This document contains information on the various international tours made by representative 
teams ("FA XIs") of the four British football associations, namely the (English) Football
Association (FA), the Scottish Football Association (SFA), the Football Association of Wales 
(FAW), and the (Northern) Irish Football Association (IFA). Official tours made by the full 
national teams are not included here.

The teams were usually referred to as "FA XI" teams, or "FA touring" teams, unless otherwise
indicated below. None of these matches are recognized to be full internationals by any of
the four British associations. A few matches are considered to be full internationals by
the host countries.

The touring teams varied in strength over the years - on some occasions the teams were 
virtually identical to the full national teams in terms of personnel, but it must be
emphasized that even in those cases, the matches were not recognized as full internationals, 
and no caps were awarded. Information is given below on the number of established 
internationalists in each touring party, and the reader may draw his or her own 
conclusions as to the calibre of the team.

The first tour listed here is the 1899 (English) FA tour to Germany and Austria. However, 
the Scottish FA had previously attempted to organize a tour of Canada in 1880. The team, 
referred to in the press as "Scotch Canadians", played several games in Britain in early 1880 
with the probable intention of raising funds for the proposed tour. The results were:
3-2 vs Rangers, 7-3 vs Darwen, 8-1 vs Manchester Wanderers, 2-0 vs Nottingham Forest,
2-2 vs Scottish Counties XI, 3-1 vs Ayrshire XI, 5-1 vs Heart of Midlothian.
The tour was ultimately cancelled, following the premature death of the chief organizer 
William Dick (who was also the secretary of the SFA) in April 1880.

TOURS 1899 FA XI - Germany and Austria 1910 FA XI - South Africa 1920 FA XI - South Africa 1921 "Third Lanark's Scotland XI" - Canada and USA 1925 FA XI - Australia 1926 FA XI - Canada 1927 SFA XI - Canada 1929 FA XI - South Africa and Rhodesia 1929 FAW XI - Canada 1931 FA XI - Canada 1935 SFA XI - Canada and USA 1937 England Amateur - New Zealand, Australia, and Ceylon 1939 SFA XI - Canada and USA 1939 FA XI - South Africa 1949 SFA XI - Canada and USA 1950 FA XI - Canada and USA 1951 FA XI - USA and Australia 1953 IFA XI - USA and Canada 1955 FA XI - Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Curacao 1956 FA XI - South Africa and Rhodesia 1958 FA XI - Nigeria and Ghana 1961 FA XI - Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and USA 1965 FA XI - Gibraltar 1965 FA XI - Jersey 1967 SFA XI - Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada 1967 FA XI - tournament in Montréal 1969 FA XI - Tahiti, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand 1971 FA XI - Rep. Ireland and Australia 1971 FAW XI - Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia 1973 FA XI - Gibraltar 1978 England B - Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore 2018 FA XI - Falkland Islands
1899 TOUR OF GERMANY AND AUSTRIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Officials: John James Bentley, Charles Hughes, Charles Alcock, George Sherrington, Percy Timbs. Players: Phil Bach (Sunderland) Billy Bassett (West Bromwich Albion) Stanley Briggs (Clapton) [c] E.D. Brown (Clapton) Edgar Chadwick (Burnley) Jimmy Crabtree (Aston Villa) Jack Cox (Derby County) Fred Forman (Nottingham Forest) Johnny Holt (Reading) Joe Rogers (Newcastle United) Stanley Shelbourne Taylor (Cambridge University and Corinthian) Wilfred Waller (Richmond Association) Geoffrey Wilson (Corinthian) Oswald Eric Wreford-Brown (Old Carthusians) Notes: Briggs, Brown, Taylor, Waller, Wilson, and Wreford-Brown were amateurs, none of whom played full internationals before or after the tour. The others were professionals, all of whom had played full internationals prior to the tour with the exception of Rogers. P4 W4 D0 L0 F38 A4 23/11/1899 Berlin Germany 2-13 England 24/11/1899 Berlin Germany 2-10 England 26/11/1899 Prague German-Austrian XI 0-8 England 28/11/1899 Karlsruhe Germany 0-7 England Notes: one source referred to the German teams as "North Germany" (1st match), "All Germany" (2nd match), and "Karlsruhe" (4th match), although the German lineups in those three games were similar, and in the 4th match there were players from cities other than Karlsruhe. 1910 TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: Charles Hughes Players: Bob Benson (Sheffield United) Arthur Berry (Everton) Joe Bulcock (Crystal Palace) Dick Duckworth (Manchester United) Harold Fleming (Swindon Town) Vince Hayes (Manchester United) Billy Hibbert (Bury) George Holley (Sunderland) Joe Leeming (Brighton and Hove Albion) Joe Lievesley (Sheffield United) James Raine (Glossop) George Richards (Derby County) Ivan Sharpe (Glossop) Billy Silto (Swindon Town) Albert Sturgess (Sheffield United) George Wall (Manchester United) Billy Wedlock (Bristol City) Vivian Woodward (Chelsea) Gordon Wright (Hull City) Notes: Berry, Fleming, Hibbert, Holley, Richards, Wall, Wedlock, Woodward, and Wright had all played full internationals prior to the tour. Benson and Sturgess did so later. Berry, Raine, Sharpe, and Woodward were amateurs and played for the English amateur national team. Sharpe was not in the original tour party, but was sent for following the injury of Gordon Wright on 28/5/10. P23 W23 D0 L0 F143 A16 26/5/10 Cape Town Colonial born of Cape Town 1-7 England 28/5/10 Cape Town Western Province 0-13 England 1/6/10 Kimberley Griqualand West 0-2 England 4/6/10 Kimberley Griqualand West 1-7 England 8/6/10 Bloemfontein Orange Free State 0-4 England 11/6/10 Johannesburg Johannesburg District 1-6 England 13/6/10 Krugersdorp West Rand 1-3 England 15/6/10 Pretoria Pretoria District 1-4 England 18/6/10 Johannesburg Transvaal 0-1 England 20/6/10 Ladysmith Klip River District 3-13 England 22/6/10 Pietermaritzburg Pietermaritzburg 0-6 England 25/6/10 Durban Natal 2-6 England 29/6/10 Durban South Africa 0-3 England 2/7/10 East London Frontier 0-7 England 4/7/10 King William's Town Frontier 0-6 England 6/7/10 Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth District 0-8 England 9/7/10 Port Elizabeth Eastern Province 0-10 England 12/7/10 Grahamstown Grahamstown District 0-9 England 16/7/10 Johannesburg Rand League 1-2 England 20/7/10 Vogelfontein East Rand 0-5 England 23/7/10 Johannesburg South Africa 2-6 England 27/7/10 Cape Town Western Province 0-9 England 30/7/10 Cape Town South Africa 3-6 England 1920 TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: John Lewis Players: Jack Bamber (Liverpool) Thomas Burn (London Caledonians) Bert Davies (Swindon Town) Joe Edelston (Hull City) John Elvey (Luton Town) Stan Fazackerley (Sheffield United) Harold Gough (Sheffield United) Bill Harvey (Sheffield Wednesday) Clarrie Hilditch (Manchester United) Ephraim Longworth (Liverpool) David Mercer (Hull City) Jack Mew (Manchester United) David Rogers (Swindon Town) Billy Sage (Tottenham Hotspur) Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers) [c] Cyril Treasure (Bristol City) Bobby Turnbull (Bradford Park Avenue) Bill Voisey (Millwall Athletic) Wilf Woodcock (Manchester United) Jack Woodhouse (Brighton and Hove Albion) Notes: Longworth, Smith, and Turnbull had played full internationals prior to the tour. Bamber, Gough, Mercer, and Mew did so later. Burn was born in Scotland, though he played for the English amateur national team, and at the Olympic games for Great Britain in 1912. P14 W14 D0 L0 F64 A10 29/5/20 Cape Town Colonial born Western Province 0-3 England 31/5/20 Cape Town Western Province 1-5 England 5/6/20 Johannesburg Witwatersrand District 0-4 England 9/6/20 Pretoria Pretoria 1-3 England 12/6/20 Johannesburg Transvaal 1-3 England 16/6/20 Pietermaritzburg Natal 0-3 England 19/6/20 Durban South Africa 1-3 England 23/6/20 Vogelfontein East Rand 1-4 England 26/6/20 Johannesburg South Africa 1-3 England 30/6/20 Kimberley Griqualand West 1-5 England 3/7/20 Bloemfontein Orange Free State 2-4 England 7/7/20 Port Elizabeth Eastern Province 0-6 England 10/7/20 East London Frontier 0-9 England 17/7/20 Cape Town South Africa 1-9 England 1921 TOUR OF CANADA AND USA BY "THIRD LANARK'S SCOTLAND XI" Managers: Colonel J.B. Wilson (Third Lanark chairman) and Robert Morrison Connell (journalist) Officials: Tod Sloan (former Third Lanark), Andrew Mitchell (Third Lanark director) Players: Alec Bennett (Albion Rovers*) Craig Brown (Motherwell) Jimmy Brownlie (Third Lanark) Willie Bulloch (Partick Thistle) Jimmy Gordon (Dunfermline Athletic) [c] John Low (Dunfermline Athletic) Tom Maxwell (Dunfermline Athletic) Willie McAndrew (Third Lanark) Neil McBain (Ayr United) John McCormack (Third Lanark) Jimmy McMenemy (Partick Thistle) Bobby Orr (Third Lanark) Willie Rankin (Motherwell) James Scott (Dumbarton) Doug Thompson (Aberdeen) Andy Wilson (Dunfermline Athletic) * following the tour, Bennett became the Third Lanark manager. Notes: Bennett, Brownlie, Gordon, McMenemy and Wilson had played full internationals prior to the tour. McBain did so later. In the Scottish and American press the team was mostly referred to simply as "Third Lanark". In the Canadian press it was called "Scotland", or the Scottish FA team. The team had nothing directly to do with the SFA. The only reference in the SFA minutes is from the council meeting of 9/2/21 : "Third Lanark granted permission to play matches in Canada and America during close season". Players were awarded commemorative medals bearing the name "Third Lanark". Apparently, the team played some games in the red shirt of Third Lanark, and some in a white shirt bearing a thistle, similar to that used by on some occasions by Scotland international teams. The tour was paid for by the (Canadian) Dominion FA. P25 W24 D1 L0 F112 A19 21/5/21 Halifax Halifax 0-7 Scotland 24/5/21 Montréal Montréal 2-6 Scotland 26/5/21 Hamilton Hamilton 0-6 Scotland 28/5/21 Toronto Toronto 1-4 Scotland 1/6/21 Ottawa Ottawa 0-7 Scotland 4/6/21 Winnipeg Manitoba 1-3 Scotland 6/6/21 Regina Regina 0-3 Scotland 8/6/21 Saskatoon Saskatoon 0-6 Scotland 12/6/21 Calgary Calgary 1-5 Scotland 14/6/21 Edmonton Edmonton 0-6 Scotland 18/6/21 Vancouver Mainland All-Stars 0-3 Scotland 20/6/21 Nanaimo Upper Island 0-4 Scotland 22/6/21 Victoria Victoria 1-4 Scotland 23/6/21 Vancouver British Columbia 0-3 Scotland 28/6/21 Prince Albert Prince Albert 0-3 Scotland 1/7/21 Winnipeg Winnipeg 1-6 Scotland 4/7/21 Fort William Fort William 1-7 Scotland 7/7/21 Toronto Ontario 1-3 Scotland 9/7/21 Montréal Canada XI 0-1 Scotland 10/7/21 Jersey City New Jersey Celtics 2-4 Scotland 13/7/21 Bethlehem Bethlehem Steel 1-8 Scotland 16/7/21 Tacony Philadelphia 1-3 Scotland 17/7/21 New York New York 1-2 Scotland 18/7/21 Lynn Massachusetts 3-6 Scotland (also reported vs General Electric) 21/7/21 Fall River Fall River 2-2 Scotland Note: The Canada team on 9/7 included players from Toronto, Winnipeg, Montréal, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Edmonton, Fort William, and Hamilton. 1925 TOUR OF AUSTRALIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: John Lewis Assistant Manager: M.C. Froude Players: Bert Batten (Plymouth Argyle) Bill Caesar (Dulwich Hamlet) Stan Charlton (Exeter City) Teddy Davison (Sheffield Wednesday) Jack Elkes (Tottenham Hotspur) Len Graham (Millwall) Jimmy Hamilton (Crystal Palace) Charlie Hannaford (Clapton Orient) Joe Hannah (Norwich City) Harry Hardy (Stockport County) Cecil Poynton (Tottenham Hotspur) Billy Sage (Tottenham Hotspur) Stan Seymour (Newcastle United) Ernie Simms (Stockport County) [c] Charlie Spencer (Newcastle United) Jimmy Walsh (Liverpool) Tom Whittaker (Arsenal) Billy Williams (West Ham United) Notes: Davison, Graham, Hardy, Simms and Spencer were full internationals. Caesar was an amateur international. P25 W25 D0 L0 F139 A13 7/5/25 Perth Perth Metropolitan XI 0-8 England 9/5/25 Fremantle Western Australia 0-7 England 14/5/25 Adelaide South Australia 0-10 England 16/5/25 Thebarton Australia XI 1-4 England 20/5/25 Melbourne Victoria 0-7 England 23/5/25 Melbourne Australia XI 0-5 England 30/5/25 Sydney New South Wales 2-3 England 3/6/25 Sydney Sydney Metropolis 1-3 England 6/6/25 Wollongong Illawarra District 0-8 England 8/6/25 Sydney New South Wales 1-4 England 13/6/25 Newcastle Northern Districts 0-6 England 17/6/25 Ipswich Ipswich and District 0-3 England 20/6/25 Brisbane Queensland 0-11 England 24/6/25 Bundaberg North Queensland 0-9 England 27/6/25 Brisbane Australia 1-5 England 29/6/25 Toowoomba Toowoomba 0-6 England 4/7/25 Sydney Australia 1-2 England 8/7/25 Newcastle Newcastle 0-3 England 11/7/25 Maitland Australia 2-8 England 15/7/25 Cessnock South Maitland 1-4 England 18/7/25 Sydney Australia 0-5 England 21/7/25 Parramatta Granville District 1-6 England 25/7/25 Melbourne Australia 0-2 England 1/8/25 Fremantle Western Australia 1-5 England 3/8/25 Perth Western Australia 1-5 England 1926 TOUR OF CANADA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Players: Ned Barkas (Huddersfield Town) John Booker (Nunhead) George Clifford (Portsmouth) Benny Cross (Burnley) Harry Foxall (Portsmouth) Tommy Gale (Barnsley) George Harkus (Southampton) Wallace Harris (Birmingham) David Jack (Bolton Wanderers) Mike Keeping (Southampton) Tommy Magee (West Bromwich Albion) Bill Rawlings (Southampton) Ronnie Sewell (Blackburn Rovers) Joe Smith (Bolton Wanderers) Fred Tunstall (Sheffield United) Russell Wainscoat (Leeds United) Jimmy Waugh (Sheffield United) Owen Williams (Middlesbrough) Notes: Jack, Magee, Rawlings, Sewell, Smith, Tunstall, and Williams had played full internationals prior to the tour. Wainscoat did so later. P20 W20 D0 L0 F105 A18 24/5/26 Montréal Quebec 3-5 England 26/5/26 Hamilton Hamilton and District 0-3 England 29/5/26 Toronto Toronto and District 0-6 England 2/6/26 Fort William New Ontario FA 0-9 England 5/6/26 Winnipeg Manitoba 1-2 England 7/6/26 Regina Regina and District 0-2 England 9/6/26 Lethbridge Lethbridge and District 1-3 England 12/6/26 Calgary Calgary and District 4-7 England 16/6/26 Vancouver Lower Mainland 1-5 England 19/6/26 Nanaimo Upper Island 0-3 England 23/6/26 Victoria Lower Island 1-5 England 26/6/26 Vancouver Pacific Coast League 1-9 England 29/6/26 Edmonton Edmonton and District 0-5 England 1/7/26 Saskatoon Saskatoon and District 0-7 England 3/7/26 Winnipeg Manitoba 0-7 England 7/7/26 Timmins Northern Ontario 0-5 England 10/7/26 Toronto Ontario 2-7 England 12/7/26 Windsor Essex County 2-5 England 14/7/26 Ottawa Ottawa and District 1-8 England 15/7/26 Montréal Eastern Canada All-Stars 1-2 England Note: The team names given above are from the (Canada) Dominion FA minutes; the names varied in newspapers. 1927 TOUR OF CANADA BY THE SCOTTISH FA Players: Sandy Archibald (Rangers) Danny Blair (Clyde) Jock Buchanan (Greenock Morton) Willie Cook (Dundee) Tom 'Tully' Craig (Rangers) Andy Cunningham (Rangers) Patsy Gallacher (Falkirk) Tom Hamilton (Rangers) John Hunter (Falkirk) Adam McLean (Celtic) Jimmy McStay (Celtic) Willie McStay (Celtic) Tom Morrison (St Mirren) Tommy Muirhead (Rangers) Jimmy Munro (St Johnstone) Tom Scott (Falkirk) Jimmy Simpson (Dundee United) Andy Swallow (St Johnstone) Notes: Archibald, Craig, Cunningham, McLean, W.McStay, Morrison, and Muirhead were full Scottish internationals prior to the tour. Blair, Buchanan, Cook, Hamilton, and Simpson became full Scottish internationals later. Gallacher played full internationals for both (Northern) Ireland and the the Irish Free State. Blair had previously played in the Toronto and District League, and Muirhead had played and coached in the American Soccer League in 1924. A Canadian representative team toured New Zealand during the same period as this Scottish tour of Canada. P20 W19 D0 L1 F111 A19 24/5/27 Montréal Montréal 2-3 Scotland 26/5/27 Hamilton Hamilton and District 1-6 Scotland 28/5/27 Toronto Toronto 3-2 Scotland 1/6/27 Fort William New Ontario 1-6 Soctland 4/6/27 Winnipeg Manitoba 2-5 Scotland 6/6/27 Regina Regina 0-4 Scotland 8/6/27 Saskatoon Saskatoon 0-9 Scotland 12/6/27 Calgary Calgary 0-6 Scotland 13/6/27 Lethbridge Lethbridge and District 0-4 Scotland 16/6/27 Vancouver Vancouver 2-9 Scotland 18/6/27 Nanaimo Upper Island 0-5 Scotland 22/6/27 Victoria Victoria 1-4 Scotland 26/6/27 Vancouver British Columbia 0-6 Scotland 27/6/27 Edmonton Edmonton 1-10 Scotland 29/6/27 Winnipeg SC Hakoah Wien (AUT) 1-4 Scotland 1/7/27 Timmins Northern Ontario 1-7 Scotland 4/7/27 Windsor Windsor 2-4 Scotland 10/7/27 Toronto Ontario 0-10 Scotland 11/7/27 Toronto Toronto Ulster United 0-3 Scotland 15/7/27 Montréal Montréal 2-4 Scotland 1929 TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA AND RHODESIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Managers: B.A. Glanville and Charles Wreford-Brown Trainer: Tom Whittaker (Arsenal) Players: Len Armitage (Stoke City) Bert Barrett (Fulham) Arthur Chandler (Leicester City) Harry Davies (Stoke City) Albert Harrison (Nottingham Forest) Ernie Hart (Leeds United) Harry Hibbs (Birmingham) Mike Keeping (Southampton) Jack Landells (Millwall) Ben Olney (Aston Villa) Reg Osborne (Leicester City) Billy Pease (Middlesbrough) Johnny Price (Fulham) Jimmy Seed (Sheffield Wednesday) [c] Albert Shelley (Southampton) Bill Thompson (Nottingham Forest) Bobby Turnbull (Leeds United) Joey Williams (Stoke City) Notes: Barrett, Hart, Olney, Osborne, Pease, and Seed had played full internationals prior to the tour. Hibbs did so later. P17 W17 D0 L0 F69 A16 22/5/29 Cape Town Western Province 1-6 England 24/5/29 Cape Town Western Province 0-4 England 31/5/29 Port Elizabeth Eastern Province 3-4 England 1/6/29 East London Frontier 1-7 England 5/6/29 Bloemfontein Orange Free State 5-6 England 8/6/29 Pietermaritzburg Natal 0-3 England 11/6/29 Ladysmith Natal Northern Districts 0-4 England 15/6/29 Durban South Africa 2-3 England 19/6/29 Pretoria Pretoria District 0-2 England 22/6/29 Johannesburg Witwatersrand 1-2 England 27/6/29 Salisbury Rhodesia 0-4 England 29/6/29 Bulawayo Rhodesia 1-6 England 3/7/29 Kimberley Griqualand West 0-10 England 6/7/29 Johannesburg Transvaal 0-1 England 10/7/29 Benoni East Rand 0-2 England 13/7/29 Johannesburg South Africa 1-2 England 17/7/29 Cape Town South Africa 1-3 England 1929 TOUR OF CANADA BY THE FA OF WALES Managers: Ted Robbins (secretary) and Arthur Thomas Players: Ray Bennion (Manchester United) Fred Cook (Portsmouth) Len Davies (Cardiff City) Len Evans (Barry Town) Bert Gray (Manchester City) Bill Jennings (Bolton Wanderers) Charlie Jones (Arsenal) Fred Keenor (Cardiff City) Eddie Lawrence (Clapton Orient) Tommy Lewis (New Brighton) Bert Lumberg (Wrexham) Johnny Neal (Wrexham) Bob Pugh (Newport County) Walter Robbins (Cardiff City) Billy Rogers (Wrexham) Moses Russell (Plymouth Argyle) Ted Vizard (Bolton Wanderers) Albert 'Nippy' Wardell (Newport County) Fred Warren (Cardiff City) Rees Williams (Manchester United) Notes: all players except Lewis and Pugh played full internationals either before of after the tour. P15 W15 D0 L0 F61 A10 1/6/29 Montréal Montréal and District 1-3 Wales 3/6/29 Hamilton Hamilton and District 0-1 Wales 5/6/29 Toronto Toronto and District 1-4 Wales 8/6/29 Winnipeg Manitoba 2-7 Wales 10/6/29 Regina Regina and District 0-7 Wales 12/6/29 Calgary Calgary and District 1-10 Wales 15/6/29 Nanaimo Upper Island 0-3 Wales (also reported vs All-Island) 17/6/29 Vancouver Lower Mainland 0-8 Wales 19/6/29 Victoria Victoria and District 0-1 Wales 22/6/29 New Westminster Westminster Royals 1-2 Wales 24/6/29 Edmonton Edmonton and District 1-2 Wales 26/6/29 Saskatoon Saskatoon and District 1-6 Wales 1/7/29 Toronto Ontario 1-3 Wales 2/7/29 Hamilton Hamilton and District 0-2 Wales 3/7/29 Montréal Montréal and District 1-2 Wales Notes: An extra game was played on 28/6/29 at Winnipeg, "Whites" 2-4 "Reds", for which both sides consisted of eight Welsh players and three Canadian players. For the game on 22/6, Westminster Royals (the 1928 Canadian champions) had several guest players. 1931 TOUR OF CANADA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Managers: Charles Wreford-Brown and Henry John Huband Players: Stan Alexander (Hull City) Len Barry (Leicester City) Ray Bowden (Plymouth Argyle) Austen Campbell (Huddersfield Town) Jimmy Cookson (West Bromwich Albion) Harry Hibbs (Birmingham) Ernie Hine (Leicester City) Harold Houghton (Exeter City) Jack Jennings (Middlesbrough) Tommy Magee (West Bromwich Albion) Joe McClure (Everton) Peter O'Dowd (Burnley) Len Oliver (Fulham) George Roughton (Huddersfield Town) George Shaw (West Bromwich Albion) Jack Smith (Portsmouth) Ken Tewkesbury (Birmingham University) Tommy Urwin (Sunderland) Notes: Barry, Campbell, Hibbs, Hine, Magee, Oliver, and Urwin had played full internationals prior to the tour. Bowden, O'Dowd, Shaw, and Smith did so later. P17 W17 D0 L0 F107 A12 25/5/31 London London and District 1-4 England 27/5/31 Montréal Quebec 0-11 England 30/5/31 Toronto Toronto and District 1-4 England 3/6/31 Fort William New Ontario 1-10 England 6/6/31 Winnipeg Manitoba 0-2 England 8/6/31 Regina Regina and District 1-6 England 10/6/31 Saskatoon Saskatoon and District 1-6 England 13/6/31 Edmonton Edmonton and District 0-2 England 17/6/31 Vancouver Vancouver and District 1-7 England 20/6/31 Nanaimo Upper Island 2-8 England 24/6/31 Victoria Lower Island 0-7 England 27/6/31 Vancouver British Columbia 1-4 England 1/7/31 Calgary Calgary United 0-4 England 3/7/31 Winnipeg Manitoba 1-3 England 8/7/31 Toronto Ontario 2-11 England 11/7/31 Hamilton Hamilton and District 0-8 England 15/7/31 Montréal National Soccer League 0-10 England Notes: The names of the Canadian teams varied in newspapers, e.g. Manitoba or Winnipeg, Quebec or Montréal, but in any such case all the players in the Manitoba team came from Winnipeg clubs, and the Quebec players from Montréal clubs. On 6/7, the England team beat Oshawa at cricket, by 123 runs to 65. 1935 TOUR OF CANADA AND USA BY THE SCOTTISH FA Players: Andrew Anderson (Heart of Midlothian) George Cummings (Partick Thistle) Robert Donnelly (Partick Thistle) Douglas 'Dally' Duncan (Derby County) Alex Ferguson (St Johnstone) Bob Fraser (Aberdeen) Hughie Gallacher (Derby County) Robert Main (Rangers) Robert 'Whitey' McDonald (Rangers) David Meiklejohn (Rangers) Willie Miller (Partick Thistle) Willie Mills (Aberdeen) Tom Smith (Kilmarnock) William Stevenson (Clyde) Tommy Walker (Heart of Midlothian) Dave Wilson (Hamilton Academical) Peter Wilson (Celtic) Notes: prior to the tour, Anderson, Cummings, Duncan, Gallacher, Meiklejohn, Mills, Smith, and Peter Wilson had all played full internationals. Main did so later. McDonald was born in (Northern) Ireland and was brought to Canada aged two. He played for clubs in Canada and the USA before moving to Rangers in 1928. He played two full internationals for (Northern) Ireland in the early 1930s. P13 W13 D0 L0 F68 A10 18/5/35 Philadelphia Philadelphia Germans 0-3 Scotland 19/5/35 New York Eastern USA 1-5 Scotland (also reported vs American Soccer League All-Stars) 22/5/35 Toronto Toronto 1-3 Scotland 24/5/35 Kitchener Western FA (Ontario) 1-9 Scotland 26/5/35 Chicago Illinois 0-3 Scotland 29/5/35 Calgary Alberta 1-9 Scotland 31/5/35 Victoria Vancouver Island 0-5 Scotland 1/6/35 Vancouver Vancouver 0-1 Scotland 5/6/35 Winnipeg Manitoba 2-7 Scotland 8/6/35 Toronto Eastern Canada 0-6 Scotland 9/6/35 Newark Eastern USA 1-4 Scotland (also reported vs American Soccer League All-Stars) 11/6/35 Hamilton Hamilton 1-10 Scotland 13/6/35 Montréal Montréal 0-3 Scotland Notes: The New York Times reported the American team on 19/5 as simply "USA", and on 9/6 as "US Stars". 1937 TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND CEYLON BY THE ENGLAND AMATEUR TEAM Managers: Charles Wreford-Brown and T. Thorne Trainer: Arthur Stollery Players: Ted Collins (Walthamstow Avenue) Freddie Davis (Walthamstow Avenue) Corporal Stan Eastham (Army) Lester Finch (Barnet) Bernard Joy (Casuals and Arsenal) Terry Huddle (Casuals) Tommy Leek (Moor Green) Jim W. Lewis Sr (Walthamstow Avenue) Roy Matthews (Walthamstow Avenue) Bill Parr (Blackpool) Bill Pickering (Sheffield Wednesday) Fred Riley (Casuals) 'Horry' Robbins (Dulwich Hamlet) Tony Strasser (Corinthian and Cambridge University) John Sutcliffe (Corinthian) Lionel Thornton (Kingstonian and Derbyshire Amateurs) Eric Tunnington (Lloyd's Bank) Bertie Woolcock (Cambridge University) P20 W18 D0 L2 F138 A28 27/5/37 Napier Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay 0-12 England 29/5/37 Wellington Wellington-Manawatu-Wairarapa 0-7 England 2/6/37 Invercargill Southland & Otago 0-9 England 5/6/37 Dunedin New Zealand 0-12 England 9/6/37 Christchurch Canterbury-Westland-Buller 1-7 England 12/6/37 Auckland Auckland & South Auckland 4-8 England 16/6/37 Wanganui Wanganui & Taranaki 0-12 England 19/6/37 Auckland New Zealand 0-6 England 23/6/37 Rotorua Blues 3-2 Whites Exhibition match: both teams combined from English and local players 26/6/37 Wellington New Zealand 1-12 England 3/7/37 Sydney New South Wales 1-3 England 6/7/37 Cessnock Northern Districts 4-5 England 10/7/37 Sydney Australia 5-4 England 14/7/37 Brisbane Queensland 1-2 England 17/7/37 Brisbane Australia 0-4 England 20/7/37 Newcastle Australia 4-3 England 24/7/37 Melbourne Australia XI 3-4 England 26/7/37 Melbourne Victoria 1-6 England 29/7/37 Adelaide South Australia 0-10 England 2/8/37 Subiaco (Perth) Western Australia 1-6 England 11/8/37 Colombo Colombo Amateur League 2-6 England 1939 TOUR OF CANADA AND USA BY THE SCOTTISH FA Players: Bob Bolt (Falkirk) Jimmy Carabine (Third Lanark) Jimmy Caskie (St Johnstone) Jerry Dawson (Rangers) Jimmy Dykes (Hearts) Ben Ellis (Motherwell) Archie Garrett (Heart of Midlothian) John Gillies (Clyde) Dougie Gray (Rangers) George Hamilton (Aberdeen) Jack Jones (Third Lanark) Willie Lyon (Celtic) Doug McAvoy (Kilmarnock) Malcolm McDonald (Celtic) Tommy McIntyre (Hibernian) Tommy McKenzie (Motherwell) Sandy McNab (West Bromwich Albion), Note: In the USA the team was advertised as the "Scottish Internationals" or the "Scottish National team", but only five players (Carabine, Dawson, Dykes, Gray, McNab) had played full internationals for Scotland prior to the tour (Hamilton did so after WW2), and two of the players were not Scots: Ellis was a full Welsh international, and Lyon was born in England. McKenzie had played a league international for the Scottish League. P14 W13 D1 L0 F72 A13 16/5/39 Montréal Montréal 0-9 Scotland 21/5/39 New York American Soccer League 1-1 Scotland 24/5/39 Detroit Michigan 1-7 Scotland 28/5/39 St Louis St Louis 2-10 Scotland 31/5/39 Calgary Alberta 0-7 Scotland 3/6/39 Nanaimo Upper Island 2-4 Scotland 5/6/39 Vancouver Vancouver 1-4 Scotland 7/6/39 Victoria Lower Island 0-6 Scotland 10/6/39 Vancouver British Columbia 2-3 Scotland 12/6/39 Regina Saskatchewan 0-6 Scotland 14/6/39 Winnipeg Winnipeg 1-6 Scotland 17/6/39 Toronto Ontario 0-2 Scotland 18/6/39 New York American Soccer League 2-4 Scotland (AET) 21/6/39 Providence New England 1-3 Scotland Notes: Some of the American players believed for many years afterwards that the game on 18/6 was a full international. 1939 TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Managers: Charles Wreford-Brown and H.H. Hughes Players: George Ainsley (Leeds United) Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic) Pat Beasley (Huddersfield Town) Harry Betmead (Grimsby Town) Cliff Britton (Everton) Eric Brook (Manchester City) Robert 'Sailor' Brown (Charlton Atletic) Micky Fenton (Middlesbrough) Ted Fenton (West Ham United) Lester Finch (Barnet) Ken Gadsby (Leeds United) A/C Jackie Gibbons (Brentford and RAF) George Jackson (Everton) Jack Jones (Everton) Jim W. Lewis Sr (Walthamstow Avenue) Jack Mahon (Huddersfield Town) Johnny Mapson (Sunderland) Jack Oakes (Charlton Athletic) Notes: Beasley, Betmead, Britton, Brook and Micky Fenton were full internationals. Finch, Gibbons and Lewis were amateur internationals, and Finch played for Great Britain at the 1936 Olympics. Bartram, Brown, Gibbons, and Mapson played wartime internationals. P12 W11 D0 L1 F65 A10 27/5/39 Cape Town Western Province 1-6 England 31/5/39 East London Frontier 1-8 England 3/6/39 Johannesburg Southern Transvaal 1-0 England 7/6/39 Benoni Eastern Transvaal 0-3 England 10/6/39 Durban Natal 1-6 England 14/6/39 Pietermaritzburg Natal 1-9 England 17/6/39 Johannesburg South Africa 0-3 England 21/6/39 Bloemfontein Orange Free State 0-6 England 24/6/39 Durban South Africa 2-8 England 28/6/39 Pretoria Northern Transvaal 1-4 England 1/7/39 Johannesburg South Africa 1-2 England 5/7/39 Kimberley Griqualand West 1-10 England Note: The Natal team for the match on 10/6 included six South African internationals. 1949 TOUR OF CANADA AND USA BY THE SCOTTISH FA Manager: George G. Graham Coach: Alex Dowdells Committee members: Robert Williamson (chairman), W.C. Johnston, R. McKinnon, Dr Anderson McMillan Players: George Aitken (East Fife) Jimmy Brown (Heart of Midlothian) Sammy Cox (Rangers) Bobby Evans (Celtic) Jock Govan (Hibernian) Billy Houliston (Queen of the South) John MacKenzie (Partick Thistle) Tommy Orr (Greenock Morton) Willie Redpath (Motherwell Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian) Billy Steel (Derby County) Willie Telfer (St Mirren) Willie Thornton (Rangers) William Waddell (Rangers) Willie Woodburn (Rangers) George Young (Rangers) [c] Note: all the players except Brown played full internationals before or after the tour. P9 W8 D0 L1 F35 A8 25/5/49 St Louis St Louis 0-6 Scotland 29/5/49 New York City Belfast Celtic (NIR) 2-0 Scotland 30/5/49 New York City American Soccer League 1-4 Scotland 5/6/49 Kearny Kearny All-Stars 1-3 Scotland 8/6/49 Toronto Ontario 0-2 Scotland 9/6/49 Montréal Eastern Canada 2-5 Scotland 12/6/49 Philadelphia Philadephia 1-8 Scotland 15/6/49 Fall River New England 1-3 Scotland 19/6/49 New York City USA 0-4 Scotland Note: The Kearny team for the game on 5/6 was effectively a representative team of the American Soccer League. 1950 TOUR OF CANADA AND USA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Players: Frank Bowyer (Stoke City) Bill Ellerington (Southampton) Reg Flewin (Portsmouth) Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United) Johnny Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers) Stan Hanson (Bolton Wanderers) Harry Johnston (Blackpool) Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers) Stanley Matthews (Blackpool) Les Medley (Tottenham Hotspur) Stan Milburn (Chesterfield) Bert Mozley (Derby County) Eddie Russell (Wolverhampton Wanderers) Jackie Sewell (Notts County) Jim Taylor (Fulham) Charlie Vaughan (Charlton Athletic) Eddie Wainwright (Everton) Tim Ward (Derby County) Notes: Ellerington, Hagan, Hancocks, Johnston, Matthews, Mozley, and Ward played full internationals prior to the tour. Lofthouse, Medley, Sewell, and Taylor did so later. Flewin played a wartime international. P11 W10 D1 L0 F74 A14 20/5/50 Montréal Montréal 0-7 England 24/5/50 Toronto Ontario 1-4 England 27/5/50 Saskatoon Saskatoon 1-19 England 30/5/50 Vancouver Vancouver 4-4 England 1/6/50 Victoria Victoria 2-3 England 3/6/50 Vancouver British Columbia 1-7 England 7/6/50 Calgary Alberta 0-9 England 14/6/50 Toronto Manchester United (ENG) 2-4 England 17/6/50 Windsor Ontario 2-9 England 20/6/50 New York City USA 0-1 England 22/6/50 Montréal Jönköpings Södra IF (SWE) 1-7 England Notes: For the game on 27/5, Lofthouse and Ward played for Saskatoon, who had only 9 players. An extra game was played on 10/6 at Winnipeg, "Blues" 7-6 "Whites"; both teams were mixtures of English and Canadian players. 1951 TOUR OF USA AND AUSTRALIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: D. Wiseman Players: Harry Bamford (Bristol Rovers) Sam Bartram (Chartlon Athletic) Frank Broome (Notts County) Ted Burgin (Sheffield United) Ike Clarke (Portsmouth) Reg Flewin (Portsmouth) [c] Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United) Gordon Hurst (Charlton Athletic) Len Kieran (Tranmere Rovers) Bobby Langton (Bolton Wanderers) Frank Lock (Charlton Athletic) John McCue (Stoke City) Syd Owen (Luton Town) Derek Parker (West Ham United) Jackie Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday) Joe Shaw (Sheffield United) Bill Smith (Birmingham City) Harry Webster (Bolton Wanderers) Notes: Broome, Hagan, and Langton had played full internationals prior to the tour. Owen and Sewell did so later. Bartram and Flewin were wartime internationals, and Shaw was a league international. P21 W21 D0 L0 F157 A14 9/5/51 New York American Soccer League 0-4 England 16/5/51 Wollongong South Coast 0-7 England 19/5/51 Sydney New South Wales 1-8 England 22/5/51 Sydney Sydney Metropolis 2-6 England 26/5/51 Sydney Australia 1-4 England 30/5/51 Cessnock Northern Districts 1-7 England 2/6/51 Newcastle New South Wales 1-3 England 6/6/51 Melbourne Victoria 0-5 England 9/6/51 Melbourne Victoria 0-7 England 11/6/51 Melbourne Australia XI 1-6 England 16/6/51 Hobart Tasmania 0-11 England 19/6/51 Launceston Tasmania 0-17 England 23/6/51 Adelaide Australia XI 1-13 England 30/6/51 Sydney Australia 0-17 England 4/7/51 Brisbane Queensland 1-7 England 7/7/51 Brisbane Australia 1-4 England 11/7/51 Bundaberg Central Queensland 1-13 England 14/7/51 Sydney Australia 1-6 England 18/7/51 Parramatta Granville District 2-5 England 21/7/51 Newcastle Australia 0-5 England 22/7/51 Wollongong New South Wales 0-2 England 1953 TOUR OF USA AND CANADA BY THE (NORTHERN) IRISH FA Players: Danny Blanchflower (Aston Villa) Gerry Bowler (Millwall) Tommy Casey (Newcastle United) Eddie Crossan (Blackburn Rovers) Seamus D'Arcy (Brentford) Ray Ferris (Birmingham City) Len Graham (Doncaster Rovers) Sam Hughes (Glentoran) Norman Lockhart (Aston Villa) Jim McCabe (Leeds United) Frank McCourt (Manchester City) Alf McMichael (Newcastle United) Eddie McMorran (Doncaster Rovers) Billy Neill (Glentoran) Jackie Scott (Manchester United) Bruce Shiels (Cliftonville) Norman Uprichard (Portsmouth) Notes: all the players except Hughes, Neill, and Shiels played full internationals before or after the tour. P10 W6 D0 L4 F29 A18 14/5/53 New York C. Liverpool FC (ENG) 4-0 N.Ireland 18/5/53 Hamilton Hamilton 1-4 N.Ireland 20/5/53 Toronto Ontario 0-2 N.Ireland 23/5/53 Winnipeg Manitoba 0-2 N.Ireland 30/5/53 Vancouver Vancouver 1-3 N.Ireland 2/6/53 Victoria Victoria 1-5 N.Ireland 6/6/53 Vancouver Lower Mainland 3-2 N.Ireland 9/6/53 Edmonton Alberta 1-9 N.Ireland 13/6/53 Toronto Liverpool FC (ENG) 3-1 N.Ireland 16/6/53 Montréal BSC Young Boys (SWI) 4-1 N.Ireland 1955 TOUR OF BERMUDA, JAMAICA, TRINIDAD, AND CURACAO BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: Joe Richards Trainer/Coach: Harry Wright Players: Ted Bennett (Watford) Geoff Bradford (Bristol Rovers) Tony Emery (Lincoln City) Peter Goring (Arsenal) Vic Groves (Leyton Orient) Grenville Hair (Leeds United) Jeff Hall (Birmingham City) Ron Heckman (Bromley) John Hoskins (Southampton) Jimmy Hill (Fulham) Bedford Jezzard (Fulham) Jimmy Kelly (Blackpool) Jimmy Langley (Brighton and Hove Albion) Gordon Nutt (Cardiff City) Syd Owen (Luton Town) [c] Stan Pearson (Bury) Bobby Robson (Fulham) Harry Sharratt (Bishop Auckland) Notes: Jezzard, Owen, and Pearson had played full internationals prior to the tour. Bradford, Hall, Langley, and Robson did so later. Sharratt was an amateur international and played for Great Britain at the 1956 Olympics. P11 W9 D2 L0 F69 A8 12/5/55 Prospect Bermuda 1-11 England 14/5/55 Prospect Bermuda FA XI 1-14 England (Bermudan team included three Englishmen) 18/5/55 Kingston Jamaica 0-7 England 21/5/55 Kingston Jamaica 2-4 England 23/5/55 Kingston Jamaica 0-7 England 26/5/55 Port of Spain North Trinidad 0-1 England 30/5/55 Port of Spain Trinidad 0-6 England 2/6/55 San Fernando Trinidad 1-8 England 4/6/55 Port of Spain Trinidad 0-8 England 7/6/55 Willemstad Curacao 2-2 England 10/6/55 Willemstad Curacao 1-1 England Note: For the games on 26/5, 2/6, and 4/6, it is not clear if the Trinidad team was representative of Trinidad and Tobago as a whole, or only Trinidad (without Tobago). Similarly it is not clear if the Curacao team on 7/6 and/or 10/6 represented the Dutch Antilles as a whole, or only Curacao. 1956 TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA AND RHODESIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Co-Managers: Sir Leslie Bowker and Frank Adams Trainer: Fred Ford Players: Bobby Ayre (Charlton Athletic) John Bond (West Ham United) Ted Burgin (Sheffield United) Peter Harris (Portsmouth) Gerry Hitchens (Cardiff City) Bedford Jezzard (Fulham) Johnny King (Stoke City) Ray King (Port Vale) Jimmy Langley (Brighton and Hove Albion) Jack Mansell (Portsmouth) Bill McGarry (Huddersfield Town) Bob Morton (Luton Town) Syd Owen (Luton Town) [c] Bill Perry (Blackpool) George Petherbridge (Bristol Rovers) Len Quested (Huddersfield Town) Bobby Robson (West Bromwich Albion) Jackie Teasdale (Doncaster Rovers) Note: Harris, Jezzard, McGarry, Owen, and Perry had played full internationals prior to the tour. Hitchens, Langley, and Robson did so later. Perry was born in South Africa. Quested later emigrated to Australia, and played for Australia in unofficial matches (against Heart of Midlothian). P18 W16 D2 L0 F71 A17 12/5/56 Johannesburg Southern Transvaal 1-2 England 16/5/56 Pietermaritzburg Natal 1-2 England 19/5/56 Durban Natal 0-4 England 23/5/56 East London Border 0-10 England 26/5/56 Port Elizabeth Eastern Province 3-8 England 31/5/56 Cape Town Western Province 0-2 England 2/6/56 Pretoria Northern Transvaal 0-3 England 6/6/56 Kimberley Griqualand West 0-5 England 9/6/56 Kitwe Northern Rhodesia 0-4 England 13/6/56 Salisbury Southern Rhodesia 0-3 England 17/6/56 Bulawayo Southern Rhodesia 1-3 England 20/6/56 Bloemfontein Orange Free State 2-7 England 23/6/56 Johannesburg South Africa 3-4 England 27/6/56 Vereeniging Southern Transvaal 2-5 England 30/6/56 Durban South Africa 2-4 England 7/7/56 Benoni Eastern Transvaal 1-1 England 9/7/56 Cape Town South Africa 0-0 England 14/7/56 Salisbury South Africa 1-4 England 1958 TOUR OF NIGERIA AND GHANA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Players: G. Brown (Willington) Herbert Edward Dodkins (Ilford) Jack Dougal (Pegasus) Grenville Hair (Leeds United) Geoff Hamm (Woking) George Hannah (Lincoln City) Ron Heckman (Millwall) Johnny Hills (Tottenham Hotspur) Tommy Jones (Everton) Roy Littlejohn (Woking) Charlie Mortimore (Woking) Pat Neil (Corinthian-Casuals) Mike Pinner (Pegasus) W. Robinson (Sutton United) Derek Saunders (Chelsea) Dennis Syrett (Wycombe Wanderers) Johnny Wheeler (Liverpool) [c] Note: The team was a combination of amateurs and professionals. Most of the amateurs were internationals at that level. The only player who played a full international was Wheeler. P7 W6 D1 L0 F32 A8 14/5/58 Lagos Lagos XI 2-7 England 17/5/58 Ibadan Western Nigeria 1-5 England 21/5/58 Enugu Eastern Nigeria 0-1 England 24/5/58 Lagos Nigeria 0-5 England 27/5/58 Kumasi Ashanti XI 3-5 England 1/6/58 Accra Ghana 0-7 England 3/6/58 Kano Northern Nigeria 2-2 England (abandoned at 70' due to strong winds and heavy rain) 1961 TOUR OF MALAYA, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, NEW ZEALAND, AND USA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Player/Manager: Tom Finney Players: Alan A'Court (Liverpool) Colin Appleton (Leicester City) Bobby Brown (Fulham) Laurie Brown (Northampton Town) Ray Charnley (Blackpool) Fred Else (Preston North End) Johnny Fantham (Sheffield Wednesday) Tom Finney (ex-Preston North End) Mike Greenwood (Corinthian-Casuals) Grenville Hair (Leeds United) George Hannah (Manchester City) Jim L. Lewis Jr (Walthamstow Avenue) Hugh Lindsay (Kingstonian) Bobby Moore (West Ham United) Mike Pinner (Manchester United and RAF) Graham Shaw (Sheffield United) Gerry Summers (Sheffield United) Bryan Thurlow (Norwich City) Notes: A'Court, Finney, and Shaw had played full internationals prior to the tour. Charnley, Fantham, and Moore did so later. Bobby Brown, Greenwood, Lewis, Lindsay, and Pinner were amateurs, and all played for England at amateur level. P11 W11 D0 L0 F78 A7 13/5/61 Kuala Lumpur Malaya 2-4 England 17/5/61 Singapore Singapore 0-9 England 21/5/61 Hong Kong Hong Kong 2-4 England 23/5/61 Hong Kong Combined Chinese XI 0-3 England 31/5/61 Dunedin Otago 0-10 England 3/6/61 Christchurch Canterbury 1-11 England 5/6/61 Wellington New Zealand 0-8 England 7/6/61 Wellington Minor Associations 0-13 England 10/6/61 Auckland New Zealand 1-6 England 14/6/61 Auckland Auckland 0-8 England 19/6/61 San Francisco San Francisco 1-2 England 1965 TOUR OF GIBRALTAR BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Tour leaders: I. Robinson and J.W. Bowers Manager: Alf Ramsey Trainer: Wilf McGuinness Players: Ronnie Clayton [c] (Blackburn Rovers) Tony Hateley (Aston Villa) Don Howe (Arsenal) Howard Kendall (Preston North End) Hugh Lindsay (Wealdstone) Tony Macedo (Fulham) Jimmy Melia (Southampton) Bobby Noble (Manchester United) Alan Ogley (Manchester City) Don Rogers (Swindon Town) David Sadler (Manchester United) John Sissons (West Ham United) Bob Thursby (Crook Town) Mick Wright (Aston Villa) Notes: Clayton, Howe, and Melia had played full internationals prior to the tour. Sadler did so later. Thursby and Lindsay were amateurs, and had both played for the England amateur team. All the remaining players (except Hateley) were youth internationals. Macedo was born in Gibraltar, and for this reason he never played a full international, though he won 10 caps at U23 level for England. P2 W2 D0 L0 F13 A1 22/5/65 Gibraltar Gibraltar FA 1-7 England 23/5/65 Gibraltar Rock XI 0-6 England 1965 TOUR OF JERSEY BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: Alf Ramsey Players: (only those that played in the match) John Charles (West Ham United) Roger Figg (Barnet) Jimmy Greenhoff (Leeds United) Tony Hazell (Queen's Park Rangers) Tony Knapp (Southampton) Dick Le Flem (Middlesbrough) Don Martin (Northampton) Mick McNeil (Ipswich Town) Jon Sammels (Arsenal) John Sissons (West Ham United) Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday) Charlie Townsend (Wealdstone) Notes: The match was played to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Jersey FA. McNeil and Springett had played full internationals prior to the tour. Le Flem, Sammels, and Sissons had played youth internationals, as had Charles (who was the first black player to represent England at any level). Figg and Townsend had played amateur internationals. Le Flem was from Guernsey (though he was born in England when his family evacuated during the war). P1 W1 D0 L0 F10 A0 6/10/65 St Helier Jersey 0-10 England 1967 TOUR OF ISRAEL, HONG KONG, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND CANADA BY THE SCOTTISH FA Coach: Bobby Brown Players: Alan Anderson (Heart of Midlothian) Willie Callaghan (Dunfermline Athletic) Eddie Colquhoun (West Bromwich Albion) Jim Cruickshank (Heart of Midlothian) Alex Ferguson (Dunfermline Athletic) Doug Fraser (West Bromwich Albion) Joe Harper (Huddersfield Town) Harry Hood (Clyde) Bobby Hope (West Bromwich Albion) Jim McCalliog (Sheffield Wednesday) Jackie McGrory (Kilmarnock) Tommy McLean (Kilmarnock) Willie Morgan (Burnley) Andy Penman (Rangers) Harry Thomson (Burnley) Hugh Tinney (Partick Thistle) Jim Townsend (St Johnstone) Ian Ure (Arsenal) John Woodward (Arsenal) Notes: Cruickshank, McCalliog, McGrory, Penman, and Ure had played full internationals prior to the tour. Callaghan, Colquhoun, Fraser, Harper, Hope, McLean, and Morgan did so later. P9 W9 D0 L0 F33 A9 16/5/67 Ramat-Gan Israel 1-2 Scotland 25/5/67 Hong Kong Hong Kong 1-4 Scotland 28/5/67 Sydney Australia 0-1 Scotland 31/5/67 Adelaide Australia 1-2 Scotland 3/6/67 Melbourne Australia 0-2 Scotland 5/6/67 Lower Hutt New Zealand U23 2-7 Scotland 8/6/67 Auckland Auckland Province 1-4 Scotland 10/6/67 Vancouver Vancouver 1-4 Scotland 13/6/67 Winnipeg Canada Olympic 2-7 Scotland Note: A proposed match against China was cancelled due to political disturbances. 1967 TOURNAMENT IN MONTRÉAL BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Click for full details of this tournament. 1969 TOUR OF TAHITI, NEW ZEALAND, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, AND THAILAND BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Player/Manager: Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool) Trainer: Jack Jennings Liaison Officer: Keith de Maus Officials: Isaac Robinson (FA Vice-President) Andrew Stephen (FA Council Chairman) Jack Bowers (FA Council member) Players: Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool) [c] John Charles (Leytonstone) Colin Dobson (Huddersfield Town) George E. Eastham Jr (Stoke City) Keith Eddy (Watford) Chris Gedney (Alvechurch) Tony Hateley (Coventry City) Graham Hawkins (Preston North End) Alan Hodgkinson (Sheffield United) Ken Knighton (Preston North End) Don Megson (Sheffield Wednesday) Ian Morgan (Queen's Park Rangers) David Payne (Crystal Palace) Norman Piper (Plymouth Argyle) Bruce Rioch (Luton Town) Jim Shippey (Oxford City) Keith Weller (Millwall) Notes: Armfield, Eastham, and Hodgkinson had played full internationals prior to the tour. Weller did so later. Rioch was born in England, but later played for Scotland (where his father was born). P11 W11 D0 L0 F68 A7 21/5/69 Papeete Tahiti 1-4 England 25/5/69 Auckland Auckland Province 1-8 England 28/5/69 Christchurch Canterbury 2-6 England 31/5/69 Dunedin Otago and Southland 0-11 England 2/6/69 Wellington New Zealand XI 1-7 England 4/6/69 Palmerston North Central League 2-3 England 7/6/69 Hamilton New Zealand Squad XI 0-5 England 11/6/69 Auckland New Zealand 0-5 England 14/6/69 Singapore Singapore 0-9 England 16/6/69 Hong Kong Hong Kong 0-6 England 20/6/69 Bangkok Thailand 0-4 England 1971 TOUR OF THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND AND AUSTRALIA BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Players: Jim Barron (Nottingham Forest) Barry Bridges (Millwall) Chris Chilton (Hull City) Keith Eddy (Watford) Chris Garland (Bristol City) Peter Grummitt (Sheffield Wednesday) Peter Hindley (Nottingham Forest) Mike Keen (Luton Town) George McVitie (West Bromwich Albion) Mick Mills (Ipswich Town) Dennis Mortimer (Coventry City) Norman Piper (Portsmouth) Alan Stephenson (West Ham United) Ken Wagstaff (Hull City) Peter Wall (Crystal Palace) Dave Watson (Sunderland) Note: only Bridges had played full internationals prior to the tour. Mills and Watson did so later. P10 W9 D1 L0 F35 A3 24/5/71 Dublin Republic of Ireland 1-1 England 30/5/71 Sydney New South Wales 0-1 England 2/6/71 Newcastle Northern New South Wales 0-3 England 6/6/71 Melbourne Victoria 1-3 England 9/6/71 Hobart Tasmania 0-8 England 13/6/71 Sydney Australia 0-1 England 14/6/71 Brisbane Queensland 0-6 England 20/6/71 Melbourne Australia 0-1 England 23/6/71 Adelaide South Australia 0-5 England 26/6/71 Perth Western Australia 1-6 England 1971 TOUR OF TAHITI, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND MALAYSIA BY THE FA OF WALES Coach: Dave Bowen (Northampton Town) Trainer: Terry Medwin Tour Manager: Trevor Morris Players: Cyril Davies (Charlton Athletic) Gareth Davis (Wrexham) Nigel Edwards (Chester City) Brian Evans (Swansea City) Wayne Jones (Bristol Rovers) Arfon Griffiths (Wrexham) [c] Dave Gwyther (Swansea City) Brian Lloyd (Southend United) Ray Mielczarek (Rotherham United) Frank Prince (Bristol Rovers) Colin Randell (Coventry City) Phil Roberts (Bristol Rovers) Clive Slattery (Swansea City) Geoff Thomas (Swansea City) Jeff Thomas (Newport County) Mike Walker (Watford) Notes: Griffiths, Jones, and Mielczarek had played full internationals prior to the tour. Davies, Davis, Evans, Lloyd and Roberts did so later. All players except Slattery played for Wales U23 either before or after the tour. P9 W6 D1 L2 F20 A8 22/6/71 Papeete Tahiti 2-1 Wales 27/6/71 Auckland Auckland 0-1 Wales 30/6/71 Wellington Wellington 0-2 Wales 3/7/71 Christchurch Canterbury 1-3 Wales 4/7/71 Dunedin Otago 1-6 Wales 7/7/71 Napier Central League XI 0-3 Wales 10/7/71 Auckland New Zealand 0-1 Wales 11/7/71 Melbourne Victoria 2-1 Wales 13/7/71 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2-2 Wales 1973 TOUR OF GIBRALTAR BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Manager: Sir Alf Ramsey Players: Len Badger (Sheffield United) Gordon Banks (Stoke City) Les Barrett (Fulham) Dennis Burnett (Millwall) Gerry Francis (Queen's Park Rangers) Trevor Francis (Birmingham City) Bryan King (Millwall) Kevin Lock (West Ham United) Terry Paine (Southampton) Dennis Rofe (Leicester City) Nobby Stiles (Middlesbrough) Dave Sunley (Sheffield Wednesday) Paul Went (Fulham) Frank Worthington (Leicester City) Notes: Banks, Paine, and Stiles had played full internationals prior to the tour. G.Francis, T.Francis, and Worthington did so later. Badger, Barrett, and Worthington had played under-23 internationals prior to the tour. Lock and Rofe did so later. P1 W1 D0 L0 F9 A0 10/4/73 Gibraltar Gibraltar 0-9 England 1978 TOUR OF MALAYSIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND SINGAPORE BY THE ENGLAND "B" TEAM Coach: Bobby Robson (Ipswich Town) Players: Viv Anderson (Nottingham Forest) Joe Corrigan (Manchester City) Steve Daley (Wolverhampton Wanderers) Mel Eves (Wolverhampton Wanderers) David Geddis (Ipswich Town) Gordon Hill (Derby County) John Hollins (Queen's Park Rangers) Alan Kennedy (Newcastle United) Tommy Langley (Chelsea) Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town) John Middleton (Derby County) Dave Needham (Nottingham Forest) Gary Owen (Manchester City) John Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers) Glenn Roeder (Leyton Orient) Steve Sims (Leicester City) Mick Speight (Sheffield United) Brian Talbot (Ipswich Town) Notes: Corrigan, Hill, Hollins, Mariner, Richards, and Talbot had played full internationals prior to the tour. Anderson and Kennedy did so later. P7 W5 D2 L0 F28 A4 30/5/78 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1-1 England 3/6/78 Christchurch Trans Tours 2-2 England 5/6/78 Dunedin Otago 0-6 England 7/6/78 Christchurch New Zealand 0-4 England 11/6/78 Wellington New Zealand 1-3 England 14/6/78 Auckland New Zealand 0-4 England 18/6/78 Singapore Singapore 0-8 England 2018 TOUR OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS BY THE (ENGLISH) FA Coach: Paul Fairclough Players: Sam Ashford (Witham Town) Leigh Bedwell (Didcot Town) Alex Brown (Buxton) Harry Curtis (St Paul's, Jersey) Liam Ferdinand (Bracknell Town) Jonathan Lacey (Leverstock Green) Brendon Ocran (Barking) Ibrahim Olutade (Hanwell Town) Alex Paine (Chalfont St Peter) Mitchell Parker (Basingstoke Town) Carl Pearce (Northwood) Charlie Ruff (Hertford Town) Olly Spooner (Basildon United) Louis Tibbles (Bury Town) Connor Wheatley (Basildon United) P2 W2 D0 L0 F6 A3 10/11/18 Stanley Falkland Islands 1-3 England 11/11/18 Stanley Combined Services (BFSAI) 2-3 England
SOURCES Individuals: Keith Warsop, Colin Jose, Doug Butcher, Dave Litterer, Andre Zlotkowski, Ian Garland, Pieter Veroeveren, Roger Hillier, John Bignell, Greg Stock. Books: "British and Irish Special and Intermediate Internationals" by Keith Warsop, "Soccer through the Years 1862-2002" by Peter Raath, "The History of the Football Association" by Geoffrey Green, JR Witty, and HV Usill. Newspapers/Magazines: The Times (UK), The Manchester Guardian (from 1959, The Guardian) (UK), The Observer (UK), The Scotsman (UK), The New York Times (USA), The Canberra Times (Australia), The Argus (Australia), F.A. News (UK), Deutsche Sport-Nachrichten (Germany), Spiel und Sport (Germany), The Straits Times (Singapore), various Australian newspapers. Websites: The Scottish Football Historical Archive (Brian McColl), OZFOOTBALL, (David Ross).

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