Barbados - List of Foundation Dates

1902    Barbados Regiment (Bridgetown)         [founded as Barbados Volunteer Force]
1914    Empire SC (Bank Hall)                  [founded on May 24]    
1931    Spartan (Bridgetown)
        Harrison College (Bridgetown)
        Bridgetown Wanderers CC                [as oldest Bajan cricket club founded 1877;
                                                foundation football department not exactly known]
        Kensington Rovers (Bridgetown)         
        Bridgetown Volunteers
1935    Everton FC (Bridgetown)
1945    Carlton United (Carlton)
1952    Everton SC (Bridgetown)
1955    Police SC (Bridgetown)
1958    Weymouth Wales FC (Carrington Village) [founded Dec 16 as New South Wales; called Pan-Am Wales 1973-77]
1965    Notre Dame SC (Bridgetown)
1978    Paradise FC (Oistins)
1977    Pinelands FC (Bridgetown)
1979    Brittons Hill United FC (Bridgetown)
1980    Pride of Gall Hill FC (Wotton)
1983    Silver Sands FC (Silver Sands)
1985    Benfica FC (Bridgetown)
1990    Jackson SC (Bridgetown)
1992    Barbados Defence Force (Paragon)
        Blackspurs FC (Bridgetown)
        Ajax United FC (Haynesville)    
1993    Shop Hill SC (Bridgetown)   
        Quaker’s SC (Bridgetown)
1995    Youth Milan FC (Checker Hall)
        Deacons FC (Bridgetown)
        Saint John Sonnets FC (Four Roads)
        Cosmos SC (Speightstown)
        Ellerton City FC (Ellerton)
        Clarkes Hill SC (Crane)
        Technico FC (Bridgetown)
        Eden Stars FC (Bridgetown)
        Fairy Valley SC (Bridgetown)
        Wotton United FC (Wotton)
        Haggatt Hall FC (Bridgetown)
        Sutherland United (Bridgetown)
        Bridgetown Superstars
1996    Community Club FC (Cave Hill)
1997    Bartel SC (Bridgetown)
        Trents United FC (Bridgetown)
        Alpha FC (Bridgetown)
1998    Pride of Saint Andrew Nascimento (Belleplaine)
        Spooners Hill Weymouth FC (Bridgetown)
        Parish Land FC (Oistins)
        Barbados Youth Service (Checker Hall)
        Cavaliers SC (Bridgetown)
        Eastern United (Crane)
1999    Orange Hill United FC (Orange Hill)
        Martinique United FC (Bridgetown)
        Church Village FC (Bridgetown)
        Ivy Rovers FC (Bridgetown)
        Bathsheba SC (Bathsheba)
        Greens United FC (Belair)
        Porey Springs United FC (Porey Springs)
        Grazettes FC (Bridgetown)
2000    Oxley United FC (Bridgetown)
        Maxwell FC (Oistins)
        Lodge Road SC (Wotton)
        Savivas Christian Club (Bridgetown)
        Roam United FC (Bridgetown)
        Deans Village (Bridgetown)
        Bridgefield FC (Bridgetown)
        YMCA (Bridgetown)
        Melverton FC (Bridgetown)
        Newbury FC (Bridgetown)
        Saint Lucy League (Crab Hill)
        Wavell United (Bridgetown)
2001    Restoration Ministeries (Bridgetown)
        Bulls United (Bridgetown)
        Emmerton United FC (Bridgetown)
        Welchman Hall Rovers FC (Bridgetown)
        Bagatelle SSC (Bagatelle)
        Barbados Fore Service (Paragon)
        Sayers Court (Bridgetown)
        Rich’s Trents (Bridgetown)
2002    Crusaders (Bridgetown)
        Hillaby United FC (Hillaby)
        Sunrise Ballers FC (Boscobelle)
        Exactly Unified FC (Bridgetown)
        ATC Soccer Academy (Bridgetown)
        Station Hill Colts (Bridgetown)
        Tudor Bridge FC (Bridgetown)
2003    Edey Village FC (Bridgetown)
        Hothersal Turning United FC 
        Bush Hall Barcelona (Bridgetown)
        Saint Philip League (Crane)
        Woodbourne (Bridgetown)
        Lazio (Bridgetown)
2004    University of the West Indies FC (Holetown)
2005    Dayrell’s Road (Bridgetown)
        Villa United FC (Crane)
        Phoenix (Bridgetown)
2006    Mount Gay (Bridgetown)
2007    WRB SSC (Bagatelle) 
        Sargeants Village United (Bridgetown)
        Central Leaue Spartans (Belair)
        Horse Hill United (Bridgetown)
2008    L&R United (Crane)
        CS United (Blades Hill)   
        Checker Hall FC (Checker Hall)
        Lafida (Bridgetown)
        Shawn Hope United (Bridgetown)
        Strike Force Youth (Bridgetown)
        Unity Ballers (Bridgetown)
        Freedom United (Bridgetown)
2009    Boscobelle SC (Boscobelle)
        Road View United (Road View)
        Church Bottom (Bridgetown)
        Transport Board (Bridgetown)
2010    Crompton United (Bridgetown)
        Gemstars Sports SC (Bridgetown)
        Ashbury (Bridgetown)
2011    Shilling Square (Bridgetown)
        Rendezvous FC (Bridgetown)
        Potential Ballers FC (Oistins)
        Diamondshire FC (Speightstown)
        Kings Park Rangers (Bridgetown)
        Saint Mattias (Bridgetown)
        Combined Faith (Bridgetown)
        Sherbourne (Bridgetown)
2012    Kick Start FC (Bridgetown)
        Wildey Sports Acaemy (Bridgetown)
        Caribbean Youth (Bridgetown)
        BSA (Bridgetown)
2017    Waterford Compton (Bridgetown)

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