cay FC
2011    Bears FC             4-2 Dynamos FC
2012-14   not known    
2014/15 Western Warriors SC
2015/16 Western Warriors SC  bt  Bears FC
2016/17   not known  
2017/18 Western Warriors SC  2-1 Eagles

[*] Pub on the Mall Red Dogs later renamed Freeport FC

Grand Bahama
1995/96 Pub on the Mall Red Dogs 
1996-00   not known
2000/01 Abacom United        3-0 Haitian Superstars
2001/02   not known
2002/03 Tigers               2-1 Eight Mile Rock
2003/04 Freeport FC  

President's Cup (New Providence)
1969/70 Paradise
1970/71   not known (Paradise were losing finalists)
1972/73 Red Lion             3-1 McAlpine
1973/74 Red Lion             2-1 McAlpine
1999    Cavalier FC                    
2000    Cavalier FC          2-2 Bears FC             [aet, 3-1 pen]
2001    Khaki Superstars     3-0 Cavalier FC
2009    Bears FC             3-0 Cavalier FC
2010    Bears FC             bt  College of the Bahamas

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