Bahrain Cup 1996/97

Cup tournament played in 1997.

pre-Preliminary Round
Al-Ittihad      v       Al-Shabab       1-0     (golden goal)
Ras Romman      v       Al-Had          3-2
Al-Akar         v       Khaleej         4-1
Al-Besiteen     v       Karazkan        0-0     (5-4 on penalties)

Preliminary Round
Al-Ittihad      v       Umm Hasom       (Al-Ittihad won)
Ras Romman      v       Qallali         (Qallali won)
Al-Akar         v       Al-Arabi        (Al-Arabi won)
Essa Town       v       Al-Besiteen     (Al-Besiteen won)
West Rifa       v       Bahrain Club    2-1
Al-Ahli         v       Al-Besiteen     1-0
Al-Arabi        v       Qallali         4-3     (a.e.t. golden goal)
Budaia          v       Manama          (Budaia won the match)
Al-Hilal        v       Al-Malkeya      (Al-Hilal won the match)
Setra           v       Al-Halla        3-1
East Rifa       v       Jad Hafs        11-0
Muharaq         v       Al-Ittihad      1-0
Al-Hilal        v       Setra           3-0
Al-Ahli         v       Budaia          3-1
East Rifa       v       Al-Arabi        3-0
Muharaq         v       West Rifa       0-0  (Muharaq won 5-3 on penalties)
Muharaq         v       Al-Ahli         1-0
East Rifa       v       Al-Hilal        4-1
Muharaq         v       East Rifa       2-1



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