Burundi 2004

Championnat de l'Association de Football de Bujumbura

Reconciliation Matches

[Mar 27]
Inter Star 	3-1 Atletico
[Mar 28]
Prince Louis	drw Muzinga	[4-3 pen]

Final [Apr 4]
Inter Star      2-0 Prince Louis
NB: before this match, the Burundi government played a match against
    a United Nations team, which the UNO representatives won 1-0.

Championnat National

[Apr 17]
Vital'O		0-0 Prince Louis
[Apr 18]
Brother's Men	3-0 Rumuri
[Apr 19]
Lorenzia	2-1 Maniema Fantastique
Inter Star	2-0 Inter FC

Championnat de la Fédération de Football de Bujumbura 
(presumably identical to national championship)

[Apr 25]
Brother's Men   1-0 Prince Louis

Prince Louis leading on better goal difference (by 3) ahead of
Atletico Olympique.

[May 12]
championship nearing end; Prince Louis in the lead while Rumuri
and Africa Sport on the brink of relegation

Final Ranking (Jul 11):
 1.Atletico Olympique FC
 2.Inter Star FC
 3.Prince Louis FC
 4.Muzinga FC

Coupe de l'Unité (renamed Coupe Président Domitien Ndayizeye) (1st)

Start: Jan 3,4

Final [Feb 8]
Inter Star Club	0-0 Séléction des Cadets de la Zone Buyenzi	[4-2 pen]

Coupe PSI

Round 1? [Sep 19]
Vital'O			2-0 Savonor
Prince Louis		2-0 Muzinga
Inter Star		2-0 Brothers Men
Athletico		2-0 Chanic

Quarterfinals [Sep 22]
Athletico		lt  Vital'O
Prince Louis		bt  Inter Star
Ligalize (Kayanza)	lt  Bafalo (Muramvya)
Wazee (Rumonge)		bt  Mirage (Bubanza)

Bafalo (Muramvya)       bt  Vital'O
Prince Louis		bt  Wazee (Rumonge)	

Final [Sep 26, Stade Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura]
Bafalo (Muramvya)       0-0 Prince Louis          [4-2 pen]

Coupe du Président Domitien Ndayizeye (2nd)

Poule Bujumbura
no data available

Poule Interior

Round ? [Oct 17]
Zebre (Gitega)			3-1 Utema (Nyanza-Lac)
FC Unite (Muyinga)		1-1 Olympic Star (Muyinga)	[5-4 pen]
Mparambo (Cibitoke)		2-0 Aigles (Karuzi)
Stars de Bafalo (Muramvya)	drw Wazee (Rumonge)		[Stars on pen]

Final [Nov 7]
Inter Star			1-0 Muzinga



list of champions.

list of cup winners.

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