British Virgin Islands - List of Champions

The 2009/10 league apparently was the first with 'equal rights', with 3 clubs from Tortola and 5 from Virgin Gorda; all regular season matches were played on Virgin Gorda and the championship playoff on Tortola. In 2010/11, matches during the regular season were held on both islands (and no playoff was organised).

In 1999, a club from Virgin Gorda joined the Tortola league for the first time. The Tortola league was not played after the abandonment of the 2005 season; between 2006 and 2008 there only was a league on Virgin Gorda.

BVI Championship

2009/10 Islanders (Tortola)
2010/11 Islanders (Tortola)
2011/12 Islanders (Tortola)
2012/13 Islanders (Tortola)
2013/14 Islanders (Tortola)
2014/15   (9-a-side) Islanders (Tortola)
2015/16   (9-a-side) Sugar Boys (Virgin Gorda)
2016/17 Islanders (Tortola)
2018    One Love United (Virgin Gorda)
2018/19   not held
2019/20 Islanders (Tortola)
2021    Sugar Boys (Virgin Gorda)
2021/22 Sugar Boys (Virgin Gorda)
2022/23 One Love United (Virgin Gorda)
2023/24 Wolues (Virgin Gorda)

Number of Titles (12; without 9-a-side tournaments 2014-2016)

 7 Islanders (Tortola)

 2 One Love United (Virgin Gorda) 
   Sugar Boys (Virgin Gorda)

 1 Wolues (Virgin Gorda)


NB: first league organised in 1968 by Royal Engineers 

1968-69   not known
1970    The Bronze  [*1]
1971-78   not known
1979    SKB Budweiser
1980    Queen City Strikers
1981    SKB Budweiser
1982    International Motors
1983    International Motors
1984    SKB Budweiser 
1985    SKB Budweiser
1986    SKB Budweiser
1987    SKB Budweiser
1988      league abandoned
1989    Popeye Bombers
1990    Jolly Rogers Strikers
1991    Hairoun
1992    Hairoun
1993    Interfada
1994    Interfada
1995    Interfada   
1996    Black Lions (Road Town)         3-0 Veterans
1997    Interfada   [*2]
1997/98 BDO Binder Stingers (Road Town) 1-1 Eagles (West End)    [6-5 pen]
1998/99 Veterans (Road Town)            3-1 HBA Panthers
1999/00 HBA Panthers
2000/01 HBA Panthers
2001    Future Stars United (Road Town)
2002    HBA Panthers
2003    Old Madrid
2004    Valencia I
2005      league abandoned
2006-now  no competition since 2006 (joint league with Virgin Gorda since 2009, see above)

[*1] The Bronze dominated the league, winning the championship for a number
     of years
[*2] Interfada disbanded in 1998.

NB: BDO Binder Stingers were called Black Lions 1992-97. 

Virgin Gorda

1996    Spice United
1997    Beverly Hills
1998    United Kickers
1999      not known
2000    Rangers 
2001    Rangers
2002/03 Rangers
2003/04 Rangers
2004/05 Rangers
2005    Hairoun
2006    Rangers
2007    Rangers
2008    Hairoun Stars
2009      no competition (first ever 'joint' league, see above)

NB: on the occasion of Hairoun's championship 2005 it was mentioned
    they had ended a 'eight-year reign' of Rangers; after their 2007
    championship, Rangers were reported to have won 10 of the 11 last
    championships; this is peculiar as they were not listed among the
    1998 or 1999 participants and the 1998 winners United Kickers
    finished runners-up behind Rangers in 2000 so cannot be a former
    name of the club.

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