Central African Republic 2003

Championnat National 2003

Original plan was a league played in two groups, with 18 teams in all,
including all 8 first and 9 second level teams in 2002, of which only 
8 clubs were to remain at the top level after the season.

However, in order to start the season fast in February, it was decided
to copy the schedule of the previous season, and thereby exclude the
two new teams from the sub-ligues, Kpéténé Sports and Football Club 
Tigres (Bégoua).

Start Feb 13, all matches at Bangui-M'poko, at the ground of the
"escadrille centrafricaine", due to the closure of the stade 
Barthélémy Boganda.  

Round 8
[May 18]
ASOPT	        	0-3 USCA
Espérance de 5  	1-3 Plateau
Mpoko Sport      	1-2 AS Tempête Mocaf
Anges de Fatima 	5-1 ACVN
SCAF           		5-0 SICA Sport
Castel Foot       	--- Red Star
SCB          		--- Olympic Real (Bangui)


Groupe A
 1. CS Plateau			8  19
 2. SCAF			8  18
 3. Anges de Fatima		7  17	(scored 25 goals)
 4. Olympic Real de Bangui	8  17
 5. SCB				8   7
 6. Espérance de 5		8   5
 7. SICA Sport			8   4
 8. ACVN			8   0

Groupe B
 1. AS Tempête Mocaf		8  22	(suffered 1 goal)
 2. TP USCA			8  20
 3. DFC 8			8  19
 4. Mpoko Sport			8   7
 5. Castel Foot			7   7
 6. ASCOM			8   5
 7. ASOPT			8   5
 8. Red Star			8   3

Round 11 [Aug 31]
Groupe A
SCB			4-0 SICA Sport
Olympic Réal		0-0 CS Plateau
Anges Fatima		6-1 Espérance du 5ème
Groupe B
AS Tempête Mocaf 	awd ASCOM	[ASCOM forfeit]
Castel Foot		5-0 M'poko Sport
ASOPT			1-1 Red Star
DFC 8			2-0 USCA

NB: ASCOM had a car accident some 500 metres from the stadium and
    the team were transported to the hospital; most players had only
    minor injuries, one was seriously hurt.  According to the regulations
    the match was awarded against them but it may be reprogrammed.

Round 14 [Sep 21]
Groupe A
SCAF			4-1 Olympic Réal
Groupe B
AS Tempête Mocaf	3-1 DFC 8

Moved match [Oct 12]
AS Tempête Mocaf	3-0 ASCOM

Top Final Tables:

Groupe A
  1. Stade Centrafricain (SCAF)	31 pts
  2. Olympic Réal de Bangui	30

Groupe B 
  1. AS Tempête Mocaf 		37 pts
  2. Diplomates Football Club	34

Qualified for Final Stage:

Groupe A 
  Stade Centrafricain (SCAF) 
  Olympic Réal de Bangui
Groupe B 
  AS Tempête Mocaf 
  Diplomates Football Club du 8ème arrondissement

Final Stage:

NB: SCAF withdrew

[Nov 9]
AS Tempête Mocaf	bt  Olympic Réal
Diplomates FC		bye

[Nov 11]
AS Tempête Mocaf	5-0 Diplomates FC
Olympic Réal		bye

[Nov 18]
Olympic Réal		0-0 Diplomates FC
AS Tempête Mocaf	bye

NB: play-off abandoned on Nov 18 by the federation following
    disagreements on the formula culminating in SCAF's withdrawal;
    AS Tempête Mocaf were declared champions as leaders after the 
    first phase of the championship (and after the first half of
    the playoff).

Central African Republic Cup 2003

32 participants, 16 from Bangui, 16 from the provinces.

Clubs are divided into regional groups, who play knock-out
rounds until two clubs remain who reach the final phase in

Start is on May 23, final scheduled for Aug 13.

The province of Vakaga renounced on participation due to
transportation difficulties.

The three provincial zones are

Centre (matches in Sibut)
Ouest  (matches in Berberati)
Est    (matches in Bambari)

Bangui Zone

Round 1
[May 24]
AS Tempête Mocaf	1-0 Olympic Réal de Bangui
[May 30]
SCAF			2-0 Association Sportive des Postes et Télécommunications (ASOPT)
Other teams qualified to round 2:
Anges de Fatima
M'poko Sports
CS Plateau
Diplomates Football Club du 8-ème Arrondissement (DFC-8)
Castel Foot 
Union Sportive Centrafricaine de Bangui (USCA)

Round 2 [Jul 13]
CS Plateau	3-1 M'poko Sport
USCA Bangui	2-0 DFC 8
Other team qualified to round 3:
Tempête Mocaf de Bangui

NB: SCAF and Tempête Mocaf de Bangui qualified.

Centre Zone

Round 1 [Jul 13]
Kémo-Bamingui	4-2 Bangoran
Lobaye		2-1 Kémo
Nana Grébizi	3-1 Ombella Mpoko

NB: Nana Grébizi de Kaga Bandoro and Kémo qualified.

Est Zone

Round 1 [Jul 13]
Haute Kotto	2-1 Basse Kotto
Ouaka		3-2 Mbomou
Haute Kotto	awd Haut Mbomou		[awarded to Haute Kotto; Haut Mbomou forfeit]

NB: Ouaka and Haute-Kotto de Bria qualified.

Ouest Zone

Round 1 [Jul 13]
Mambéré Kadéï	2-1 Sangha Mbaéré
Mambéré Kadéï	3-2 Nana Mambéré
Ouham		ppd Ouham Pendé

NB: Ouham Pendé de Bozoum and Mambéré Kadéï qualified.

National stage

NB: All matches played in Stade Barthélémy Boganda de Bangui.

1/4 Final
[Jul 29]
Ouham Pendé de Bozoum			3-2 Kémo FC			[asdet]
[Jul 30]
Nana Gribizi de Kaga Bandoro		4-2 Haute-Kotto de Bria
[Jul 31]
Stade Centrafricain de Bangui (SCAF)	2-1 Mambéré Kadéï
[Aug 1]
AS Tempête Mocaf de Bangui		4-0 Ouaka 


First Legs
[Aug 4]
Ouham Pendé de Bozoum			3-4 Nana Gribizi de Kaga Bandoro
[Aug 5]
AS Tempête Mocaf de Bangui		2-0 Stade Centrafricain de Bangui (SCAF)

Second Legs
[Aug 6]
Nana Gribizi de Kaga Bandoro		3-4 Ouham Pendé de Bozoum	[3-5 asdet]
[Aug 7]
Stade Centrafricain de Bangui (SCAF)	0-2 AS Tempête Mocaf de Bangui

Final [Aug 13, Stade Barthélémy Boganda, Bangui]
AS Tempête Mocaf de Bangui		8-0 Ouham Pendé de Bozoum



list of champions

list of cup winners

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