Bermuda 1958/59

BFA Cup 1958/59
Quarterfinals [Jan 25]
Wellington Rovers         3-4 Devonshire Colts
National SC               4-0 BAA
West End Rovers           0-6 Dock Hill Rangers
Devonshire Lions          bt  Paget Bombardiers
[Feb 22]
Dock Hill Rangers         2-1 National SC
[Mar 1] 
Devonshire Lions          bt  Devonshire Colts
Final [Apr 5]
Dock Hill Rangers         3-1 Devonshire Lions
Bermuda Football League

A Division

[Jan 4]
Devonshire Lions          2-2 Dock Hill Rangers
Pembroke Juniors          5-2 Somerset Eagles
Wellington Rovers         4-5 Southampton Rangers 
West End Rovers           6-2 PHC 
[Jan 11]
Somerset Eagles           2-6 West End Rovers
Dock Hill Rangers         6-3 Southampton Rangers
Other matches ppd
[Jan 18]
PHC                        -  Somerset Eagles
Devonshire Lions          2-0 Pembroke Juniors
West End Rovers           5-2 Wellington Rovers 
[Feb 1]
Wellington Rovers         5-2 Pembroke Juniors
Devonshire Lions          7-1 Southampton Rangers
Somerset Eagles           3-2 PHC     
West End Rovers           bt  Dock Hill Rangers
Top Standings:
 1.Devonshire Lions
 2.Wellington Rovers     
 3.Pembroke Juniors
[Feb 15]
Pembroke Juniors          0-4 PHC
Devonshire Lions          5-2 West End Rovers
Dock Hill Rangers         6-2 Somerset Eagles 
[Mar 8]
West End Rovers           0-7 Southampton Rangers       [first win for Rangers]
Somerset Eagles           ppd Devonshire Lions 
[Mar 15]
Dock Hill Rangers          -  Pembroke Juniors
Devonshire Lions          4-2 Wellington Rovers
[Mar 19]
Wellington Rovers         3-2 PHC
Southampton Rangers       5-1 Pembroke Juniors
[Mar 24]
Dock Hill Rangers          -  PHC 
[Mar ?]
Devonshire Lions           -  Southampton Rangers      
Champions: Devonshire Lions

B Division

Top Table (Feb 4):

 1.Wellington Rovers 
 2.Paget Bombardiers            [1 point behind]
Champions: Wellington Rovers 
BFL Cup 1958/59

[Mar 8]
Wellington Rovers "B"     4-5 PHC
Wellington Rovers         6-0 YMSC
West End Rovers "B"       bt  Dock Hill Rangers "B"
[Mar 11]
Devonshire Lions          3-4 Southampton Rangers
[date ?]
Southampton Rangers       bt  West End Rovers "B"
[Mar 11]
PHC                       4-0 Wellington Rovers   
Final [Mar 29]
PHC                       5-3 Southampton Rangers       [half-time 1-3]
BFL B Division Knockout  
Final [Mar 29]
Wolves                    6-4 YMSC         



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