Brazil - List of Super Cup Finals

Played on four occasions between the league and cup winners of the previous season: in 1990 between the league and cup winners of 1989, in 1991 between those of 1990, in 2020 between those of 2019, and in 2021 between those of 2020/21.
In 1992 a Champions Trophy between the 1st and 2nd division champions was played.
Super Cup
         Champions         Cup Winners      Result          Winners
1990     Vasco da Gama     Grêmio           0-2, 0-0 [*]    Grêmio
1991     Corinthians       Flamengo         1-0             Corinthians
2020     Flamengo          Athletico-PR     3-0             Flamengo 
2021     Flamengo          Palmeiras        2-2, 6-5 pen    Flamengo
2022     Atlético-MG       Flamengo [+]     2-2, 8-7 pen    Atlético-MG

[*] 1st game in Porto Alegre, 2nd in San Januario, Rio de Janeiro.  Matches
    also counted for the Copa Libertadores 1990.
[+] Atlético-MG had won the double, Flamengo entered as league runners-up.

Champions Trophy
         Champions         Div.2 Champions  Result          Winners
1992     Flamengo          Paraná           2-2, 4-3pen     Flamengo

NB: match played in Curitiba.

Number of League-and-Cup Doubles (3)

 1 Atlético Mineiro          [2021]
 1 Cruzeiro                  [2003]
 1 Palmeiras                 [1967]

NB: 1967 double of Palmeiras consisted of Taça do Brasil and Taça Roberto Gomes
    de Pedrosa; since 2010, both are considered official championship by the CBF.

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