Central African Republic 2001

Championnat National de Division Une (Ligue de Bangui de Foot-ball?)

Started - 11 Jan 2001

Round 6 [Feb 24,25?]
DFC8                    0-2 SCAF
Tempête                 1-0 FCDN
USCA                    0-1 ORB
Fatima                  4-0 SCB

[Aug 5]
AS Tempête MOCAF	1-1 Stade Centrafricain

[Sep 2]
FCDN            	1-2 Anges de Fatima
  [FCDN=Forces Centrafricaines de Défense Nationale; following the
   match, the military team assaulted the referee; the referees have
   now gone on strike, interrupting the championship]

[Sep 13]
7 matches (4 from division 1, 3 from division 2) postponed due to referee strike

Tournoi Quadrangulaire

(organised by federation in order to designate clubs for African club cups)

AS Tempête MOCAF         -  Anges de Fatima
  [incidents caused by 'supporters' of Tempête]

Olympic Real won championship.

Central African Republic Cup 2001

1/16 Finals
M'Bakara (Ouham-Pendé) bt  Ouham

1/8 Finals
M'Bakara (Ouham-Pendé) bt  Olympic Réal de Bangui 

M'Bakara (Ouham-Pendé) bt  Sangha-Mbaéré,...

Semifinal [Jul 29, stade Barthélémy Boganda, Bangui]
A.S. Tempête Mocaf     1-0 M'Bakara (Ouham-Pendé)

[M'Bakara were the last club left from the 'arrière-pays']

Stade Centrafricain    2-1 A.S. Tempête Mocaf   

Super Cup

Final [Dec 1]
Olympic Réal            2-2 SCAF Tocages
Final Replay [Dec 4]
SCAF Tocages            2-1 Olympic Réal

(donated by the Société Sucrière Centrafricaine)

Final [Jan 20, 2002]
Tempête Mocaf           1-0 Olympic Real de Bangui



list of champions

list of cup winners

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