Blue Stars Youth Tournament (U 20) - FIFA Youth Cup 2013

[May 8-9]

Group A
FC Zürich		0-0 Manchester United
FC Zürich		2-0 Zenit St-Petersburg
FC Zürich		4-0 Torino FC
FC Zürich		2-0 Blue Stars ZH
Manchester United	2-1 Zenit St-Petersburg
Manchester United	1-0 Torino FC
Manchester United	1-0 Blue Stars ZH
Zenit St-Petersburg	1-0 Torino FC
Zenit St-Petersburg	2-1 Blue Stars ZH
Torino FC		1-0 Blue Stars ZH

Group B
Botafogo		2-0 FC Basel
Botafogo		2-1 Borussia Dortmund
Botafogo		2-1 Grasshopper-Club ZH
Botafogo		1-1 WYRNS
FC Basel		2-3 Borussia Dortmund
FC Basel		2-1 Grasshopper-Club ZH
FC Basel		2-0 WYRNS
Borussia Dortmund	0-0 Grasshopper-Club ZH
Borussia Dortmund	0-0 WYRNS
Grasshopper-Club ZH	2-0 WYRNS

Ninth place match
WYRNS (New Zealand)	1-1 Blue Stars ZH		[4-2 pen]

Seventh place match
Grasshopper-Club ZH	3-1 Torino FC

Fifth place match
Zenit St-Petersburg	1-0 Borussia Dortmund

Third place match
FC Basel		2-0 Manchester United

FC Zürich		5-0 Botafogo



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