Belgium - List of Foundation Dates

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Club Foundation Dates (until 1906)
1880    Royal Antwerp FC
1882    Antwerp Bicycle Club
1890    KAA Gent                             [founded as AA Gent] 
1891    Club KV Brugge                       [founded as Brughsche FC]
1892    FC Brugeois                          [1897 merged with Brughsche FC] 
        Royal FC Liégeois                    [founded as FC Liégeois] 
1893    Léopold Club Bruxelles               [founded as Léopold FC; 1990 merged with Uccle Sport]
1894    Vlaamsche VC Brugge  
1895    Daring Club de Bruxelles             [founded as Daring FC]
        Union Pédestre Gantois 
1896    Athletic Club Bruxelles              (football division) 
        Club Sportif Verviétois              [founded as Verviers FC; 1903 merged with Stade Wallon]  
        Skill FC Molenbeek                   [merged with Daring Club]   
1897    Brussels Swimming Club
        Olympia Club de Bruxelles            [founded as Olympia FC] 
        Athletic Club Gantois                [1899 merged with FC Gantois and Union Pédestre to Racing Club Gantois]
        FC Gantois                           [1899 merged with FC Gantois and Union Pédestre to Racing Club Gantois] 
        Union Saint-Gilloise     
1898    Dolhain FC
        KV Kortrijk                          [founded as FC Courtraisien] 
        Royal Standard Liège                 [founded as Standard FC] 
1899    Club Brugge KV                       [merger of Vlaamsche VC Brugge and Rapid FC Brugge]
        Koninklijke FC Germinal Beerschot    [founded as Beerschot AC]
        Royal Racing Club Gand               [merger of  Union Pédestre, Athletic Club and FC Gantois as Racing Club Gantois]
        Stade Wallon Verviers                [1903 merged with CS Verviétois]
1901    Atheneum Voetbal Vereeniging
        Bressoux FC 
        FC Mouscron 
        Scaring FC Etterbeck 
        Sporting Club Courtraisien           [1919 merged with FC Courtraisien] 
        Sporting Club Theux    
        Stade Montois 
        Uccle Sport                          [1990 merged with Léopold FC] 
1902    Albert Club de Bruxelles
        Cercle Athlétique de Spa 
        FC Eendracht Gand 
        Red Star FC Liège 
        Union Sportive Roularienne
        Royale Union Sportive Tournaisienne  [founded as Union Sportive Tournaisienne]
1903    Club Sportif Anversois
        Fédération des Patineurs de Belgique 
        Skill FC Val St. Lambert 
        Sporting Club Meninois 
        Royal Stade Louvaniste               [founded as Stade Louvaniste] 
        Royal Tilleur FC                     [founded as Tilleur FC]  
1904    Cercle Amateur Sportif Mons
        Excelsior Sport's Club Bruxelles
        Fearless Club Stembert
        FC Chênée
        FC Iseghem 
        KV Mechelen                          [founded as FC Malinois]  
        Koninklijke Racing Club Mechelen     [founded as Racing Club de Malines]  
        Scaring FC Ensival  
        Spa Olympique 
        Stade Disonais 
        Royal Charleroi Sporting Club        [founded as Charleroi Sporting Club]  
1905    Antwerp Football Alliance
        Cercle de Sports Bruxelles
        Cercle des Patineurs Bruxelles 
        FC Audenaerde 
        Léopold FC Ostende
        Mons Sports   
        Rapide Club St. Josse ten Noode  
        Union Pédestre Gantoise
        Union La Lys Waereghem  
1906    Association Sportive Anversoise   
        Beusdael FC  
        Union Sportive Verviétoise 
        Koninklijke Lierse SK                [founded as Liersche SK] 
        Koninklijk Berchem Sport             [founded as Berchem Sport]   

Women Club Foundation Dates

1921 Nov   Schaarbeek Fémina Club               [aka Brussels Fémina Club]
1923 Feb   L'Union Athlétique des Grands Magasins à l'Innovation de Strombeek
                                                [aka Union Sportive de l'Innovation]  
           Atalante de Jette                    [founded as Atalante de Vilvorde]
           SC Liégois                           [founded in summer]
     Sep   L'Olympic Fémina Club de St.-Gilles
1924       En Avant de Bruxelles
           Elite Sportive de Bruxelles
1925 Apr   Fémina Sport de Bruxelles
1925 Apr   Ghent Fémina Club
           La Revelle de Laeken 
1967       Beerschot AC Kontich                 [founded as Blue Bell Girls]
1969       VC Dames Eendracht Aalst             [founded as Kamillekes Aalst]
           DVC Eva's Tienen Kumtich             [founded as Sportiva Tienen]
1971       Standard Fémina de Liège             [founded as St.-Nicolas FC Liège]   
           RSC Anderlecht Féminin               [founded as Brussels Dames 71]
           VV Halen-Zelem                       [founded as Herk Sport]
           RW Dames Herentals                   [founded as Sefa Dames Herentals]
           SV Zulte-Waregem                     [founded as Dames Zultse VV]   
1972       KSK Heist                            [founded as FC Astro Begijnendijk]
1978       Lommel United WS                     [founded as VV Dorperheide Girls Lommel]
1979       SW Ladies Harelbeke                  [founded as DVC Kuurne]
1983       Koninklijke Sint-Truidense VV        [founded as FCL Rapide Wezemaal]
1988       WB Sinaai Girls Sint-Niklaas
1996       Lierse SK                            [founded as Teamsport Beerse]
           AA Gent Ladies                       [founded as KSK Cercle Melle] 
2000       Fémina White Star Voluwe Sint-Lambrechts-Voluwe
           Club Brugge Dames

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