AFC Bournemouth Tour of New Zealand 1982

AFC Bournemouth, an English club, played eight matches during its tour of New Zealand in 1982, winning seven and losing one. At the time of the tour AFC Bournemouth had just won promotion to Division 3 of the English League.


DATE   VENUE           OPPOSITION                 RESULT
22- 5  Papakura        Franklin County XI         3-1  W
23- 5  Hamilton        Waikato XI                 4-0  W
27- 5  Gisborne        Gisborne City              4-0  W
30- 5  Napier          Napier City Rovers         2-1  W
 1- 6  Palmerston Nth  New Zealand U-19           6-0  W
 3- 6  Wanganui        New Zealand U-19           5-0  W
 5- 6  New Plymouth    Taranaki XI                1-2  L
 7- 6  Auckland        Mount Wellington           2-0  W


22/05/1982, Papakura, McLennan Park, 1200
FRANKLIN COUNTY XI  1 (Frank Verheyen)
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     3 (Andy Crawford 2, Tom Heffernan)
Referee:            Ken Wallace (Auckland).
Note:               Franklin County XI was a regional selection from New Zealand.

23/05/1982, Hamilton, Porritt Stadium, 1000
WAIKATO XI          0
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     4 (Milton Graham 2, Chris Sulley, Phil Brignull)
Referee:            John Cameron (Waikato).
Note:               Waikato XI was a regional selection from New Zealand.

27/05/1982, Gisborne, Childers Road, 900
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     4 (Phil Brignull, Kevin Dawtry, Tom Heffernan, Milton Graham)
Gisborne City:      Don Finlayson, John Hill, John Gillies, Ricki Herbert, Charles Ure, Keith 
                    Mackay, Victor Hooks, Martin Ryan, Grant Turner, Ross Mackay, Brian Turner. 
AFC Bournemouth:    n/a
Referee:            John Jones (Poverty Bay).
Notes:              Ricki Herbert (Mount Wellington) was a guest player for Gisborne City.
                    Ken Cresswell, Stuart Owen and Neil Mackay came on as substitutes for Gisborne City.
                    Gisborne City were coached by Kevin Fallon.
                    Gisborne City is a club from New Zealand.

30/05/1982, Napier, McLean Park, 5088
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     2 (Nigel Spackman, Howard Goddard)
Napier City Rovers: Gary Dillistone, Greg Marple, Terry Parkin, Malcolm Wilson, Shaun Baxter, 
                    Paul Halford, Roy Stanger, David King, David Kempton, Steve Mathews, Kevin Murray. 
AFC Bournemouth:    n/a
Referee:            David Fellows (Hawke's Bay).
Notes:              Graeme Hill and Trevor Wattam replaced Murray and Parkin.
                    There is some suspicion that it was John Hill, a guest player from Gisborne, that 
                    played and scored for Napier (and not Graeme Hill).
                    Napier City Rovers were coached by Roger Wilkinson.
                    Napier City Rovers is a club from New Zealand.                      

01/06/1982, Palmerston North, Memorial Park, 1000
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     6 (John Impey 2, Nigel Spackman, Tom Heffernan, Kevin Dawtry, Howard Goddard)
New Zealand U-19:   Neil Caswell, David Burgess, Ceri Evans [c], Martin Felton, Matthew Walker, 
                    John Denham, Matthew Cantwell, Mark Cossey, Colin Tuaa, Paul Brydon, David Fagaloa.
AFC Bournemouth:    Andy Crawford, Nigel Spackman, Milton Graham, [8 missing].  
Referee:            Max Barker (Manawatu).
Notes:              Fred de Jong, Erle Fitzgerald, Simon Millichip and Karl Bauerfeind came on as  
                    substitutes for the New Zealand U-19 team.
                    The New Zealand U-19 team was coached by Allan Jones and Doug Moore (assistant).

03/06/1982, Wanganui, Cooks Gardens, 1500
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     5 (Milton Graham 2, Howard Goddard, Derek Dawkins, Ian Leigh)
New Zealand U-19:   David van Vorst, David Burgess, Ceri Evans [c], Martin Felton, Erle Fitzgerald, 
                    Matthew Cantwell, Fred de Jong, John Denham, Mark Cossey, Paul Brydon, Colin Tuaa.
AFC Bournemouth:    n/a
Referee:            Don Ratchford (Wanganui).
Notes:              Simon Millichip, Karl Bauerfeind, David Fagaloa and Matthew Walker came on as  
                    substitutes for the New Zealand U-19 team. 
                    The New Zealand U-19 team was coached by Allan Jones and Doug Moore (assistant).

05/06/1982, New Plymouth, Pukekura Park, 750
TARANAKI XI         2 (Donoghue 2)
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     1 (Chris Sulley)
Referee:            John O'Sullivan (Taranaki).
Note:               Injuries forced the AFC Bournemouth manager David Webb and trainer Harry Redknap 
                    to take field. 
                    Taranaki was a regional selection from New Zealand.

07/06/1982, Auckland, McKinlay Park, 1500
AFC BOURNEMOUTH     2 (Kevin Dawtry, Nigel Spackman)
Referee:            Alan Boniface (Auckland).
Note:               Mt Wellington XI was a selection of players from the Mount Wellington club and guests.

AFC Bournemouth Touring Squad
David Webb                  Manager
Harry Redknap               Trainer
John Impey                  Captain
Ken Allen            
Ian Leigh
Phil Brignull
Kevin Dawtry
Milton Graham
Tom Heffernan
Andy Crawford
Howard Goddard
Brian O'Donnell
Nigel Spackman
Chris Sulley
Derek Dawkins
Keith Williams
Brian Mundee
Richard Donovan

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