Blackpool FC v Sheffield United B.O.A.C. Trophy Series (in New Zealand) 1965

Blackpool FC and Sheffield United were invited to tour New Zealand in 1965, playing for the B.O.A.C. Trophy and a cash price.

As a result of some very poor performances by the New Zealand National Team, on its world tour in 1964, it was decided that it would be better not to involve any local sides in the series. As a result, the only matches played were between Blackpool FC and Sheffield United. Sheffield United won six matches, Blackpool won four with only one draw recorded.

The original intention was to allow the winner of the series to come back in 1966 to defend the B.O.A.C. Trophy against either a British or Continental team, in a series similar to the one held in 1965. This never materialised.


DATE   VENUE                                RESULT                                     OVERALL SERIES BALANCE 
15- 5  Auckland          Carlaw Park        Blackpool        3-3 Sheffield United       
19- 5  Palmerston North  Showgrounds        Sheffield United 4-2 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 1-0]
22- 5  Wellington        Athletic Park      Sheffield United 3-0 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 2-0]

23- 5  Masterton         Solway Showgrounds Blackpool        3-0 Sheffield United      [Sheffield United 2-1]
26- 5  Nelson            Trafalgar Park     Blackpool        2-1 Sheffield United      [2-2]
29- 5  Christchurch      English Park       Sheffield United 2-1 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 3-2]

 2- 6  Invercargill      Rugby Park         Blackpool        2-1 Sheffield United      [3-3]
 5- 6  Dunedin           Caledonian Ground  Sheffield United 3-0 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 4-3]
 7- 6  Wellington        Basin Reserve      Sheffield United 2-1 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 5-3]

 9- 6  Napier            McLean Park        Blackpool        2-1 Sheffield United      [Sheffield United 5-4]
13- 6  Auckland          Newmarket Park     Sheffield United 2-1 Blackpool             [Sheffield United 6-4]


15/05/1965, Auckland, Carlaw Park, 18000
BLACKPOOL           3 (Ray Charnley 2, Jim Robson)
SHEFFIELD UNITED    3 (Reg Matthewson, Alan Woodward 2)
Blackpool:          John Green, Ray Charnley, Jim Robson, [8 players missing].
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, Len Allchurch, Gilbert Reece, Joe Shaw, Reg Matthewson, Alan Woodward 
                    [5 players missing]. 
Notes:              The half-time score was 2-1.
                    Alan Woodward was a half-time replacement.
                    Ray Charnley scored the last goal of the match at 88’.

19/05/1965, Palmerston North, Showgrounds, 7000
SHEFFIELD UNITED    4 (Len Allchurch 39', a', Gilbert Reece 40', 90')
BLACKPOOL           2 (John Green 24', Graham Oates b')
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, Reg Matthewson, David Munks, Barry Wagstaff, Ken Mallender, Brian 
                    Richardson, Gilbert Reece, Alan Birchenall, M Ash, Len Allchurch, Alan Woodward.
Blackpool:          Alan Taylor, Jim Armsfield, John Craven, G Spwer, Glyn James, John Green, Leslie Lea, 
                    Graham Oates, Ray Charnley, Jim Robson, Ian Moir.                    
Notes:              The half-time score was 2-1.
                    G Spwer was not listed as a member of Blackpool’s touring party.  
                    a - Len Allchurch made it 3-1 in the second half
                    b - Graham Oates made it 3-2 only minutes later

22/05/1965, Wellington, Athletic Park, 15000
SHEFFIELD UNITED    3 (John Docherty, Alan Birchenall, Reg Matthewson) 
BLACKPOOL           0
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, David Munks, John Docherty, Alan Birchenall, Reg Matthewson, [6 players
Blackpool:          Tony Waiters, Des Horne, John Green, [8 players missing].

23/05/1965, Masterton, Solway Showgrounds, 3000+ 
BLACKPOOL           3 (John Green 25', Ray Charnley 44', Graham Oates ?')  
Blackpool:          Jim Robson, Ray Charnley, John Green, Glyn James, Graham Oates, [6 players missing]. 
Sheffield United:   Bob Widdowson, [10 players missing].

26/05/1965, Nelson, Trafalgar Park     
BLACKPOOL           2 (Graham Oates, Jim Robson)
SHEFFIELD UNITED    1 (Alan Woodward)
Blackpool:          Tony Waiters, Leslie Lea, Ray Charnley, John Green, Jim Armfield, Graham Oates, Jim Robson 
                    [4 players missing].  
Sheffield United:   Alan Woodward, Joe Shaw, David Munks, Graham Shaw, [7 players missing].  
Notes:              All the goals came in the first half. 

29/05/1965, Christchurch, English Park, 10000              
SHEFFIELD UNITED    2 (Gilbert Reece 43', Reg Matthewson 80')
BLACKPOOL           1 (Jim Robson 47') 
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, Cecil Coldwell, Ken Mallender, David Munks, Joe Shaw [c], Barry Wagstaff, 
                    Alan Woodward, Tony Wagstaff, Alan Birchenall (John Docherty 46'), Reg Matthewson, 
                    Gilbert Reece.  
Blackpool:          Tony Waiters, Jim Armfield, Tom Thompson, John McPhee, Glyn James, Neil Turner, Ian Moir,
                    Jim Robson, Ray Charnley, John Green, Des Horne (Leslie Lea).

02/06/1965, Invercargill, Rugby Park         
BLACKPOOL           2 (Neil Turner 32', 74')
SHEFFIELD UNITED    1 (John Docherty 20') 
Blackpool:          Tony Waiters, Neil Turner, Ray Charnley, [8 players missing].    
Sheffield United:   Bob Widdowson, John Docherty, Gilbert Reece, Len Allchurch, Mick Heaton, [6 players missing]. 

05/06/1965, Dunedin, Caledonian Ground, 9000  
SHEFFIELD UNITED    3 (Barry Wagstaff 8', 11', Gilbert Reece a')
BLACKPOOL           0
Notes:              a - the third goal was scored late in the second half.

07/06/1965, Wellington, Basin Reserve
SHEFFIELD UNITED    2 (Alan Birchenall, John Docherty) 
BLACKPOOL           1 (Jim Robson)

09/06/1965, Napier, McLean Park, 5000        
BLACKPOOL           2 (Ray Charnley 20', 22')
SHEFFIELD UNITED    1 (Alan Woodward 10')
Blackpool:          Tony Waiters, John Green, Jim Robson, Jim Armfield, Neil Turner, Ray Charnley [5 players
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, Alan Birchenall, Reg Matthewson, [8 players missing].
13/06/1965, Auckland, Newmarket Park, 7000     
SHEFFIELD UNITED    2 (Gilbert Reece a', b')
BLACKPOOL           1 (Ian Moir 83')
Sheffield United:   Alan Hodgkinson, Gilbert Reece, [9 players misssing]. 
Blackpool:          Jim Armfield [c], Ian Moir, [9 players missing]. 
Notes:              a, b - Both goals were scored by Gilbert Reece prior to Blackpool's goal.  

Domestic performances of both sides prior and following the New Zealand tour.

Season 1964-65 (English League, Division 1)
                              P   W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A  Pts
17. Blackpool                42   9  7  5  41  28   3  4 14  26  50   35
19. Sheffield United         42   7  5  9  30  29   5  6 10  20  35   35

Season 1965-66 (English League, Division 1)
                              P   W  D  L   F   A   W  D  L   F   A  Pts
 9. Sheffield United         42  11  6  4  37  25   5  5 11  19  34   43
13. Blackpool                42   9  5  7  36  29   5  4 12  19  36   37

Blackpool Touring Squad
Alan Taylor                      Goalkeeper
Tony Waiters                     Goalkeeper
Jim Armfield
John Prentis
Tom Thompson
John Craven
John McPhee
Graham Rowe
Glyn James
John Green                       2 goals
Neil Turner                      2 goals
Ian Moir                         1 goal
Leslie Lea
Graham Oates                     3 goals
Ray Charnley                     5 goals
Jim Robson                       4 goals
Des Horne

Richard Seed                     Chairman
Kenneth Shepherd                 Director
Fred Jones                       Secretary
Ron Suart                        Manager
Wilf Dixon                       Trainer

Sheffield United Touring Squad
Alan Hodgkinson                  Goalkeeper
Bob Widdowson                    Goalkeeper
Cecil Coldwell
Graham Shaw
Mick Heaton
David Munks
Brian Richardson
Joe Shaw
Ken Mallender
Reg Matthewson                   3 goals
Barry Wagstaff                   2 goals
Len Allchurch                    2 goals
Alan Woodward                    4 goals
Tony Wagstaff                    
John Docherty                    3 goals
M Ash
Alan Birchenall                  2 goals
Gilbert Reece                    6 goals

R Wragg                          Chairman
F O'German                       Director
J Hassall                        Director
J Harris                         Manager
J Short                          Coach

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