Botswana 2003

NB: after the 2001/02 season, an alternative FA (called Botswana Soccer
    Association, BOSA) was formed, including Centre Chiefs, Notwane, 
    Township Rollers,  Gaborone United, Mokgosi, Black Peril, Gabane Santos, 
    Miscellaneous, Orapa Bucs, Boteti Young Fighters and Rhinos; Tafic
    joined later, possibly others followed.  This new FA was not recognised
    by FIFA  (in contrast to the 'old' BFA).  The 2002/03 championship was
    supposed to start Sep 8, but was postponed.  In November, Extension
    Gunners joined the BOSA as well.

    In February 2003, BOSA and BFA found an agreement, with the new
    season to start on Feb 22/23.
Mini-League 2003

NB: played as single round robin (all teams play each other once)

Round 1 [Feb 22-26]
BMC      2-0 Gunners
Fighters 4-0 Notwane
Satmos   4-3 TASC
Comets   n/p BDF          [Comets dns]

Round 2 [possibly postponed]
Gunners   -  Prisons
Police    -  Comets
Tafic     -  BDF

[Mar 14]
TASC      -  BMC
Notwane   -  Tafic
Satmos   bt  Chiefs
[Mar 15]
Gunners   -  Police
[Mar 19]
Chiefs    -  Notwane

Round 4
Fighters bt  TASC
Police   bt  Satmos
Tafic    lost 2-3
BDF      ppd Notwane
Fighters and Police lead with 10 points from 4 matches

Round 5? [Apr 5,6]
Fighters  -  Comets
Tafic    2-3 Chiefs
BMC       -  Satmos
Police    -  Prisons
Gunners   -  BDF

[Apr 11]
Gunners   -  Fighters
Satmos    -  Prisons
Police    -  BMC
Chiefs   n/p TASC         [stadium booked for rugby match]
[Apr 12]
Tafic     -  BDF

[Apr ?]
Notwane   -  Police
Chiefs   2-0 Gunners

[Apr 20,21]
BMC       -  Notwane
TASC      -  Prisons
Satmos    -  Tafic
Comets    -  Chiefs

Leaders: Police
Chiefs     4     7 pts. 

[Apr 26,27]
Police   0-1 Chiefs
Tafic    3-1 Gunners
Satmos    -  Comets
BMC       -  Prisons
BDF       -  TASC

Leading: Fighters and Police XI ("neck to neck")

[May 3,4]
Fighters 2-0 BMC
BDF       -  Satmos
Tafic     -  TASC
Notwane  0-3 Comets


 1.Centre Chiefs 8       19
 5.BDF XI        6       11

[May 10,11] 
BMC       -  Comets
Satmos    -  Notwane
TASC      -  Gunners
Fighters  -  Tafic
Chiefs    -  BDF

[Jun 2?]
BDF      2-0 Comets

[Jul 1]
Notwane   -  BDF
Chiefs    -  Fighters 

Top Final Table (after single round robin):

 1.Police                       25 pts
 2.Mogoditshane Fighters        24 pts

NB: as Police only gained 25 points after winning a protest against
    Centre Chiefs, a replay between the top-2 teams is staged, as
    the rules say that a team winning points by protest can only win
    the league outright if they are at least 4 points clear of the

Championship Playoff [Aug 6]
Fighters 2-1 Police

Super League will have 16 teams in 2004; both groups (North and
South) of First Division will have 12 each; third level will consist
of 14 regional leagues.

Coca-Cola Cup 2003 

64  participants

[Jun 21,22]   
Rolling Stars           1-1     Teletswana            [3-5 pen]
Kopang Classic          lt      Kanye Swallows
Gantsi Terrors          lt      Guff Gantsi
  [possibly awd to Terrors because Guff used an ineglible player]

NB: 12 top level teams and leaders of two First Division leagues only
    enter in round 2

Round 1
Debswana Young Stars    1-0     Kanye Swallows

Round 3 [Jul 19,20]
Boteti Young Fighters   lt      Centre Chiefs
Motlakase               1-0     Prisons
Red Lions               1-2     Jwaneng Comets        [asdet]
Tlokweng U.             0-1     Mogoditshane Fighters
Malaria Bugs            0-1     Gaborone U.
Debswana Young Stars    0-4     Notwane
Cosmos Blizzards        1-2     Ecco City             [asdet]
Blue Diamonds           2-0     Satmos
Stonebreakers           lt      BMC

Round 4 [Aug 2,3]
Gaborone United         0-1     Tafic
BMC                     0-1     Comets
Mogoditshane Fighters   2-0     Notwane
Nico                    lt      Police
TASC                    2-2     Rollers               [2-4 pen]
Ecco City               drw     Gunners               [6-5 pen]
Blue Diamonds           lt      BDF
Motlakase               lt      Centre Chiefs

[Aug 9]
Rollers                 drw     Comets                [5-2 pen]
Tafic                   drw     Centre Chiefs         [4-2 pen]
[Aug 10]
Fighters                drw     Police                [8-7 pen]
[Aug 13?]
Ecco City               2-1     BDF

Semifinals [Aug 16]
Mogoditshane Fighters   2-0     Ecco City
Township Rollers        3-0     Tafic                 [also reported 3-1]

Third Place Playoff [Aug 17?]
Ecco City               1-1     Tafic                 [5-4 pen]

Final [Aug 30, National Stadium]
Mogoditshane Fighters   1-0     Township Rollers
  [Mompati Banda 52]

NB: Tafic are also known as Matjimenyenga

Independence Cup [Start Aug 16]

1/8 Finals
Group A
Police XI                -      Satmos
Extension Gunners       lt      BMC
Group B         
Mogoditshane Fighters   0-2     Notwane
Tafic                   lt      Prisons XI
Group C 
BDF XI                  bt      Nico United 
Jwaneng Comets          lt      TASC 
Group D 
Wonder Sporting         1-3     Township Rollers 
Mochudi Centre Chiefs    -      Boteti Young Fighters

Quarterfinals [Sep 6,7]
between winners 1/8 finals within the same group
Group A
BMC                     bt      Satmos or Police
Group B
Notwane                 3-2     Prisons               [asdet]    
Group C
TASC                    bt      BDF XI    
Group D
Township Rollers        bt      Chiefs (or Young Fighters?)

Semifinals [Sep 13,14] 
BMC                     4-2     TASC
Notwane                 2-1     Township Rollers      [asdet]

Final [Sep 30]
BMC                     0-2     Notwane

Orange Kabelano Charity Cup (6th edition) (one-day event)

Participants: Gaborone United, Notwane, Centre Chiefs,
              Township Rollers

Winners: Gaborone United



list of champions

list of cup winners

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