Belize - List of Topscorers

Year      Top Scorers                 Team                  Goals      Country

1991-92   Orlando "Landi" Pinelo      San Pedro FC              9
          Francisco Escutia           Acros FC                  8      Mexico
          Julio Do Santos             Yabra SC                  6      Brazil
1992-93   Felipe Moreno               Juventus FC              13      Mexico
          Norman Nueñez               Acros Carib              10
          Sergio Quiñonez             Real Verdes FC            7      Honduras
1993-94   Mario "Calusha" Sikonga     San Pedro FC             11      Angola
          Denmark Casey               La Victroia FC            9
          Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     Juventus FC               8
1994-95   Orlando "Landi" Pinelo      Acros Crystal            10
          Jason Hall                  La Victoria FC            6
          Felipe Moreno               Juventus Caribbean        6      Mexico
1995-96   Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     Juventus Caribbean        9
          Francisco Escutia           Acros FC                  7      Mexico
          Julio Do Santos             Real Verdes FC            6      Brazil
1996-97   David McCauley              FC Corozal               14
          Denmark Casey               FC Dolphins              12
          Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     Juventus Caribbean        8
1997-98   Christopher Hendricks       Juventus Caribbean       11
          Oliver Hendricks            FC Corozal                7
          Mario "Calusha" Sikonga     FC Dolphins               6      Angola
1998-99   Oliver Hendricks            La Victoria Dolphins     14
          Dale Pelayo                 Juventud Banqueña        11
          Bent Burgess                Sagitun FC                9
1999-00   Oliver Hendricks            San Pedro Dolphins FC    11
          Bent Burgess                Sagitun FC               10
          Orlando "Landi" Pinelo      San Pedro Dolphins FC    10
2000-01   Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     Kulture Yabra SC         14
          Bent Burgess                Sagitun FC               12
          Robert "Mayonese" McCormick Kulture Yabra SC          7      England
2001-02   Bent Burgess                Griga United FC          17
          Andrew "Carter" Brown       Griga United FC          11      Mexico
          Orlando "Lech" Jimenez      Acros Verdes FC           8
2002-03   Rudolph Flowers             Juventus Stars FC         8
          Vallan Symms                Kulture Yabra SC          7
          Dean Flowers                Juventus Stars FC         6
          Bent Burgess                Sagitun FC                6
          Jair Pereira                Builders Hardware Bandits 6      Brazil
          Rupert Smith                Corozal Victory FC        6
          Christopher Hendricks       San Pedro FC              6
2003-04   Kenton Galvez               Jacintoville United      11
          Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     Kulture Yabra FC          9
          Andrew "Carter" Brown       Griga United              9      Mexico
2005-06   Dion McCauley               Kremandala               11
          Andrew "Carter" Brown       FC Belize                 7      Mexico
          Mohammed Yussuf             Griga United              6      Mexico
2006      Norman "Tilliman" Nuñez     New Site Erei            13
          Jefferson Da Silva          Benque Viejo United       9      Brazil
          Lennox "Criminal" Castillo  New Site Erei             9

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