Bermuda - List of Foundation Dates

1904  BAA Wanderers SC (Hamilton)  [founded May 18 as The Boys' Own Association]
1915  St George's AC               [merged 1949 with St George's Dinghi Club to
                                    St George's Dinghi and Sports Club]
1928  Police Recreation Club
1932  Serpentine Rangers           [dissolved 1935]
      Bermuda Railway SC           [dissolved]
1937  Bermuda Electric Light SC    [BELSC]   
193?  West End Rovers              [founded as West End SC; merged 196? with Somerset Colts 
                                    to Somerset Cricket Club] 
1940  YMSC Bluebirds               [founded as Young Men's Social Club]  
1941  Pembroke Juniors SC
1942  Somerset FC
1943  Warwick SC
1945  Devonshire Lions 
      National SC                  [soccer department; founded 1924 as a mere cricket club]
1946  Alexandra SC (St David's)    [founded as Barefoot XI] 
1949  St George's Dinghi and SC    [founded Nov 9; merger of St George's AC and St George's Dinghi Club]
1950  PHC Zebras (Hamilton)        [founded 1876 as (yachting club) Pembroke Hamilton Club;
                                    merged 1960 with Key West Rangers]
1952  Southampton Rangers SC 
1955  Prospect United FC
1956  Prospect Police
1957  North Village Community Club [aka Rams]
      Wolves SC (Hamilton)
1958  Devonshire Colts SC 
      Somerset Eagles RC (Somerset Bridge)
195?  Key West Rangers             [merged 1960 with PHC Zebras] 
1960  St George's Colts CC
1962  PHC Zebras (Warwick)
      Hotels International (Hamilton)
1964  Somerset Cricket Club        [aka Trojans; merger of West End Rovers and Somerset Colts]
1971  Devonshire Cougars FC
1973  Dandy Town Hornets SC (Hamilton)
      Boulevard Blazers CC (St David's)
      St David's Warriors 
1977  Vasco da Gama (Hamilton)
      Robin Hood FC (Hamilton)
1982  Lobster Pot FC  
1985  Hamilton Parish WC (Hamilton)
1989  Ireland Rangers FC
      Flanagan's Onions FC         [founded as MR Onions FC] 
1990  Paget Lions FC
1993  Valley FC
1998  Prospect United Club
2004  United FC Bermuda            [founded as Titans FC]
      X-Roads Warriors (Smith's)

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