Blue Stars Youth Tournament (U 20) - FIFA Youth Cup 2003

Played May 28-29 at Letzigrund Stadium (Zürich)

Group A1
Sturm Graz		1-3 Grasshopper-Club
Grasshopper-Club	0-0 Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors		1-0 Sturm Graz

Group A2
Tottenham Hotspur	0-1 FC Zürich
FC Zürich		0-1 Celta de Vigo
Celta de Vigo		0-0 Tottenham Hotspur 

Group B1
Levski Sofia		1-1 FC Blue Stars
FC Blue Stars		0-4 SL Benfica
SL Benfica		0-1 Levski Sofia

Group B2
FC Nania		0-1 FC Basel
FC Basel		0-0 AS Roma
AS Roma			0-0 FC Nania

Semifinals places 1-8

Group 1
Grasshopper-Club	2-1 FC Zürich
Boca Juniors		0-0 Celta de Vigo
FC Zürich		1-1 Boca Juniors
Celta de Vigo		1-0 Grasshopper-Club
Grasshopper-Club	0-0 Boca Juniors
FC Zürich		1-0 Celta de Vigo

Group 2
Levski Sofia		0-1 AS Roma
SL Benfica		2-1 FC Basel
AS Roma			1-0 SL Benfica
FC Basel		2-1 Levski Sofia
SL Benfica		0-1 Levski Sofia
FC Basel		0-0 AS Roma

Semifinals places 9-12
Sturm Graz		0-1 Tottenham Hotspur
FC Blue Stars		0-1 FC Nania

Eleventh place match
Sturm Graz		7-0 FC Blue Stars

Ninth place match
FC Nania Accra		1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Seventh place match
FC Zürich		2-1 SL Benfica

Fifth place match
Boca Juniors		3-0 Levski Sofia

Third place match
FC Basel		2-1 Grasshopper-Club

AS Roma			2-1 Celta de Vigo



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