Blue Stars Youth Tournament (U 20) - FIFA Youth Cup 1998

in Zürich
 Group A
Atletico Madrid		1-1 Bröndby Kobenhavn
Atletico Madrid		1-0 Mysterious Dwarfs 
Atletico Madrid		1-0 FC Basel
Bröndby Kobenhavn	1-0 Mysterious Dwarfs
Bröndby Kobenhavn	1-1 FC Basel
Mysterious Dwarfs	1-0 FC Basel

 Group B
Internacional  		1-1 Grasshoppers Club
Internacional 		2-0 Nottingham Forest
Internacional 		2-0 Blue Stars Zürich
Grasshoppers Club	0-0 Nottingham Forest
Grasshoppers Club      10-0 Blue Stars Zürich
Nottingham Forest	1-0 Blue Stars Zürich

 Group C
PSV Eindhoven		0-0 Guadalajara
PSV Eindhoven		0-0 Benfica Lisbon
PSV Eindhoven		5-2 FC Zürich
Guadalajara		0-0 Benfica Lisbon
Guadalajara		0-0 FC Zürich
Benfica Lisbon		0-0 FC Zürich

Atletico Madrid		1-0 Benfica Lisbon
Grasshoppers Club	2-0 Guadalajara
Internacional  		1-0 Bröndby Kobenhavn
PSV Eindhoven		1-0 Nottingham Forest

 Semifinals places 1-4
Grasshoppers Club	1-1 Atletico Madrid           [3-2 pen]
Internacional  		2-2 PSV Eindhoven             [4-2 pen]

 Semifinals places 5-8
Guadalajara		0-0 Benfica Lisbon            [2-1 pen]
Nottingham Forest	1-0 Bröndby Kobenhavn
 Semifinals places 9-12
Mysterious Dwarfs       3-2 Blue Stars Zürich
FC Basel		0-0 FC Zürich                 [3-2 pen]

Grasshoppers Club       0-0 Internacional Pto. Alegre [4-3 pen]

 Third place
Atletico Madrid		2-0  PSV Eindhoven 

 Fifth place
Nottingham Forest	1-1 Guadalajara               [3-2 pen]

 Seventh place
Bröndby Kobenhavn	0-0 Benfica Lisbon            [1-0 pen]

 Ninth place
FC Basel		0-0 Mysterious Dwarfs (Ghana) [2-1 pen]

 Eleventh place		 
FC Zürich		1-0 Blue Stars Zürich



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