South East Asia Trip of Calcutta Wanderers 1926

The tourists had been expected to arrive one week earlier in Batavia than they eventually did, due to missing a boat connection in Rangoon; because of this, the three matches originally scheduled for Soerabaja (Oct 30 vs S.V.B., Oct 31 vs H.B.S. and Nov 3 vs Excelsior) were cancelled.
The trip on Java was organised by Batavia club Hercules.
Matches in Singapore

20-10 Singapore         Duke of Wellington's  5-2 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 3-0]
21-10 Singapore         Singapore F.A. XI     2-4 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 2-1]

Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Java

24-10 Batavia           Hercules              2-1 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 1-0]
26-10 Semarang          V.S.O. XI             2-0 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 1-0]
28-10 Bandoeng          B.V.B. XI             2-0 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 0-0]
30-10 Batavia           Oliveo                1-2 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 1-0]
31-10 Batavia           W.J.V.B. XI           6-0 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 4-0]
 3-11 Batavia           Hercules              2-1 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 1-0]
 5-11 Batavia           Vios                  2-1 Calcutta Wanderers

Match in Singapore

10-11 Singapore         S.C.F.A.              3-0 Calcutta Wanderers [HT: 2-0]

Total Record Calcutta W.: 10   2  0  8  11-27   4

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