Central African Republic 2005

Division 1

Round 1 
[Mar 2]
Espérance de 5             -           Derbaki Football Center
[Mar 3]
Kpètènè Star               -           Olympic Réal
[Mar 4]
Tempête Mocaf              -           Castel Foot
[Mar 5]
USCA                       -           ASCOM
[Mar 6]
SCAF                       -           Anges de Fatima
SCB                        -           Diplomates FC

Champions: Anges de Fatima (assumed from participation in CAF Champions
                            League 2006)

Coupe Nationale

Bangui Province

Round 1
[Jul 28]
DFC8				3-2 ASCOM
SICA-Sport			1-0 Espérance 5ème
SCB				2-0 Red Star
Olympique Réal de Bangui	3-0 SCAF
USCA de Bangui			drw Castel Foot		[12-11 pen] 
Tempête Mocaf			2-0 ASOPT
[Aug 4]
Mpoko Sport			 -  Avenir
[Aug 5]
Kpéténé Star			 -  Anges de Fatima

Round 2
[Aug 7]
Tempête Mocaf			 -  Olympique Réal de Bangui

USCA de Bangui                  2-1 Nana-Mambéré Selection
Lobaye Selection                2-1 Basse-Kotto Selection

USCA de Bangui                  1-0 Anges de Fatima 
Lobaye Selection                1-0 Nana-Gribizi Selection

Final [Nov 27]
USCA de Bangui                  bt  Lobaye Selection

NB: USCA win inferred from their participation in CAF Confederation Cup

Division 2

Round 1
[Mar 2]
CS Plateau                 -           Sica Sport
[Mar 3]
Red Star                   -           ACVN
[Mar 4]
Avenir                     -           ADOPT
[Mar 5]
M’poko Sport               -           ASSET





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