Beach Soccer World Cup - Overview

The first ten editions from 1995 to 2004 were unofficial. Since 2005, it is organised by FIFA and the tournament official.


Year Winners         Runners-Up      Third                 Venue
unofficial tournaments
1995 Brazil          USA             England               Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
1996 Brazil          Uruguay         Italy                 Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
1997 Brazil          Uruguay         USA                   Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
1998 Brazil          France          Uruguay               Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
1999 Brazil          Portugal        Uruguay               Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
2000 Brazil          Peru            Spain                 Rio de Janeiro (Marina da Glória)
2001 Portugal        France          Argentina             Salvador de Bahia (Costa do Sauípe)
2002 Brazil          Portugal        Uruguay               Vitória ES + Guarujá SP
2003 Brazil          Spain           Portugal              Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
2004 Brazil          Spain           Portugal              Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)
official tournaments
2005 France          Portugal        Brazil                Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach) 
2006 Brazil          Uruguay         France                Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)                                                      Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach) 
2007 Brazil          Mexico          Uruguay               Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)                                                      Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Beach) 
2008 Brazil          Italy           Portugal              Marseille (Plage du Prado)
2009 Brazil          Switzerland     Portugal              Dubai (Jumeirah Beach)
2011 Russia          Brazil          Portugal              Ravenna/Italy (Stadio del Mare)
2013 Russia          Spain           Brazil                Papeete/Tahiti (Stade Tahua To'ata)
2015 Portugal        Tahiti          Russia                Espinho/Portugal (Praia da Bahia)
2017 Brazil          Tahiti          Iran                  Nassau/Bahamas (Malcolm's Park West)
2019 Portugal        Italy           Russia                Luque/Paraguay (Estadio Los Pynandi)

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